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New Ultimate Pet Companion Robot Will Turn Heads and Make Your Dog Absolutely Love You.

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Man’s Best Friend’ will soon have a new companion to play with this Fall. Introducing The Anthouse Pet Companion Robot, from the creators at Anthouse Technology Co., Ltd. The Anthouse Robot is the best and most advanced pet robot for dogs that the market has ever seen. The product includes a range of smart functions all controlled via a smart phone app that pet owners can control to interact with and attend to their loving pets. Features include a camera that’s capable of recording video and taking photos of your pet, with a one-touch social media share button enabled; a walki-talki megaphone to speak to your pet directly; a dog food treat dispenser that can dispense treat servings depending a measure you select; self-directed automated charging (the robot will find it’s charging station whenever its batteries is nearly depleted); automated obstacle avoidance, and our very favorite, a mini-tennis ball launcher for non-stop fun and exercise for your pet. Never again will you have to wonder what your pet is doing. It’s the perfect user-friendly tech product for pet owners and their faithful friends to keep close despite the physical distance between.  
The Anthouse Pet Companion Robot is set to launch on Kickstarter on August 15th, 9AM PST with an early-bird pice offering of $349. For media review details, and to get an invitation to the official press kit and pre-launch Kickstarter video viewing, please contact Sarah Miller of the Anthouse team for details.

Contact Information:


Name: Sarah Miller


Phone: 1 (512) 333-2950

Facebook: @anthousepetrobot


Debut on Kickstarter:  August 15th, 9AM PST

General Press Kit:

Author and Business Consultant D. Justhy Set to Launch ‘The Datapreneur’ Training Program Next Month

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The program will teach business leaders how to use big data to drive everyday decisions while creating economic value.


AUGUST 3, 2017/ZÜRICH, Switzerland—Justhy Deva Prasad a.k.a D. Justhy, author and founder of the Data Strategy Lab, is proud to announce the launch of his new training series, “The Datapreneur.” The program will guide boardrooms, entrepreneurs and C-suite executives into the digital age by discussing the various ways these leaders can use enterprise data to drive business decisions in order to remain relevant and successful for many years to come. The course officially launches on Sept. 18, 2017.

“The Fortune 500 list has changed dramatically since it’s inception in 1955. More than 400 of the top 500 companies have disappeared, and it’s safe to assume that 60 years from now, most of the companies currently on it will cease to exist…unless they adapt,” said Justhy. “The best way to adapt is by having the right data at the right time for the right persons. Data helps improve the quality of decisions made, and knowing how to use it is a mandatory competency that companies cannot afford to ignore – this day and age.”

With a launch date coinciding with the World Economic Forum’s first Sustainable Development Impact Summit, Justhy hopes these business thought leaders maximize the use of their enterprise data in creating sustainable economic value for the digital age and beyond.

“The world is recognizing, as well as exploring, how the advanced technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution could be better leveraged for sustainable development,” said Justhy. “Businesses weren’t ready for electricity or digitalization, but with ‘The Datapreneur,’ they can now get Artificial Intelligence right.”

D. Justhy is the world’s first boardroom data strategist and creator of the Data As An Asset (DAAS) index. He is also the author of “Billion Dollar Byte—Turn Big Data Into Good Profits the Datapreneur Way,” which will be available in all major stores in North America in January 2018.


For more information about D. Justhy and “The Datapreneur” course, visit

“Data is a pocket tool for every business in the digital age,” Justhy said. “Datapreneurs know how to use this better than anyone else. Nurture them and thrive, not just survive.”









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WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug 3, 2017 — AMG & 200 Productions new unscripted reality series, OPERATION THANK YOU, will follow two Carolina-based NASCAR racing teams, JD Motorsports and MBM Motorsports, as they build five special stock cars to honor the U.S armed forces. The series will culminate with the ‘Visit Myrtle Beach 200,’ a private racing event this fall at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Original music for the series preformed by Nora Collins and Eric Dodd, two of America’s top music artist, singer songwriters. “It is an honor for us to support this series and say thank you the men and women of the US Armed Forces”. Nora Collins.

