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Going Beyond Taxonomy for Ecommerce Innovation

Written by admin on Oct 13th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
To innovate in Ecommerce, manufacturers and distributors have to keep pushing the data-organizing envelope to improve the user experience, say experts at Earley Information Science roundtable

This is not your father’s taxonomy. 

In the ever more complicated and competitive world of Ecommerce, it’s been a long time since you could manage all of your product information on a spreadsheet. To survive, manufacturers and distributors have become much more sophisticated in building navigation and classification hierarchies. 

But to thrive, they have to go beyond thinking of the resulting data architecture, or taxonomy, as just a hierarchy and instead use it to drive advanced marketing capabilities, according to a panel of marketing, distribution and knowledge management experts at an Executive Roundtable hosted on Sept. 28 by Earley Information Science (EIS), a leading consulting firm focused on organizing information for business impact. 

Properly designed and regularly updated, cutting-edge taxonomies can improve site search, can be essential in merchandising (by assessing your product mix and by grouping products for specific targets and solutions) and can help with personalization, the panelists said.

What every online company is trying to accomplish is to help website users answer their questions and solve their problems. So the goal “is to get them to the products that they need most quickly, efficiently and effectively,” said Seth Earley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EIS. You have to think through your products, he added, “in a way that aligns how they are organized” with how the users will deploy them in finding their solutions.   

And that means, Earley said, taxonomy becomes “a set of organizing principles,” destined to have an impact on “the entire user experience and the overall customer journey” in ways that are very different from its traditional role of navigational guide. The new bottom line: “It’s foundational to product management . . . it becomes the driver of consistency of all the digital machinery that runs the organization. It becomes your common business language.” 

The roundtable discussion, “Beyond Taxonomy: How Manufacturers and Distributors Are Innovating in Ecommerce,” was led by Earley and included Marc Shimpeno, Taxonomist and Data Specialist at Etsy, the peer-to-peer shopping site; Megan Koleff, User Experience Lead at the Genuine Parts Company, a distributor of auto and industrial replacement parts, among other items; and Noel McDonagh, Director of Information Development at Dell EMC, which provides a range of data-related products and services, including storage and security.

Shimpeno described his company’s approach to aligning taxonomy’s back-end hierarchy (in Etsy’s case, how sellers classify things) and the customer-facing front end. The back end, he said, “can be very different sometimes to how a buyer actually tries to find things.” Some people know exactly what they want, including many specifications, while others are just looking for a simple pair of scissors. On Etsy’s back end, “we have been trying to pare things down to what the thing actually is, and then having our sellers answer questions and describe attributes like color, size, material,” adding, “We do a lot of one-to-one stuff, to find more flexibility between the back-end seller and the front-end buyer.”  
In part, becoming more effective depends on understanding “that the way people look at things internally can be very different from the way people look at things externally,” Earley said. 

“There are many different varieties of customers,” said Dell EMC’s McDonagh, “and we have to segment those categories so we understand what they need. We have to align that understanding to the back end, where we are actually creating the information, and also align it to the front end.” Because the segments have different needs, a variety of information components, or systems, is required, putting the burden on “the creators of the information to utilize that same information across the board for those multiple systems. It’s a matrix that we are always looking at, evaluating how it is being used.” 

“There’s the technical customer who wants to get into the details,” McDonagh said, “and there’s the architecture customer who wants to understand the interconnectivity of different systems. Understanding those customer profiles relates very much to the front-end hierarchies, and then we have to support those front ends with the back end.”  

To keep pace with the needs of different customer groups and changes in products and services, how do you handle the updating of taxonomies? How do you manage the enablers in the process: merchandisers and subject matter experts? 

“From a day-to-day perspective, we hire a lot of people who straddle areas of expertise,” said Megan Koleff, from Genuine Parts. They need “a good foundation of knowledge in our industries as well as technological expertise so that they are able to implement.” It is a challenge, “as we start to overlay more customer demand. How does that core taxonomy shift and change? Do we need to set up other virtual taxonomies for different users (along with different tools) because we are overlaying the customer’s mental model?”

“It’s a good challenge to have,” Koleff said, although everything is getting “significantly more complex.”  

