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Cannada Market is Canada’s First Licensed Mail Order Marijuana Company Dedicated to Craft Cannabis

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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA is pleased to announce it has been granted a cannabis business license from the City of Victoria to operate its Ebay style marijuana marketplace—home to the top craft producers in Canada and the Original 420 Auction.

Cannada Market is now Canada’s first licensed Mail Order Marijuana company dedicated to craft cannabis with over 25 current vendors and more coming online each day. Cannada Market boasts the largest selection of products anywhere in Canada. Working with leading growers like Herbules Genetics, Temple of Calyx, Elite 613 Genetics, Grow Terra Farms, Head Stash and many more dedicated producers with over a centuries combined growing experience. As the nation’s industry leader in cannabis genetics and quality, we look forward to setting the standards.

To register as a user or vendor go to

You must be 19+ to enter

Cannada Market will open on 420 to celebrate……TPB style.

Contact Information

Phone: 778-410-5037

Setting the Right Expectations for Chatbots

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Armies of “digital workers” are poised to take over the front lines with customers, but they need rigorously organized data to perform well, and often a helping hand, say experts at Earley Information Science roundtable

The numbers are very real even if the workers are virtual. Spending on Enterprise Intelligent Assistants, aka chatbots, is now exceeding $1 billion a year and is expected to grow to $4.5 billion by 2021, according to Opus Research. And a recent survey of 100 information management professionals found that 51% are getting ready to put chatbots to work with customers. 

But it is still early days in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), and companies have to be realistic about the kind of work that chatbots can, and can’t, handle, and the support they need to be effective, according to a panel of AI and knowledge management experts at an Executive Roundtable discussion hosted on March 29 by Earley Information Science Corp. (EIS), a leading consulting firm focused on organizing information for business impact.

The data that is the chatbot’s lifeblood has to be structured in a way that is fully compatible with a company’s business, humans still have to help out, and tasks that involve a lot of context and nuance may be out of a chatbot’s reach, at least for now. That said, digital workers are already earning their keep, and are taking on more and more responsibilities as they get “smarter,” the panelists said, adding that companies would do well to go on a hiring spree so long as their expectations are properly set.    

Chatbots “are evolving very very quickly,” said Seth Earley, founder and Chief Executive Officer of EIS. “But right now they are not necessarily easy to use. There is no magic – chatbots require human intervention and knowledge engineering. They are an access mechanism to get to information,” which has to be carefully collected and organized so that the bots can understand and accomplish their tasks and learn new ones.

The roundtable discussion, “Digital Workers, Chatbots and Customer Service: Reality Versus Aspiration,” was led by David Hatch, Senior Vice President for Marketing at EIS. Besides Seth Earley, the panel included Tom Davenport, a professor of information technology and management at Babson College and author of “Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines”; Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder of Opus Research; and Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst at Tractica.

The discussion was the first of a four-part EIS series, “The Age of the Chatbot Is Coming: Are You Ready?” with new roundtables set for April 12, April 26 and May 10 (details below). EIS held a related roundtable in January, “Virtual Assistants and Chatbots: The Next Big Thing in Customer Experience.” 

At this stage of bot development, companies should target “low-hanging fruit” to start out, Tom Davenport suggested, noting that so-called transformational projects involving bots that are pushed down from the top have a low success rate, particularly if the company is the first in its industry to make such a big move.

The shift to digital workers “may well have a devastating impact on the job market in the future,” but right now, Davenport said, there is little job loss and no pure automation. “It’s a hybrid machine/human process.” The highest return on investment (ROI) is coming from the most prosaic applications and technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), and not from layoffs.

As companies bring in bots, they should find the speediest ways to produce some business results while keeping an eye on costs, said Opus Research’s Dan Miller. Think about what works out of the box, but also factor in the ongoing expenses for professional services to collect, organize and reshape the data. Try to leverage existing resources, including key data, operational personnel and subject matter experts. And, of course, figure out the right tools for development, analytics and reporting, including metrics to track success and failure.

“Some fairly complex implementations are already out there,” Miller said. In some cases, bots “can do more than just low-hanging fruit.”

What are the “compelling market drivers” that are opening the market to chatbots?