“If you believe in our country, our military and you love the red white and blue, then this is the series for you”. Allen Scheid, Executive Producer

This new series puts race fans in the cockpit and behind the wheel for a high-octane, pedal- to-the-metal viewing experience like no other. Race team owners, Johnny Davis and Carl Long, will open their doors to allow race fans to go behind the scenes as their teams prepare to host this unprecedented free 200 lap event out of respect and admiration for the U.S. armed forces. The competing stock cars will represent the Air Force, the Army, the Coast Guard, the Navy, and the Marine Corp. Tune in and watch them build five theme cars, organize a new annual racing event and the good, bad and ugly of their day-to-day pro race business.

Guests from the five services of the U.S. military are invited to attend this free event, along with reservists and civilian defense personnel. No uniforms will be required, so attendees are encouraged to come as they are and enjoy the festivities, which includes the race, parades, marching bands and live music, all held in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The people and business of Myrtle Beach will help keep costs affordable for our military personnel to spend a great weekend.

“This is our way of saying thank you to the men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country,” says Johnny Davis, a veteran team owner and former crew chief who has competed in NASCAR for 27 years. “We race because we love what we do. We are grateful to our families and communities for helping us do what we love. We know that without the men and women who serve in our armed forces, none of this would be possible.”

Carl Long, a team owner and driver in the NASCAR Xfinity & Cup Series, added, “Members of the U.S military sacrifice for all of us, and they keep us safe so we can live the racing life. As a way of saying thank you to those who serve in the United States military, we will race for our country, military, and the families of the U.S. armed forces.”

On race day, when we hear Gentlemen start your engines and the checkered flag flies against the backdrop of the stunning Myrtle Beach skyline, the party will crank up, with musical artists and special guests joining Davis and Long on stage to entertain the U.S. servicemen and servicewomen with a tribute concert.

The ceremonies will close with a special candlelight light ceremony following the concert, featuring Nora Collins and Eric Dodd, with sky lanterns released into the air in honor of the men and women of the armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving their country.

“Visit Myrtle Beach is proud to be an integral part of this new and exciting docu-reality show that has been created to celebrate true American heroes—the men and women of our amazing U.S. military,” says Scott Schult, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. “We’re ready to welcome thousands of active military families to witness firsthand the excitement of live racing at the Visit Myrtle Beach 200 and to enjoy lots of fun in the sun along our beautiful beaches.”

The production team behind OPERATION THANK YOU is filming throughout the Carolinas since July with the help of the film commissions representing the Myrtle Beach area, South Carolina, North Carolina, several local and regional businesses.

The series can be viewed free around the world this fall at

For more information at it becomes available, please visit and follow us at or on Twitter and Facebook at @200laps.

360insights Appoints New Vice President, Operations and Continuous Improvement

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360 reinforces executive leadership team in support of founder’s commitment to top-notch client and user experience.

WHITBY, ON. (August 1, 2017) – 360insights, a global leader in channel management software, and pioneers within the incentive and promotional analytics and insights space, is pleased to announce the appointment of Laurie Lucente as Vice President, Operations and Continuous Improvement.  Ms. Lucente will be responsible for overseeing 360’s contact centre, client success, point of sale processing, and continuous improvement teams as well as identifying, refining and implementing new initiatives that support greater efficiencies and transparency for clients.

“The whole company is super excited to have Laurie join the team,” said 360’s founder and CEO, Jason Atkins.  “She’s got such an uncommon knack for building solid, repeatable processes, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of 360’s founding commitments to delivering amazing experiences for our clients and our employees.  This is a great fit.”

Laurie will leverage her twenty years as a respected leader in Operations with strong management skills in implementing new processes and technology to support business strategies, and comes to 360 with the reputation of being a leader and motivator who demonstrates passion for team development.

Ms. Lucente joins 360 from Shoppers Drug Mart where she began in Call Centre Management in 2000, then moved into progressively senior roles, in Product, Project and Relationship Management.  While with Shoppers Drug Mart, Laurie delivered numerous projects where the focus was on developing operational efficiencies and streamlining processes such as the launch of a new Enterprise Point of Sale system, e-Commerce platform, and various Marketing and Business Analytics efficiency driven initiatives.  