The roundtable featured a real-time survey of the webinar attendees:  

  • Other than a primary product hierarchy, what navigational hierarchies does your website provide? Applications  (32% of respondents), standards (24%) and industries (22%), with 30% saying “nothing else” and 27% choosing “something else”  
  • How does your website leverage product relationships? Merchandising product groupings (42%), solution bundles (39%), “users who bought this also bought . . .” (39%) and qualified product-to-product tagging (related parts and accessories, etc.) (21%). Twenty-four percent said “none of the above”  
  • How do you ensure that taxonomies are effective? “We have informal reviews by our internal subject matter experts” (32%), “we perform competitive analysis and survey our customers” (18%) and “we have a rigorous formal process for testing and validation driven by use cases and compared with baseline metrics” (18%). An additional 25% said that “we perform very little, if any, testing”

Please use these links to access the roundtable recording and a related article.   

The Earley Executive Roundtable is an educational webinar series focusing on topics of interest in the areas of digital transformation and information science. Each month, EIS leads a lively discussion with a panel of industry experts.

The next roundtable is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017 at 1 p.m. ET, on the topic of “Training AI-Driven Support Bots to Deliver the Next Generation of Customer Experience.” Click to register for the webinar. is Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Cryptocurrency Investing Using Blockchain Technology.

Written by admin on Oct 12th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
Blocksale_steemit_intro.jpgThe FinTech Industry is witnessing its brightest and darkest times with market cap of crypto assets booming over $165 billion and the rise of initial token offering culture as a means to launch projects using the power, security anonymity, which is offered by blockchain. We see teams launching ITOs every other day for every other idea attempting to capitalize on this ever-growing culture of tokensales.

Startups have already raised over $1.3 Billion in ITOs as of July 2017. With great power comes great responsibility and rightly so. Unfortunately, you don’t have to look to far to realize how anonymity and security offered by blockchain and it’s power can be used to benefit on an investors expense, or used by investors to escape legal compliance. This allows people to exploit the power of blockchain for personal gain completely disregarding legal boundaries.

It’s not surprising to see governments and organizations attempting to ban this unregulated, incomprehensible ITO culture. We believe the answer isn’t completely banning such a platform for legitimate business to come out of the dust and be the disruption they promise to be or lead the world to an unregulated token sale chaos.

We at Blocksale are looking to bridge the gap of compliance and set industry standards as one of the first Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) token sale buying portal. Intending to sort legitimate, potent tokensales and accredited investors from a sea of fraudulent, self-interest driven organizations and individuals.

We want to nurture and support legitimate projects and connect them with accredited investors and create a forum that seamlessly promotes legit ITOs with all necessary compliance and regulatory frameworks in place protecting investors and visionaries alike.

BOK will provide an efficient platform for accredited investors looking to acquire new ITOs through fiat or crypto purchases giving them access to numerous validated and vetted ITOs at pre sale levels.


blocksale_steemit_usecases.jpgWith Blocksale we’ve set out to establish industry standards for pre-sales within the crypto-asset ecosystem. We have set out to be the first exclusive AML/KYC pre-sale portals for accredited investors by setting the industry standard for Token Sales by building a large international customer base that will be investing only in vetted and approved ITOs. We look to compliment, nurture and support both legitimate upcoming ITOs ensuring regulatory compliance and following strict industry standards and more importantly connecting them to accredited investors. On the flip side this protects the investments of these accredited investors ensuring compliant and safe investments while allowing these investors to benefit from promising new tokensales.

There is an obvious need for such a service in a market where tokensales are being launched every other day each promising to disrupt the target market. We serve both investors and companies looking to utilize the versatile far reaching power of Blockchain.


With new ITOs coming up on a daily basis it is hard to keep up with the best and most legitimate ITOs and we at BOK believe it could be better handled by a dispassionate AI tech to aid in forecasting of ITOs. BOK will incorporate Machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning modules developed to specifically analyze all ITOs; past, present and future, to learn and identify the best among a multitude of options.

Blocksale_artificial intelligence.jpgBy correlating crypto economic and geopolitical data from historical ITOs the AI technology will forecast the potential success of each individual offering. Arming BOK members with these tools provides them with the information they need to make informed decisions within the cryptocurrency space. A fundamental mission of the BOK platform is to help individuals navigate the space of crypto currency and aid in a more streamlined approach to getting involved in the space at the ground level.


We at BOK believe in empowering our users with such tools to judge and make informed decisions on the basis of rigorous analysis done by our AI. Our goal is to deliver a service that stays true in its decentralized nature and empowers every individual rather than being driven like a centralized system at the very fundamental level of ITO investing.