Tractica’s Mark Beccue noted consumer desire for 24/7 support and self-service and an aversion to live interactions. The use cases are also expanding – into financial services, for example, with the onboarding of new customers and automated wealth advisors, and into healthcare, with coaching services for patients with long-term illness.

Chatbots will not be taking over the world any time soon, Beccue said. Advances are being made in understanding language, “but AI will continue to be challenged by the context of human speech.” (Consider this statement: “I would kill for a cookie.”)

For now, at least, the trend is toward seamless handoffs from bots to live agents when the task, or the language, becomes too difficult for the bot to handle – and back to the bot when it makes sense.   

The goal, in these early days of the era of the smart machines, Beccue said, is for “chatbots to live in harmony with live agents.”

The roundtable featured a real-time survey of the webinar attendees:  

  • Nearly a fifth of the respondents, or 18%, said that bots are a major priority (supported by funding and executive buy-in) and 37% said they are important but still require a business case. Almost half, or 45%, said bots are not a priority at this time.
  • None of the attendees has been using bots for more than a year, but 6% have recently launched their first wave to deal with customers, 27% have begun testing in one area of the business, another 10% are testing the business case and more than half, or 54%, are starting to investigate how they can use bots.
  • When asked where chatbots are now being deployed at their companies, 36% cited customer/member service, making it the leading application. IT help desk/tech support accounted for 15% and selling in digital commerce 13%.

Please use these links to access the roundtable and EIS resources about chatbots and AI.

Finally, here are details for the upcoming one-hour roundtables in the chatbot series, all live at 1 p.m. (Eastern) and recorded for later access:

April 12 – The Role of Intelligent Virtual Assistants in Healthcare: How virtual assistants can help solve the “adherence gap” and more

May 10 – How Financial Services Organizations Are Using Chatbots in Customer Service: Going beyond basic banking transactions to meet the needs of new audiences

June 7 – Conversational Commerce and Virtual Sales Assistants: How the age of the virtual sales agent is changing the face of commerce

To register for any of these webinars, contact Sharon Foley, at



CompanionLink releases Galaxy S8 Sync for Outlook on PC and Mac

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Directly synchronize Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes from PC to Phone without paying Microsoft a monthly fee.

Portland, Ore – CompanionLink Software has released CompanionLink for Outlook Sync for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8-Plus smartphones. Featured is the DejaOffice CRM App for Outlook available in the Google Play store. DejaOffice® reflects how you use Microsoft® Outlook® Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes on the PC. DejaOffice handles full entry of Calendar events, Exception events, Tasks, and Notes with a focus on effective business use. DejaOffice features with Category Colors, Persistent Alarms, Recurring Tasks, Quick Entry Templates, and Android Widgets.

“I love the Galaxy S8-Plus for the display size, but it is narrower and thinner than my last phone,” says Wayland Bruns, Chief Technical Officer at CompanionLink. “I need the large screen for handing my full calendar and detailed contact list, and spend a lot of time reading Kindle®, news and investment articles. The Widgets allow me to see today’s schedule, and my month schedule, right on my Android desktop without needing to open the App. It’s all about time and motion savings that lets me use my phone for business without a struggle.”

CompanionLink® uses a proprietary sync engine that is fast and flexible, and is not dependent on any Microsoft Exchange server. CompanionLink fully supports all Outlook fields including Category Colors, Tasks, Notes, Journal, Attachments, and Pictures. With CompanionLink you can use USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DejaCloud sync. DejaCloud is a subscription service which provides instant real-time sync to multiple PC’s and phones. Just enter a new Contact or Calendar item, and you will see it on your desktop, laptop and tablet within seconds, without needing to pay Microsoft or an Exchange host for sync service.

DejaOffice for Android is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. For iPhone customers, DejaOffice for iOS is also available. CompanionLink for Outlook is $49.95 and one license can be used for either PC or Mac. CompanionLink is one of those software vendors that answers the phone and helps you install and use the software. Premium support options are available including a service to set up your synchronization and handle any issues you need with PC sync to your phone. For more information, visit

About CompanionLink Software
CompanionLink® Software, Inc. is a pioneering developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services. They also develop a DejaOffice® for Outlook® App which runs on Android, iPhone®, iPad®, Windows Phone®, and BlackBerry® devices. For 30 years, CompanionLink has helped mobilize information across devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information, please visit and

CompanionLink, DejaOffice and DejaCloud are registered trademarks of CompanionLink Software, Inc. Other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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Los Angeles, CA. Every company has a crisis from time to time. If the company is small or medium in size, one crisis can take it off the map. Here are some directives that will get you through your next one; share it with your senior staff and don’t read it ‘after’ the event occurred, this should be in memory lest you compete with United for news space.