Green Power Partners Co-Sponsors Youth Mentoring Forum

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Lake Forest, California – July 31, 2017 – Green Power Partners is pleased to co-sponsor the Youth Mentoring Forum, taking place at the University of Southern California (USC) college campus in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, August 3rd. The event, co-founded by established motivational speaker and author, Henning Morales and co-produced by Professor Alejandro Ruiz, admissions counselor of USC, celebrates initiatives undertaken by the ten noted speakers.  Each one will be delivering unique, practical tools for dealing with specific challenges facing today’s young people.

The Youth Mentorship Forum was founded to bring together experienced, successful leaders who have committed to support their communities by mentoring young people looking for small steps they can take to overcome the challenges they face.  Today’s youth are commonly referred to with one of two names, Millennials, who are young adults in their twenties, and Generation Z which refers to today’s teens. For each segment, the rapid advancement of technology has brought about many benefits in terms of accessibility and social awareness, but it has also brought to light social issues that have skyrocketed in the last few years. Issues such as teen suicide, cyber bullying and violence have become alarmingly common occurrences within this group.  This Forum recognizes the need for teaching and coaching strategies that demonstrate how to grow in a healthy, safe, and successful manner.  This August 3rd event showcases ten highly respected keynote speakers who work directly with today’s young people, dealing with many issues pertinent to their specific challenges.  These speakers will share valuable insight into the topics at hand and offer their “tried and true” strategies to overcome obstacles.

Highly accredited motivational speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of this event, Henning Morales will speak on his own experiences. Morales has a deep-rooted passion for motivating, mentoring, and guiding young people.  Morales has undertaken many projects: writing books, films, event production, but throughout all these the direct coaching of ’kids’ is prominent.  Dr. Suzette Febre-Hart, a co-founder of the event, and an acclaimed educator and mentor will be sharing her experiences as she paves a path of success and support for society’s youth. 

Also present will be acclaimed multi-platinum music producer, Andrew Lane, whose work includes Hannah Montana, Disneymania and High School Musical.  Actor, ambassador, and activist, Mike C. Manning, will be speaking on behalf of Boo2Bullying, an anti-bullying outreach which provides mentorship and support for both youth and their families.  Renee Piane is a renowned relationship expert, who counsels couples to help build and mend relationships, through love and understanding.  She provides valuable insight on perhaps one of the most difficult topics to broach with young people.  Also on the panel – Lissette Alvarez, a mentor and motivational speaker, Priscilla Lopez, a successful entrepreneur and Pamela Gregory who specializes as a forgiveness therapist.  Lastly, Dr. Meredith Sagan, a holistic psychiatrist and addiction specialist will be sharing her expertise on addiction and healing, a common struggle dealt with by many.  With these prominent figures sharing firsthand experiences and years-worth of observations, attendees are guaranteed an evening sure to instill hope for the future of this generation.

The Youth Mentorship Forum has experienced a great response to their two previous events due, primarily, to the environment of love and support offered to our young people, their families and friends.  Because of the dedication of those driving this wonderful event, The Youth Mentorship Forum is holding its first international event in Mexico on the 26th of August.  The event will feature Henning Morales, Manuel Sotomayor, and Tony FigueroaManuel Sotomayor is known also as “Shark”, the reputable author of Shark Mentality.  His mission is to help others expand and release the power of their minds so every challenge is overcome and life can be lived to its fullest regardless of any hindrances.  With the struggles of today’s young people, this is a refreshing and encouraging approach. Tony Figueroa is a human behavior psychologist and the founder of the Tony Figueroa Institute.  He will share unique concepts for understanding young minds and how to use that to drive them toward success.

Green Power Partners is pleased to be a co-sponsor for this incredible event.  According to Allan Parent, the company’s CEO, “It is only with effort and united purpose that great things are achieved. These events align with our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community through the development of mentorship, practical training, and opportunities for our young leaders.  We commend the many volunteers and the founders of this initiative on their foresight and dedication”.  Leading the way in the production of renewable energy, Green Power Partners is committed to the community and believes investing in our youth is the greatest opportunity for success in the future.         