The BOK portal will come equipped with an independent, customized and secured multi-sig Ethereum based client wallet. This BOK wallet will only be generated upon the creation of a unique BOK portal account, which means BOKWallet can only be used by approved BOK clients through the portal.

BDES, The decentralized escrow service that BOK is creating will help in privacy for communications between accredited investors and ITOs. This will also aid the portal in achieving extra security and safety for all transactions. After every transaction conducted through the Decentralized Escrow Service, there will be a vote given to both parties to rate the transaction. The rating will be reflected on the accredited investors unique decentralized identity smart contract.

BOKChat will effectively be a messaging DApp platform integrated within the Blocksale network portal for investors and ITOs to communicate securely and efficiently without attempting to contact each other through other means.
Based on the voting reputability of the ENS domain for a given accredited investor, an ITO will be able to see the score for them in the decentralized chat app.

Blocksale_tokenuse.jpgUtilizing the security and power of Swarm protocols we intend to refine the entire ecosystem of this ever growing and disruptive crowdfunding method of cryptocurrency and to provide our prestigious community the capacity to invest before BOK token is released to the open market through an ITO. Our AI tech will provide unbiased and technical insight into the complexities of this space necessary for its users to make informed decisions

Blocksale is the tool that empowers the community with a tool to safely undertake token sales and securely invest in them while ensuring all regulatory compliances are followed without running the risk of a failed investment or being a part of an illegal or illegitimate fundraising.

For more information Reach us at:

Why Erik Voorhees Keeps All His Assets in Bitcoin

Written by admin on Oct 10th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

If you’ve not heard of Erik Voorhees, then, chances are, you must be new to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – because he’s one of the most pre-eminent entrepreneurs in the industry.


In fact, he featured heavily in Netflix’s Banking on Bitcoin documentary last year. (Worth watching, by the way, if you need a crash course on how cryptocurrency started and where it’s all going.)


Erik famously keeps all his assets and finances in bitcoin.


(When he sold one of his companies, Satoshi Dice, back in 2013, the anonymous buyer paid in bitcoin. It was the world’s first large corporate takeover executed through bitcoin.)


He’s literally “all-in” with bitcoin. Why?


Because Erik understands – better than most, because he’s been involved in Bitcoin since almost the beginning and is one of the most respected players in the industry – that cryptocurrency is more than just an “innovation”. It’s a technological game-changer that, in Erik’s words, will take our civilization out of the “economic dark ages” and solve a problem our ancestors have grappled with for millennia.


This is why the rise of cryptocurrency is inevitable.


And since its rise is inevitable, those who were smart enough to buy into Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) while it was on the ground floor have the opportunity of a lifetime to reap huge returns when the rest of the world wakes up to the opportunity too.


This is why Erik and others like him are all-in with Bitcoin – because, they believe, it’s the best bet we’ll ever see in our lifetime, and the window for getting in before it gets hot is closing rapidly.


Now, you might not want to go all-in on Bitcoin like Erik has – but I bet there’s a part of you that wants to see what he sees and discover why he’s so confident about the blockchain revolution, right?


If so, there’s a rare opportunity coming up to meet Erik Voorhees in person and listen to him speak.


The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference takes place in Dallas, Texas, from Friday February 16th to Sunday February 18th. Richard Jacobs, its organizer, is bringing together more than 39 of the most pre-eminent players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry – titans like Erik Voorhees, Charlie Shrem, Tim Draper, and many more – so they can show you where the industry is headed in 2018 and beyond, and where the biggest bucks will be made by investors.

If you register before the “Early Adopter” deadline, tickets cost just $597 (the full price is $797) – and you’ll also get a complimentary conference t-shirt and entry into a cryptocurrency raffle.

Purchase conference tickets over here:

If you want to learn more about the Super Conference and get free sneak preview content from some of the speakers, click the link below to sign up to the free notification list:


Top Executives Launch New Management Consulting Firm

Written by admin on Oct 10th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Cumming, GA | October 10, 2017   Twelve Oaks Advisors, LLC officially launched their new management consulting firm, a team of industry professionals dedicated to helping the leaders of small and mid-sized businesses optimize their organizations’ business performance.  Former Fortune 500 senior executives who have a passion for helping others succeed, the members joined forces to form Twelve Oaks Advisors and provide a 360 degree and holistic approach to helping companies who can’t see their constraints, break through the ceiling and improve performance. 