  1. TRY TO RESOLVE IT WITH SOMETHING THAT COMES EASILY TO YOU, THAT YOUR CUSTOMER VALUES. Whatever business you are in, you get your goods or services wholesale (free flights, even on a standby basis). Try to resolve the problem by offering something that has a high perceived value but is not so dear to you that it creates a large loss. The customer is ‘not’ always right, but the customer can write something about you on Yelp and, as it hurts you more to respond, they will ‘seem’ right to the public, who will only read one side of it all.


  1. AVOID CALLING THE POLICE (of any kind) FOR A NON-CRIMINAL INCIDENT. Once you try to make the police force your own, and they step in with people who are trained to control others, you will have alienated your client past the point of no return. Worse yet, if the person flails and touches a police officer, he or she now gets a criminal record thanks to you and believe me, you will pay dearly for that. As stupid goes, this is the most stupid move a company can use against a client when the company is not at threat. A disagreement is never resolved when one party is fully armed and the other is afraid of arrest.


  1. SHOW THEM WHO THE MANAGEMENT REALLY IS, AND DEMONSTRATE COMPASSION FOR THE SITUATION. If your story makes it to social media, the first response from the CEO should be an instant public apology. The public needs to think of him or her as a nice, warm, empathetic individual who just had the bad luck of hiring someone who had no common sense. Mistakes happen. The public forgives you. If, on the other hand the CEO makes a bad impression or supports his or her staff, regardless of their poor choices, then people will fear the company and avoid it all costs. Do you understand?


  1. DO NOT ANGER A CUSTOMER AND THEN ACCUSE HIM OR HER WITH BEING BELIGIRENT. This is a common tactic used by the police to arrest persons. Lawyers use it at trial all the time. You say something inflammatory, the person reacts, and you try to show the jury how unreasonable they are. This is dangerous behavior. Unless you have the powers of arrest, you shouldn’t do something to further anger your customer. If you have an angry customer, you should do everything you can to get them to a reasonable and calm state. The easiest way to do so: Offer something up front, then dine or have drinks with him or her in a casual manner and work out the rest. Using this system you may create the most loyal customer (who refers you business) when you are finished. People understand errors occur: it’s how you handle them.



  1. IF YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING EMPATHETIC KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. A client/customer may upset you. They are in a heated state due to what happened. Don’t get offended. Many of them don’t even mean what they say in the heat of the moment. If you can avoid internalizing the person’s comments, try to mentally experience the situation from their point of view. The easiest way to do it is not to think of them, but to think of one of your parents, your spouse, or your best friend having gone through this and how you would respond. Now do this with your client.

It’s easy to say and do what you want when you have a golden parachute. However, a corporation’s reputation is largely based on the philosophies of the CEO when it comes to customer service. Remember the corporation took care of you and your family when you were looking for a career or opportunity. Now, it needs ‘you’. Do everything with all the integrity the company deserves, even if you have to bite your lip in doing so.

  1. MAKE CONTACT WITH THE AGGRIEVED PARTY ASAP. Call the person, arrange a personal contact and work things out. Do not let it get to the media or to a lawyer’s office. Let the person hear from you and know that you care. The difference it will make is phenomenal. It does not matter that you are on vacation when it takes place or even sleeping. You are better off losing a night’s sleep than months of sleep in the future while your and you company’s reputation are in the balance. Don’t just contact the party, make this up to them. For example, in the United Airlines’ case, I would have put Dr Dao on a private jet asap, with a limousine waiting at the other end. The scenario would have turned out very differently.



If a situation is so out of control that a lawyer has been hired or litigation is threatened, resolve it immediately through opposing counsel. Negotiate and work out a settlement or understanding of some sort. Keep the settlement confidential if you have to, or be generous and go public with it; especially if you are in the wrong. The worst thing that can happen in this case is what happened with United Airlines: the lawyer was enjoying free national airtime to say what he wanted.