 For more about Green Power Partners go to       


USC Event info:               


Mexico Event info:



Soulful Singer Janvi Anand Releases Debut Album ‘Faces of Love’

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Acclaimed pop singer/songwriter Janvi Anand is sharing her stories of love and loss in her debut album “Faces of Love,” now available.

“The album is like a love child of the various relationships I have seen around me,” Anand said. “It’s inspired by all those love stories we have shared with each other and/or seen each other go through. They are stories which are as real as they can exist. I can guarantee that everyone who hears the album would at least be able to resonate with one song. We all have gone through it in some form or the other.”

To download the album or individual songs, visit  

“Faces of Love” brings out Anand’s vision of love in its many variants, from romance and family love to the deeper connections that bind us for life to one another through the ups and downs of our own journeys. The album features “Girl on a Train,” which tells of the organic process of a relationship from the highs and lows and even the delusional aspects of being together. For the music video for “Girl on a Train,” visit

A native of India, Anand is following up on the success of her debut EP “Inside Pages,” which was released in October 2015 to much acclaim. The new album features 11 songs that include “Lose Myself in You,” “Wish You Goodnight,” “Perfectly Imperfect,” the title track “Faces of Love,” and others.

Musically inclined from early on, Anand took up the piano at age 5 and guitar at 12 with the encouragement of her family which recognized her talent even then. She would grow as a musician while attending Gargi College in New Delhi where she connected with other musicians. But a solo career was in the cards for Anand as she moved to the U.S. and studied at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles where she became a standout guitarist and songwriter.

Anand soon began booking appearances at clubs throughout Los Angeles, becoming a crowd favorite thanks to her soulful, jazzy sound. With a growing following after her successful EP release, the young artist is poised to grow her star even further with the “Faces of Love” album.

“Janvi is a tremendously talented and accomplished young singer-songwriter with her own unique, yet accessible material and cross-genre appeal,” said Carl Byron, Instructor, Musicians Institute Hollywood.

As she makes inroads in a challenging music industry with her eclectic sound, Anand embraces the work that lays ahead.

“I have a lot of ideas in my head but I haven’t acted upon them just yet,” she said. “I want my songs to have a bigger and a deeper meaning and talk about some issues which we generally don’t understand or are unable to speak about. I want to share stories which people suppress within themselves for whatever reason. Art, is just a beautiful format to express what you feel.”

For more, please visit, or follow her on Twitter at, Facebook at and YouTube at

The Narco-Socio Syndrome in Government

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Impeachment and the Narco-Socio Syndrome in Government

Alexander Burgemeester’s, “The Narcissistic Life- All you need to know about Narcissists”, stated “Most [narcissists] show grandiose thinking and exaggerated self-importance, many believe or fantasize about the power they have, most believe they are special, need to be admired and feel entitled. Many dictators and criminals had or have narcissistic personalities as well as the Hollywood celebrities; some are negative role models and some are positive.”

Avery Stine[1], author of the new book, The New Evolution of Man – Living in the Shadows of Narcissism, stated, “I have been a victim of narcissists and sociopath personality types throughout my entire life. Among my parents, siblings, children, and relationships, both business and professional, I have been wounded and will carry the scars for the rest of my life.”  Unless an individual has experienced the psychological roller coaster and mental abuses of these personality types it is difficult to recognize them, and even more difficult to see the absolute damage they can cause and the pain they leave in their wake. It doesn’t matter how kind hearted, caring, and generous you are, a person with these types of personality disorders will target you if you do not support them or their agenda. If you are perceived as smarter, highly motivated, talented, or more professional than a narcissist or sociopath, they won’t compete with you as a better qualified individual, they will simply work to discredit you. These charismatic personality types are captivating and can “encapsulate” your attention to the point where you cannot see anything but their vision. Even when they are doing something wrong their supporters will back them because their psychological hold is so strong, that they can’t see past what they want, and the supporters can’t see past what you want for the narcissist. This is why it is so important that President Trump keep his supporters and family so close. To their own detriment, his family members are already captivated by him and he can do no wrong. I believe that we are living in the shadows of a narcissist president”, said Stine. “If I am right, then our country is in big trouble”, Stine warned.