“We recognize that all companies go through predictable stages in their journey to profitable growth. Often, the team that was able to be successful at one stage of a company’s genesis is not capable of moving the organization forward without some help from capable advisors that have successfully navigated this journey before.  We can help”, said Founder and Managing Partner, Cary Green.  

Having spent many years on “the other side of the desk”, Mr. Green knows how typical consultants approach problem solving and is committed to providing a more collaborative and honest approach to achieving business value.

“We have a simple philosophy and take a very pragmatic approach, we want to provide business solutions that completely meet our customers’ needs. If we can’t do this, we won’t engage”, continued Green.  “We aren’t trying to maximize our clients’ spend with us. We want to get in, solve the problem, help our clients and get out.”

Bringing the expertise of former Fortune 500 executives together to support the exploding SMB market, Twelve Oaks Advisors is focused on helping business leaders struggling to move to the next level of their organizational development by optimizing their business performance through Sales, Marketing, IT, Change Management, Program Management and Strategy consulting. 

Twelve Oaks Advisors is focused on getting to the root cause of the challenge, developing mutually agreeable plans for successful execution and demonstrating business value – quickly.   

About Twelve Oaks Advisors
Twelve Oaks Advisors, LLC is a Management Consulting firm for the small and mid-sized business market in the Southeastern United States.  The team of accomplished business executives and consultants hold multiple, industry recognized certifications and have extensive experience with helping small and mid-sized companies succeed.  For more information and to take the 12/12 optimization assessment visit:

Media Contact:
Contact Name: Cary Green             
Organization: Twelve Oaks Advisors, LLC
Phone Number: 678-770-8787

Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO with Affinity Bio Partners, LLC, Affinity Patien Advocacy and Affinity BioCeuticals, Was Selected for Inclusion in the Forthcoming Top 100 Registry, 2017-2018 Edition

Written by admin on Oct 10th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Christina DiArcangelo Puller is the CEO of Affinity BioCeuticals, Affinity Bio Partners, Affinity Patient Advocacy and Puller Racing has been recognized as the Top 100 Registry for Business Leaders and Professionals. Christina has forged a world-class reputation in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry for the past 20 years.  Her engagements have led to numerous awards, keynote speaking engagements and the ultimate respect of her industry peers.  Christina has managed several studies in the following therapeutic areas: Aesthetics, Plastics population includes Medicine, Pain Management, Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Endocrinology/Metabolic Diseases, Respiratory/Allergy/Pulmonary, Gastroenterology and Women’s Health. Through the course of Christina’s career, she has acted in various capacities for Global Clinical Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies and Biotechnology Companies. Christina recently opened an office in the Bay Area in California for Affinity Bio Partners and Affinity BioCeuticals.

Christina’s professional success and drive as the founder and CEO of Affinity Bio Partners has been facilitated by her unwavering strength as a skilled negotiator, strategic advisor, visionary entrepreneur, skilled financial expert and her ability to success to navigate the pharmaceutical industry with unparalleled success. In addition, Christina is the Founder, President of the Board and CEO of Affinity Patient Advocacy, Affinity Patient Advocacy strives to provide families with independent, high-quality professional health management services, social services and wellness services. Affinity Patient Advocacy manages the process and help the patients and their family focus on the most important aspect of their treatment, getting better. Affinity Patient Advocacy’s mission is simple.  Affinity Patient Advocacy strives to serve patients in their most important time of need. With that said, Affinity Patient Advocacy will become an invaluable resource to our clients. Patients who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses that require a treatment plan will receive comfort of mind in knowing that they have an advocate who will endeavor to remove the medical complexities and allow their family to focus all of their energies on treatments and recovery.