If a lawyer has been hired, you did not follow the rules above very well. Once the legal game is in play, in will only serve to infuriate the customer more and the legal game is all about sides. At this point, hope the party has a reasonable lawyer as you can no longer directly communicate with the person. Litigation is one of the worst diseases a company can catch, avoid it at all costs.


We hope your next crisis is averted rapidly and wish you the best!




Steven Riznyk is the CEO and senior litigator of San Diego Biz Law, a crisis-negotiator, and business strategist who is hired to analyze and resolve complex and crisis issues worldwide. He can be reached at 619-793-4827.


Small Business Festival Offers More Than 80 Free Events Across 14 States This National Small Business Week! May 1-5, 2017

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Contact: Matthew Pollard
Executive Director, Small Business Festival
(512) 993-5033



For Immediate Release

April 18, 2017


Small Business Festival Offers More Than 80 Free Events Across 14 States This National Small Business Week!

May 1-5, 2017


The event schedule has been announced for the second annual Small Business Festival powered, by many city governments, local partners, and our major sponsor, Capital One Spark Business. Inc. Magazine calls this a Top 5 Must-Attend Conference.


The event, which has been featured by Fortune and coincides with National Small Business Week, was created to inspire and educate entrepreneurs and small business owners through keynote presentations, panel discussions and interactive workshops on topics crucial to help small businesses grow big.


Small Business Festival (SBF) includes three days of paid Premier Events at the 800 Congress Space in downtown Austin and five days of free Community Events across numerous U.S. states including Texas, California, New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Las Vegas, North Carolina, and many more.


Almost 200 expert speakers across the nation will lead topics including practical tips for starting or growing your small business, financing, sales, marketing, social media, public relations, staff recruiting and leadership strategies, networking training, freelancing and the “gig economy,” and legal and economic trends. Topics will be tailored to help entrepreneurs in the early stages of their businesses, as well as established entities. Interactive workshops, coaching, pitch competitions and networking events will engage event attendees, providing individualized takeaways.


SBF is all about providing ticket holders unparalleled direct access to world-leading experts and business minds, as well as providing a networking opportunity to rub shoulders with other motivated small business owners.


SBF is also dedicated to making all content freely accessible. On top of offering over 80 events free to the nation, with the help of live stream sponsor Microsoft, SBF will also be offering its premium content globally to anyone with an internet enabled device through, and in Austin TX, where it all began, on Austin Public’s community channel 10.


SBF will also be working with community partners to provide many live stream viewing locations globally, so small businesses can get out of their isolation to learn some necessary business skills as well as get introduced to a community of likeminded small business owners.


Event schedule and ticket information:


Why Small Business Festival?


“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and deserve to be supported and celebrated for the risks they take and the millions they employ.”

~Matthew Pollard, Executive Director of Small Business Festival.


The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that small businesses collectively make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms, 63 percent of net new private-sector jobs, 48 percent of private-sector employment, and 42 percent of private-sector payroll.



Zenith Capital Receives USCIS I-526 Approval for The Grange at Linden Senior Living

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Seattle, WA, April 18, 2017  – The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) has begun to issue I-526 Petition approval for EB-5 investors who invested in The Grange at Linden – a senior housing project developed by Zenith Capital in Seattle, Washington.

In early April, five I-526 petitions submitted in Q3 2015 received approval from USCIS. The I-526 Petition approval marks the first step in the process for immigrant investors seeking to become permanent residents of the United States. The approval confirms the project structure and job-calculation methodology used in the Grange at Linden have met the U.S. Government’s requirements.

David Bovée, Zenith Capital’s Managing Principal, shares “We are pleased to demonstrate USCIS approval for this senior living project, an industry which offers EB-5 investors a clear path to successful immigration through both direct and indirect job creation.”

Zenith Capital began the project 2015 with an estimated total cost of $32 million. As the financial advisor, Zenith secured the financing through a combination of private owner equity, EB-5 equity, and a HUD (“the Department of Housing and Urban Development”) construction loan through CBRE.

In December of 2016, the City of Seattle Design Review Board approved the design of The Grange. The facility, operated by Village Concepts, will provide the community with needed memory care support and assisted living services for over 100 residents. The Grange will create over 288 jobs in the local community thanks to the EB-5 investors.