In The New Evolution of Man – Living in the Shadows of Narcissism, Stine states that she believes there is an epidemic of these personality disorders in domestic and global leadership. She calls this pandemic the “narco-socio syndrome.”  “These individuals do not have the social conscience required to feel empathy toward their victims nor simple consideration for the damage and pain they inflict on their victims. They are elitist types who see themselves as intellectuals, whether they have the credentials or not, and are very charismatic and extremely convincing. They have mastered the art of negotiation, and negation”, said Stine.

According to Psychology today, Narcissism is on the rise among individuals and in American culture. The world is becoming plagued by these personality types in business, media, and within our political systems, and people who have never suffered at the hands of these disorders are coming to know them only too well through national media, social media, and through the personality types, themselves.

“Every day, we are bombarded by President Trumps Twitter tweets. These tweets exhibit classic signs of narcissism. Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has exhibited classic signs of a sociopath. Looking back on her political career it is not difficult to see the obvious patterns of disregard for rules and laws that all citizens are expected to uphold, but which she has been pardoned for throughout her political career”, Stine continued.

The book discusses connections to these personality disorders within the U.S. military, which Stine believes mass produces these personality types at the higher echelons. “Everyone has something in their past that has scarred them”, Said Stine. “Unfortunately, there are people who enter the military who have been damaged in their youth. Some of these individuals become military leaders. These leaders rise through the ranks and when they retire at a higher leadership level, they provide support toward furthering these personality types which become further embedded within government contracts and programs. These contracts produce millions upon millions of dollars for big business; this money is filtered back into the pockets of political leaders, further spreading the epidemic of these personality disorders throughout business and government. I have personally experienced these personality types throughout the eight years I spent overseas where I have been victimized, minimized, and destroyed by these same types of personality disorders. I have been discredited and demeaned, devalued, and have been psychologically traumatized into thinking there was something wrong with me”, said Stine.

According to e-article titled, “Surviving the Narcissist Epidemic”, Pathological narcissists often thrive in the workplace because supervisors, HR departments and co-workers simply do not understand what they are dealing with or what to do about it. Their harassment, manipulation, gas lighting, and smear campaigns against other employees go unnoticed or are brushed off.” Gaslighting is a technique of emotional and psychological manipulation. The abuser deliberately attacks the victim psychologically over a period of time in order to make the victim doubt his or her own sense of reality and sanity. How many times has President Trump used these types of attacks on his opponents?

The article states, “Targeted employees are labeled overly-sensitive, reactionary types or as outright liars by supervisors and other co-workers who don’t understand what is really going on. The entire workplace can become a situation where the narcissist has turned everyone against the targeted employee. People who do notice something is wrong or doesn’t make sense don’t say anything because they don’t want to get involved. The narcissist depends on non-action to keep tormenting victims.” I have lived this torment and have experienced this kind of treatment during the entire time I was working overseas which is over-saturated with these personality types”, admits Stine. “It’s incredibly debilitating”, said Stine.

The U.S. political system is over burdened with these personality disorders. “If you think about it, we have had these personality types in leadership for centuries but no one recognized them because we didn’t know what to look for”, Stine said. “I suspect that it is how Adolf Hitler came into power.” she stated. However, with today’s technology and social media rants where people are doing and saying whatever they please internal opinions and beliefs are becoming externalized, and these affected people’s “true colors” are being revealed. Narcissism can be contagious, albeit at a temporary level, and it is not unreasonable to believe that the world is preparing to suffer the first ever psychological pandemic. We are seeing it reaching across the globe with Russia, North Korea, and Middle Eastern countries whose leaders are extreme narcissists. “In the U.S. these personality traits are exhibited in our news media, Hollywood celebrities, and politicians, creating distrust in the very systems that we rely upon for our safety and security, Stine cautioned.