Christina’s newest venture, Affinity BioCeuticals, a “first of its kind” Cannabis Biotech Pennsylvania corporation. Affinity BioCeuticals is a Neutraceutical company focused on research and development of cannabinoid based therapies. Affinity BioCeuticals initially intends to focus its efforts on Opioid Abuse, PTSD, Anxiety and Oncology Supportive Care. The emergence of more and more indications where cannabinoid based treatment may be impactful to patient’s lives will be the primary focus for Affinity BioCeuticals.  Affinity BioCeuticals will also be working on indications that are focused on meeting athletes needs and looks forward to working with retired NFL, NHL, and NBA players. Affinity BioCeuticals mission is to ensure that the Opioid Epidemic is beaten.Affinity BioCeuticals and Affinity Bio Partners will be hosting the First Medical Cannabis Clinical Symposium on December 8th in Philadelphia. Tickets can be purchased at . or

Universal Media Group Inc. (UMGP:OTC) Signs Program Distribution Agreement With Envinci Media

Written by admin on Oct 5th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
Boca Raton FL / Access Wire / October 5th, 2017 /

Universal Media Group Inc. (UMGP:OTC) is pleased to announce that it has signed a program distribution agreement with Envinci Media for the distribution of “Before the Fame” with Mike Sherman television show.

Mike Sherman, President of Universal Media Group, is excited to be part of the Envinci network and all of their exciting new content platforms.

This will give our company extensive exposure on our program nationwide with the opportunity to capitalize on more advertisers for the company. They are a first class organization and have a variety of entertaining programs on their network.”

Updates will be forthcoming.

Universal Media Group Inc. (UMGP:OTC) is world-renowned media company that focuses on the implementation of celebrity based programming, social media and interactive television. UMGP focuses on cutting edge technology through music, sports and entertainment for engagement with the millennial generation.

Envinci is a multi platform lifestyle brand with the core mission of providing inspiring and compelling interaction that takes you beyond your everyday thought process, making the unfamiliar familiar, whether it’s across the nation or just across the street. Envinci is a seamless experience that taps into the new way of thinking, the thirst for adventure and the things that make our world revolve today. And why not… after all the trends and new customs of today is what stimulates progress and change.… there’s nothing like the memories and bonding that happens when old meets new. So take the journey….. Embrace the unexpected……. And celebrate life for the adventure it is. If Your Mind Is The Canvas, ENVINCI Will Paint The Picture Of How People View Content From Now and Beyond…

Our compelling content integrates into our viewer’s lifestyle while also influencing their purchasing behavior. We know that well produced programming about things that viewers are passionate about… wherever they are and however they’re watching… always inspires them to act.

Envinci already has hundreds of hours of broadcast quality HD television programming that impact and attract viewers today and especially from the perspective of millennials and others. Also, check out LIVE.ENVINCI.COM for the latest information and entertainment news that’s trending today.


About Universal Media Group Inc. 

Universal Media Group Inc. symbol UMGP (The Company) is a world-renowned media conglomerate whose focus is the implementation of celebrity based programming, social media and interactive TV. UMGP employs cutting edge technology through music, sports and entertainment targeting the millennial generation. For more information visit our website


About Envinci Media:

Envinci is a multi platform lifestyle brand with the core mission of providing inspiring and compelling interaction that takes you beyond your everyday thought process, making the unfamiliar familiar, whether it’s across the nation or just across the street. Envinci is a seamless experience that taps into the new way of thinking, the thirst for adventure and the things that make our world revolve today. And why not… after all the trends and new customs of today is what stimulates progress and change.… there’s nothing like the memories and bonding that happens when old meets new. So take the journey….. Embrace the unexpected……. And celebrate life for the adventure it is. If Your Mind Is The Canvas, ENVINCI Will Paint The Picture Of How People View Content From Now and Beyond…

Our compelling content integrates into our viewer’s lifestyle while also influencing their purchasing behavior. We know that well produced programming about things that viewers are passionate about… wherever they are and however they’re watching… always inspires them to act. 

Envinci already has hundreds of hours of broadcast quality HD television programming that impact and attract viewers today and especially from the perspective of millennials and others. Also, check out LIVE.ENVINCI.COM for the latest information and entertainment news that’s trending today.


Forward Looking Statements and Disclaimer

Statements made in this press release that express the Company or management’s intentions, plans, beliefs, expectations or predictions of future events, are forward-looking statements. The words “believe,” “expect,” “intend,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “will” and similar expressions are intended to further identify such forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. Those statements are based on many assumptions and are subject to many known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause the Company’s actual activities, results or performance to differ materially from those anticipated or projected in such forward-looking statements. The Company cannot guarantee future financial results; levels of activity, performance or achievements and investors should not place undue reliance on the Company’s forward-looking statements. No information contained in this press release should be construed as any indication whatsoever of the Company’s future financial performance, future revenues or its future stock price. The forward-looking statements contained herein represent the judgment of the Company as of the date of this press release, and the Company expressly disclaims any intent, obligation or undertaking to update or revise such forward-looking statements to reflect any change in the Company’s expectations with regard thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statements are based. No information in this press release should be construed as any indication whatsoever of the Company’s future revenues or results of operations.