About Village Concepts:

Village Concepts has been providing management service to senior communities since 1975. Drawing upon more than 40 years of experience and three generations of a proud family tradition, Village concept continues to provide a personalized touch to more than 1,200 residents in 16 senior communities located near metropolitan centers throughout Puget Sound and Central Washington.

About Zenith Capital:

Seattle-based Zenith Capital is real estate investment group specializing in delivering comprehensive finance, development and M&A Advisory Services. Over the past 15 years, the group placed over $1.7 billion in financing in over 200 commercial projects, including nearly 50 seniors housing projects.

For more information, please contact:

Sebastian Kalicinski
VP Corporate Marketing
Zenith Capital
Direct: 206-400-7615

See Entytle at Field Service USA 2017

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CEO Vivek Joshi to Present with Steve Evans of Hayward Gordon

Palo Alto, CA  – April 17, 2017– Delivering the first enterprise SaaS platform dedicated to installedbase revenue growth, Entytle, Inc. today announced that Vivek Joshi, CEO of Entytle, Inc. and Steve Evans, USA Sales Manager of Hayward Gordon,  will present at Field Service USA 2017, the event for leaders in customer care, service and support.

In a discussion entitled “Driving Aftermarket Revenue Growth with ProactiveCustomer Connectivity,” Joshi and Evans will overview the success Hayward Gordon, a global industrial equipment manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada, experienced when they implemented EntytleInsyghts.  Using Insyghts, Hayward Gordon moved from a reactive to a proactive sales mode in which hidden sales opportunities were uncovered from within its existing customer base.  Today, the sales team receives a regularcadence of opportunities to pursue, showing how a customer’s part replacement history predicts new revenue opportunities and highlights valuable insights they can bring to their customer to help them avoid costly downtime.

Additional details on the presentation include

When:  April 20, 2017 at 2:45 p.m. in Track B, Service Revenue Generation

Where:  JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA

Additionally, Entytle will demonstrateEntytleInsyghts, the first enterprise SaaS application dedicated to installed base revenue growth, on the exhibition floor in booth 910.  To book your personal demonstration, contact today.

About Entytle

Entytle is a global provider of installed-base management systems that help B2B manufacturers grow their business by making the complex simple.  The company’s flagship product, Insyghts, enables customers to assemble data from multiple, siloed systems, process that data to identify usage patterns and customer segments, deliver opportunities for parts and services sales, and improve revenue. Entytle is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and on the web at

© 2017, Entytle, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Entytle, the Entytle logo, and Insyghts are trademarks of Entytle, Inc.



Healthcare Products LLC Commits to Donating a Portion of GPS Watch Sales to The Alzheimer’s Association®

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The company will donate $30 from every MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch sold through the Association’s Website


April 14, 2017—Healthcare Products LLC dba The Alzheimer’s Store is proud to announce a new cause marketing relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association®. Through March 14, 2018, The Alzheimer’s Store will donate $30 to the Alzheimer’s Association for each MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch sold through the Association’s website or ( The Alzheimer’s Store is committing a minimum donation of $25,000 in the cause marketing campaign.


MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch by Adiant Mobile is equipped with GPS technology, allowing caregivers of people living with Alzheimer’s to monitor someone under their care in the event that the person wanders or gets lost. It’s estimated that six out of 10 people living with dementia will wander at some during the course of the disease.


“This device is a lifesaver for those living with Alzheimer’s and the people who care for them,” said Bruce Barnet, managing director of Healthcare Products LLC. “Even just the peace of mind it provides is priceless. You hope you never have to use it, but you’ll be glad you have it in the event that you do. It could end up saving your loved one’s life.”


The MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch features an SOS panic button that can be activated and used anywhere there is consistent GPS service, and includes two-way open voice communication, giving people with Alzheimer’s the ability to communicate with loved ones. Caregivers can also program a safe zone area and receive alerts when someone under their care leaves specified boundaries.


The watch currently retails for $159.99 and comes in black, blue and pink. No-contract monthly service plans start at $29.99 per month, which includes a voice/data cellular plan, unlimited notification alerts, and unlimited one-minute location tracking updates. 


Healthcare Products LLC’s online retail store, The Alzheimer’s Store, has provided memory loss patients and their caregivers with top-of-the-line care products for the past six years. The family-owned business is the largest provider of products specifically for Alzheimer’s and other related dementias in the United States and Canada and prides itself on the personal service and advice they provide their community.