Section 3 of the 25th Amendment states, “The President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

“It is my believe that President Trump is not aware that he is incapable of discharging his duties because I don’t believe that either he or his administration, which is made up of the same “family” of narcissism, is capable of recognizing that he [they] is[are] suffering from these personality disorders”, Stine said.  “I believe that mpeachment is necessary to help remove this unstable personality and to help move our country back in the right direction”, said Stine.

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment states, “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

“If we are waiting for President Trump to admit that he has a psychological disorder, we will be waiting a long time, and in the meantime, the very fabric of our democracy is in danger. Instead, we should be calling upon Vice-President Pence to unseat President Trump. I understand his loyalty to the President, but his loyalty should be toward the American people and our nation. How could we fault Vice President Pence for looking after the best interests of our country? Can’t he see what is happening in our country and around the world? Our country is in jeopardy, and Vice-President Pence appears to be content to sit in the back seat just watching the train wreck. With all due respect, Mr. Pence, you are in a position to see what is happening. Please, do something!” Stine implored.

Vero Integritas Global is a virtual HR consulting company that features 24-hour HR services and business consultation to U.S. and overseas companies

[1] Avery Stine is a pen name.

with U.S. employees and is designed in part, to help employers reduce costs associated with employee discrimination complaints.


Vero Integritas Global Incorporated

Pre-orders $19.95 for The New Evolution of Man – Living in the Shadows of Narcissism, can be made at


Sound Engineer Suraj Pillai Helps Bring American TV Shows to Foreign Countries

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Suraj Pillai always had a passion for films. With his love for movies and a movie producer uncle, Pillai knew he would someday come to Hollywood. Today, the movie buff is a respected sound engineer who is helping bring three series from the Star Trek franchise to foreign countries.

“I am very pleased to be a part of this effort to bring these ‘Star Trek’ series to many audiences around the world,” Pillai said. “As a fan of ‘Star Trek’ growing up, it’s truly a labor of love to help add foreign-language dialogue to these amazing shows!”

As sound editor, Pillai is bringing “Enterprise,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” to audiences in Russian, Turkish and many other languages for the first time. All three shows will be premiering sometime in the next year.

“Making sure the dialogue is in sync and that it matches the lip movement is a major task that takes a lot of attention to detail and a good ear to hear the different sounds,” he said. “It has to be seamless and in line with the rest of the dialogue and the other sounds on the set.”

Known for his technical expertise, Pillai has worked on a number of projects since arriving from India two years ago, including most recently the films “Attraction,” “Flawed,” and the documentary “Captain Virat”.

In each film or TV project, Pillai brings his creativity and expertise in developing a virtual palette of sound that will enhance or create a mood that adds to the emotional tone of the scene.

“For one film, it was a person walking at night, but it wasn’t just that. You had to add the sounds of City, sounds of footsteps, the leaves rustling, the crickets chirping and the wind howling to create the mood of loneliness thereby enhancing the emotional feel of the scene,” he said. “As a sound engineer or editor, you have to have a lot of sounds available to you to create these unique moments and moods, so I’m always collecting interesting sounds that will enhance a scene.”

His dedication to sound and sound effects goes back to his youth in India when he took up the keyboard and violin and becoming a sought after live performer. His efforts to record his music and improve upon it, led him to a fascination for recording technology.

After graduating with Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering an MBA in Marketing from Cochin University in India, he turned his attention to performing and recording his own original music while also working with other artists. But as he developed his own sound, he felt the pull of Hollywood and decided to move there to nurture his talents.

Upon arriving, he enrolled at the Musician’s Institute where he excelled in motion picture scoring and sound mixing.  By the time he graduated, thanks to recommendations from his professors, Pillai found himself in demand for his work.

“I am very thankful to be a part of a very creative community that entertains people around the world,” Pillai said. “I was born in a small town in India and no one there would have thought this young kid would be working in Hollywood years later.”

Meanwhile, Pillai’s passion for music continues as he works on his first pop music album which he hopes to release later this year.

The Iguana Project

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When the mafia murders Colleen Brádaigh, her heartbroken husband Patrick develops a brilliant, chilling plan for revenge. A fast-paced thriller, “The Iguana Project” by Dale Arden combines science, shady business, undying love and an unforgettable plot.