OTT Financial Hosts Event Educating Canadian Merchants on Connecting with Chinese Consumers through Alipay

Written by admin on Oct 5th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

“Helping Globalize Your Business” Held in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, October 05, 2017 — OTT Financial, a Canadian financial services company, and Alipay, the world’s leading third-party payment platform, announced “Helping Globalize Your Business” on September 26th, an event bringing Canadian merchants together with senior Alipay team members to discuss significant business opportunities available through connecting with Chinese consumers.

With more than 520 million global active users, Alipay is the world’s largest online and mobile payment platform, and the primary means of online and mobile payment for Chinese consumers. In June, OTT Financial announced that its merchants would be able to accept Alipay through OTT Pay. OTT Pay now offers a full suite of simple solutions to help Canadian merchants diversify their customer base, appealing to Chinese consumers by enabling payment in their currency of choice through Alipay.

“We’ve seen incredible success in working with Alipay, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring this important event to Canadian retailers and brands,” said Cory Taylor, Head of OTT Pay. “Chinese consumers continue to seek out Canadian items they can’t find at home while they are visiting as tourists or shopping online. This event is an excellent opportunity for Canadian merchants to meet and network with senior members of the Alipay team and learn how to leverage payment platforms like Alipay to tap into new sales opportunities in China and globally.”

“Chinese consumers want to be able to buy items from North America,” said Souheil Badran, President of Alipay North America. “Through Alipay, Canadian merchants can more easily connect and engage with Chinese consumers because it eliminates payment and language barriers that can create stress at the point of sale. We are excited to partner with OTT Pay on this important event.”

About OTT Financial

OTT Financial and its affiliate companies have multiple lines of business in the Canadian financial services industry. OTT Financial Canada Inc. is an investment dealer registered with the securities regulators in Canada and a member of IIROC and CIPF. OTT Capital Corporation is an exempt market dealer as well as a portfolio manager and investment fund manager. OTT Financial Inc. provides foreign exchange services and OTT Pay is the payment platform that serves Canadian merchants and Chinese consumers. Since 2006, OTT has been dedicated to delivering values for its clients and creating positive impact for the communities served by the OTT group of companies.

About Alipay

Operated by Ant Financial Services Group, Alipay is the world’s largest mobile and online payment platform. Launched in 2004, Alipay currently has over 520 million active users and over 200 domestic financial institution partners. Alipay has evolved from a digital wallet to a lifestyle enabler. Users can hail a taxi, book a hotel, buy movie tickets, pay utility bills, make appointments with doctors, or purchase wealth management products directly from within the app. In addition to online payments, Alipay is expanding to in-store offline payments both inside and outside of China. Over 10 million brick-and-mortar merchants now accept Alipay across China. Alipay’s in-store payment service covers more than 30 countries across the world, and tax reimbursement via Alipay is supported in 24 countries and regions. Alipay works with over 250 overseas financial institutions and payment solution providers to enable cross-border payments for Chinese travelling overseas and overseas customers who purchase products from Chinese e-commerce sites. Alipay currently supports 27 currencies. Follow us on Twitter @antfinancial and @alipay.      

Xiaofen Tang
5140 Yonge Street, Level 5,
M2N 6L7
Ph: +1 416-512-1878

Paige DataCom honored by Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2017 Innovators Awards Program with the Platinum Award

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October 4, 2017 – Paige DataCom Solutions, a leading innovator in cabling announced today that its GameChanger long reach 1080p Video Cable was recognized by the judges of the annual Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of cabling and communications system specifiers, designers, integrators and managers with vast professional experience.

Paige was honored with the Platinum-level award. Paige’s GameChanger cable extends the reach for high definition video and PoE+ to 850’ without a repeater making it ideal for replacing CCTV and for use in applications that are beyond the 100m reach of a traditional category cable.  This cable eliminates intermediate IDF requirements and the need to install repeaters or transceivers.  With repeaters, this cable has been shown to reach 4000’ without an intermediate IDF.  This saves money on installation and facilities.