“Philanthropy is a consistent part of our philosophy, so this new partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association really aligns with our companies’ mission and values. It’s just one of the ways we show our dedication to the Alzheimer’s community,” Barnet said.


“Adiant Mobile is pleased to participate and assist the Alzheimer’s Store in this incredible cause marketing program that allows our organizations to give back to the Alzheimer’s community,” says Lou Cosentino, Managing Partner of Adiant Mobile.


The Alzheimer’s Store is proud to join the Alzheimer’s Association as a cause marketing strategic partner. Proceeds from the campaign will support the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association to  eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.


The contribution from each sale is not tax deductible. The Alzheimer’s Association does not endorse any of The Alzheimer’s Store products. Alzheimer’s Store will not receive any compensation from the Alzheimer’s Association for or relating to this promotion.


SHERPA Sustainability Institute Announces Summer Term Scholarships Available for Military Veterans and Other Deserving Professionals

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Gain Breakthrough Skills and Valuable Credential in Certified CISR® Practitioner Course – Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility

As part of its B-Corp Charter, SHERPA Sustainability Institute provides gratis seats to military veterans and other deserving professionals, to gain breakthrough skills in CISR® – Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility. The project-based, online Certified CISR® Practitioner Course is 14 weeks of instruction, with personalized, one-on-one, expert coaching.

Nominations for scholarships are easy:

1. Visit
2. Watch 5-Minute Video for Details
3. Complete Simple 4-Step Nomination Form

Summer Term starts May 29 and Nomination Deadline is May 7. 

The course curriculum is based on the textbook “A Six Sigma Approach to Sustainability: Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility”, which has received numerous endorsements.

In this complex world, it is refreshing to know that there is a coherent and instructive guide available to achieve long term success that can be used by any organization. Everything that the organization, its members, and its external stakeholders need to ensure sustainable success can be found between the covers…”

―Robert B. Pojasek, PhD
Harvard University

Co-author, Andrea Hoffmeier shares that all participants, including scholarship recipients, receive a complimentary textbook.

About the CISR® Methodology
Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility
CISR (sounds like scissor) is a rigorous methodology for improving SR Performance, as a pathway to Sustainability, similar to Six Sigma being a methodology for improving quality.

View the ASQ TV Interview to Learn More 

Scholarship recipients join a learning community of professionals from major corporations, government agencies, military, non-profits, and NGOs. Self-nominations are welcome.
All Candidates receive 14 weeks of expert instruction, a complimentary textbook, weekly workbooks and other support materials, as well as personalized, 1:1 coaching, to complete their project and achieve certification. 7.4 CEUs are also earned.

Here’s what past participants have to say:
“This course has been the only source of practical content for improving Social Responsibility I have found.  Until I began working on the CISR Certification, I was not fully aware of the power of strategic thinking in the realm of social responsibility.”
Billy Ingram – Certified CISR® Practitioner & Coach
Director of Lean Product Development

“This is not just an online course where you’re out on your own.  The coaching I received helped hold me accountable, so I made progress every week. I’ve really enjoyed the discussion boards, as well as networking with other participants and instructors.”
Brion Hurley – Certified CISR® Practitioner & Coach
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Rockwell Collins

Example Certified CISR® Practitioner Projects
Consumer Issues
New Manufacturing Method Communications Launch
Optimized success of new product launch, through strategic sales and marketing aimed to clearly communicating benefits and educate consumers.
Improved Product Information & Education
Increased sales of healthier snack choices in vending outlets, by providing access nutrition information.

Employee Engagement & Organizational Effectiveness
Improved Roles & Responsibilities Descriptions/Definitions
Elimination of ambiguity and duplicate efforts elevated job satisfaction and team effectiveness.
Enhanced Employee Recognition Program
Aligning rewards and recognition with employee preferences improved job satisfaction and performance.

Environment, Health & Safety
Hazardous Materials Handling Improvements
Mitigation of risks related to handling of highly flammable materials used in solar energy manufacturing process.