When Patrick happens to meet a NASA scientist working on a project based on the marine iguana’s ability to stay underwater for extended periods of time, it sparks the outline of his diabolical scheme. To strip away all that his enemies hold dear, Patrick decides to turn NASA research into cryogenic sleep into a living grave. Follow him as he executes his plan in a fascinating adventure.


Author: The retired president and CEO of an international consultant firm, Dale Arden has written extensively and published articles in trade publications and been a guest speaker at many international business conferences. The Arthur Young Entrepreneurial Services Organization nominated him as Entrepreneur of the Year. He holds a BS from Washington University in St. Louis.



Dennis R Bennett, Ph.D., Theological Teacher, Business Consultant, Author, Columnist, and retired Military Officer (West Point Graduate): “Dale Arden has captured the mystery of science and humanity’s web of deception and intrigue in a new and exciting adventurous experience for any reader. I highly recommend his unique and delightful work to anyone interested in finding a novel that will hold your attention and anticipation.”

Georgia Wilhite, Planning Administrator, City of Camarillo, California, retired: “Science, murder, romance, and revenge abound in Dale Arden’s ‘The Iguana Project.’ The intriguing plot and characters keep the reader eagerly anticipating the next twist of events in this captivating novel. Mr. Arden’s research into scientific and social issues is evident as the story unfolds. I recommend this book to readers who are looking for something new and thought-provoking while being highly entertained.”



For the author’s website, visit

For the book trailer, visit:

Lulu Publishing link:

Amazon link:

Goodreads link

Barnes and Noble link:

Kirkus Book review link:

Available at all major online outlets.



“The Iguana Project” is a mystery thriller written in the style of James Patterson and Tom Clancy. The book captures the mystery of science and humanity’s web of deception, steamy romance and intrigue in a new and exciting adventurous experience for adult readers.


Lulu Publishing

ISBN- 978-1-4834-3269-4(e)

ISBN- 978-1-4834-3270-0(hc)

ISBN- 978-1-4834-3268-7(sc)

Media Q&As, Press Kit and print-ready artwork available on request.


Contact Information:


Source: Dale Arden

Categories: Books, History, Arts and Entertainments


Accomplished Enterprise Sales Leader Craig Herman Joins 360insights as Vice President Sales

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New role to focus on expanding global sales team

WHITBY, July 20, 2017 – Today 360insights, the originator of the Channel Success Platform™, announced the addition of Craig Herman as Vice President of Sales. In this role, Herman will be responsible for leading and expanding 360insight’s global sales team, with a focus on both new business development and existing client growth.

Herman has more than 20 years of sales and leadership experience in the SaaS and marketing technology industries. He has been responsible for building and executing enterprise sales strategies at companies such as Localytics and SalesForce Marketing Cloud, formerly known as ExactTarget.

“We are excited to have an experienced sales leader of Craig’s caliber to lead our focus on growing our global enterprise client base.” said Jason Atkins, CEO and Founder, 360insights. “Craig has the ideal combination of industry experience and passion to take 360insight’s sales organization to the next level.”

As Herman takes the reigns of 360insight’s sales team, his priority will be hiring in new and existing markets across North America and the UK. Earlier this year, the company was recognized as one of the top places to work in Canada.

For more information and current opportunities at 360insights, visit


ABOUT 360insights is the originator of the Channel Success Platform™, the first truly integrated software-as-a-service platform enabling brands to optimize their partner marketing and consumer incentives spend. Based in Whitby, Ontario, the company serves over 100 of the world’s top brands and has expanded to have operations around the USA and UK. In the past year, 360insights has raised over $40 million in private investment capital to accelerate the global growth and adoption of it’s Channel Success Platform™ and won a succession of awards for growth, most notably a Deloitte Fast 500™ for being one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America. With a company culture built around the simple concept of happiness, the company was awarded Employer of the Year honors in the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s 2016 Business Excellence Awards and has been recognized multiple times as one of Canada’s Best Small to Medium Employers.

For more information and resources on, please see:


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