 “We’re thrilled to add ‘award winning’ to what our customers were already calling a ‘Game Changer’,” said David Coleman VP of Business Development. “We appreciate CI&M and BICSI recognizing the need and helping us promote the solution.”

Alan Bergstein, publisher of Cabling Installation & Maintenance ( said “This prestigious program allows Cabling Installation & Maintenance to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products and services in the structured cabling industry. Our 2017 Honorees are an outstanding example of companies who are making an impact in the industry.” 

The Innovators Awards are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Innovative 
  • Value to the User 
  • Sustainability
  • Meeting a Defined Need 
  • Collaboration 
  • Impact 

The 2017 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards Honorees are featured in the November Issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine as well as on

About Cabling Installation & Maintenance

Published since 1993, Cabling Installation & Maintenance has provided practical information to professionals responsible for the specification, design, installation and management of structured cabling systems in enterprises, data centers and campuses. Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s magazine, website (, email newsletters and webcasts help cabling professionals improve day-to-day operations and enable strategic planning for their networks’ optimum long-term performance

About The Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2017 Innovators Awards program

The Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2017 Innovators Awards program reviews and recognizes the most-innovative applications of cabling and communications technology products and systems within the structured cabling industry. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Honorees were announced at BICSI’s 2017 Fall Conference in Las Vegas on Monday, September 25, 2017. Criteria used in the Innovators Awards ranking included: innovation, value, sustainability, collaboration, and impact. Announces Expansion of In-House Print Production Line

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The screen printing company expects the new expansion to decrease order turnaround time while improving customer support


OAKVILLE, Onatrio, Canada, Sept. 28, 2017— has announced that it has recently expanded its production line through the purchase of new screen printing equipment. The company hopes that the new machinery will decrease order turnaround time and increase customer satisfaction.

“This equipment acquisition is expected to speed up our average order delivery times. We understand how important it is to deliver t-shirts and apparel on time to our customers, whether they’re a local sporting team or a national company with a big event coming up,” said Peter Mulnor, production manager at “This expansion ensures that we can continue to service our customers with the highest trust, and is proof that we’re always working to better our product.” was founded in 2000 as a one-stop-shop, in-house screen printing facility. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, the company currently has three print locations all across Canada. specializes in custom t-shirts and hoodies, and prints products for a variety of industries; from custom school shirts to company work shirts to non-profit awareness t-shirts. also features ready-to-use design templates, allowing customers to design and order a shirt with minimal effort.

“We were already capable of printing and delivering high-volume orders,” said David Stinton, IT manager for “But with this expansion, we’re really able to bring it to the next level.”

For more information about, including customers interested in designing and purchasing custom t-shirts and hoodies, visit






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ION ranked #4 largest residential solar company nationwide and #2 in Utah

PROVO, UT- September 28, 2017 – Coming off the biggest year ever for U.S. solar installations, ION Solar is proud to be named one of the top solar contractors in the nation by Solar Power World magazine.  ION ranks #4 largest residential solar company nationwide and #2 in its home state of Utah.

The Top Solar Contractors list is developed by Solar Power World to recognize the work completed by solar contractors across the US. Produced annually, the Top Solar Contractors list celebrates the achievements of U.S. solar developers, subcontractors and installers within the utility, commercial and residential markets.

“As a full-service solar company we work hard to give homeowners the best that solar has to offer: A more earth-friendly way to power their home, lower power bills, the highest quality solar product in the industry, and an onboarding process that’s as seamless as possible”, said Jimmy Slemboski, President of ION Solar. “We actively look for ways to streamline our process and make it even easier and more convenient for our homeowners to choose solar.  Over the past three years we’ve grown 9,507% and I think that’s proof that homeowners like what ION is doing”, continued Jimmy.  

“The 2017 Top Solar Contractors list features 500 of the best solar contractors in the United States,” said Kelly Pickerel, managing editor of Solar Power World. “From solar hotbeds on the coasts to the up-and-coming Midwest solar market, every installer adding even the smallest solar array to the grid is making a positive impact on our communities. We’re proud to recognize these companies and their efforts to bring solar power to U.S. homes and businesses.” 

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About ION Solar

ION Solar is a premium, full-service solar provider. ION offers affordable solar solutions that give customers the benefits of solar with little or no up-front costs. Full-service includes a custom-designed system, all permitting, installation, inspection, and system maintenance.  Using all premium equipment.  ION’s large install area covers Utah, California, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. Learn more at