Scholarship FAQs
Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: Yes! SHERPA welcomes self-nominations for either the Veterans or Coaches Scholarship   

Q: What is the Coaches Scholarship? 
A: These are Gratis Seats for deserving professionals who are interested in CISR Practitioner Certification and do not have employer sponsorship to register.  It is named the Coaches Scholarship because the Institute’s CISR® Coaches select the recipients from nominations.

Q: What if Nominee is not employed and does not have an organization for their project? 
A: Participants do not have to complete projects with an employer. Organizations in the local community, such as school, municipal departments, clubs, house of worship and more, are excellent options for project completion.   

Q: When are nominations due? 
A: Summer Term nominations are due May 7th.

Q: When does class start? 
A: Monday, May 29 is Orientation Week for Summer Term.

Visit for registration and nomination information.


Interested in registering your team for the course? Email for group rates and closed cohorts.

Global Contract Logistics 2017

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Global Contract Logistics 2017 finds that Asia’s outsourcing needs accelerated contract logistics growth in 2016

  • The Global contract logistics market grew by 3.9% in 2016, up from 3.7% in 2015.
  • Asia Pacific has overtaken Europe as the biggest market for contract logistics.
  • Seven of the 10 largest markets grew at a slower rate than in 2015.
  • The market is forecast to grow at a real 2016-2020 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8%.

11 April 2017 Bath, UK – According to Ti’s Global Contract Logistics 2017 report, the overall contract logistics market is estimated to have grown by 3.9% in real terms in 2016.

Despite stronger global growth in 2016, many developed markets struggled to match even the modest growth rates seen in their contract logistics markets in 2015. This reflects trends in the global economy, where growth rates in advanced economies slowed overall. It would be too easy to match these struggles to the impacts of political events such as the US presidential election and the Brexit vote. In 2016, Barack Obama was still US president and the European Union had 28 members. Instead, weak real wage, productivity and consumption growth dampened global economic growth. Weak retail sales and manufacturing production growth in particular had major effects on the contract logistics market.

This information on its own would suggest an overall struggle for contract logistics in 2016. After all, it is a market associated with formalised retail structures, developed for larger corporations with desires for operational efficiency gains and value-added services. However, emerging markets are taking an ever-larger slice of pie. In fact, 2016 saw Asia Pacific become the largest regional market for contract logistics, overtaking Europe.

Asia Pacific’s strength is a result of a number of factors.

Sustained robust economic growth coupled with continued retail formalisation (thanks to rising disposable income) powers retail contract logistics.

Meanwhile, multinational manufacturers increasingly consider options outside China (especially nearby ASEAN) as production locations, primarily thanks to cheaper labour costs, all the while ingraining Factory Asia more deeply, a spur for the region’s manufacturing contract logistics. That being said, even with rising wages, manufacturing in China is still undeniably strong. As low cost manufacturing has departed, this has been offset by China moving up the chain to more value-added production.

Whilst Europe and North America suffer from both stagnating retail sales and manufacturing production growth, Asia is taking advantage, driving growth for the global market as a whole.

This trend is likely to continue in the medium term. Overall, the global contract logistics market is forecast to grow at a real 2016-2020 CAGR of 4.8%.  Whilst economic growth rates in developed nations are forecast to pick up slightly, they will continue to be far surpassed by emerging markets. None of this is especially new, but it is the reality the market faces.

3PLs in developed nations will need to look at different aspects to improve their services in order to achieve better than average growth. They will need to address the omni-channel retailing needs of retailers that work online and through bricks-and-mortar stores. They will also need to adapt to disruptive technologies, incorporating practices faster than competitors and more than ever, 3PLs need to consider environmental impact, a theme covered in Ti’s Global Contract Logistics 2017 report.

In emerging markets meanwhile, achieving growth should be much simpler, at least in theory. Robust manufacturing and retail sales growth coupled with an increased appetite for outsourcing is a far more favourable backdrop than in advanced economies. The challenge as ever will be to operate successfully in a logistics and supply chain environment which is so often dramatically different.

Ti Economist, David Buckby, commented: “Manufacturing production and retail sales volume growth remain fundamental drivers of contract logistics. Manufacturing expansion in advanced economies remains weak while Asia Pacific, very much still including China, is seeing the lion’s share of growth. Retail is a different story. To an extent, e-commerce has bailed out contract logistics in advanced economies. I expect these trends to continue to shape the background of the contract logistics sector for the next few years at least.

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