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Trinity Exteriors, Inc Named 2017 Finalist for BBB Torch Award For Ethics

Written by admin on Aug 31st, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
Eden Prairie, MN — Restoration contractor Trinity Exteriors, Inc has been named a 2017 Finalist for the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) presents Torch Awards for Ethics each year to for-profit companies owned or operated in Minnesota and North Dakota that display integrity in all aspects of their operations. Nominees are offered the opportunity to submit an entry to BBB, where a panel of independent volunteer business and community leaders review the entries and choose the winners. Nominees must be in good standing with BBB; however accreditation is not a requirement to compete for the award.

“It is an honor to be named a finalist. We have a great group of people that work day in and day out to ensure our customers have a great experience,” says Ted Swanson, owner of Trinity Exteriors.

Ethical business practices and integrity are the pillars of Trinity Exteriors’ success. The company’s structure for employees means salespeople have the time to listen to homeowners and help them, rather than using high-pressure techniques to push sales, and all employees have the health and retirement benefits.

Team Trinity furthers its reach and impact in the community by donating a portion of every sale to the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Twin Cities, as well as the Toys For Tots. On company-wide community outreach days, employees volunteer together for causes such as the Salvation Army, People Reaching Out to People (PROP), and Household & Outdoor Maintenance for the Elderly (HOME). Additionally, Trinity Exteriors, in partnership with Owens Corning and Roof Depot, donated a roof to the Veterans Rest Camp in Marine on St. Croix in 2015.

The mission of Better Business Bureau is to be the leader in building marketplace trust by promoting, through self-regulation, the highest standards of business ethics and conduct, and to instill confidence in responsible businesses through programs of education and action that inform, assist and protect the general public. We are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Contact BBB at or 651-699-1111, toll-free at 1-800-646-6222.
Media Contact:  Dan Hendrickson, Communications Coordinator 651-695-2463 or

Solving a B2B Puzzle: Marketing to the Unmarketable

Written by admin on Aug 28th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Because technical buyers have no patience for sales pitches, successful web sites draw them in with practical experiences based on a deep knowledge of who they are and what they want, say experts at Earley Information Science roundtable

“Skip the sales pitches and just give me what I need,” engineers, procurement managers and other technical buyers plead. They’re not like B2C shoppers. They are all business—typically facing complicated projects and inflexible deadlines—and often arrive with extremely long lists of required parts and equipment and very short fuses.  

But giving them what they need is not easy, and the stakes can be very high, said Dino Eliopulos, Managing Director of Earley Information Science (EIS). “Recommend the wrong component to an engineer and you could end up with a collapsed building, exploding rocket or poisoned hamburger. And yet these customers say, ‘Do not market to me.’ ”

Given the suspicions that tech buyers harbor for anything that looks like merchandising and advertising, including product recommendations, getting the right products in their hands is a challenge that many marketers don’t know how to solve, and some don’t fully recognize.

The answer is to deliver a customized, albeit bare-bones, online experience that is efficient, practical and trustworthy, according to a panel of marketing and knowledge management experts at an Executive Roundtable discussion hosted on July 26 by EIS, a leading consulting firm focused on organizing information for business impact.

What is required, the experts said, is a sophisticated soft-sell formula that depends heavily on understanding the different segments in the tech demographic and how customer journeys vary; the approaches that will engage these buyers before, during and after making purchases; and the role that analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can play in fueling the effort. 

The roundtable discussion, “The Secret to Successfully Marketing to the Technical B2B Buyer,” was led by Eliopulos and included Yvonne Brown, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Chief Outsiders, a marketing strategy firm focused on startup to mid-sized companies; Hayne Shumate, Senior Vice President of Internet Business, Mouser Electronics, which sells components to engineers designing circuit boards for new projects; and Michelle Fields, Senior Director of Marketing and eCommerce at Brock White, a distributor of construction materials.   

“While we are pleased to serve anyone who comes to our website, our target customers are design engineers or procurement professionals who have been given a list of products from an engineer,” said Mouser’s Shumate. “Engineers are not interested in sharing their ideas with us. So, we have to understand what they need and focus on getting them to their products as quickly as possible, while staying out of their way when they do their shopping.”  

But tech buyers come in all shapes and sizes. Brock White works with buyers involved with huge projects, Michelle Fields said, but also sells to one-person businesses and to consumers who want to work with a contractor to add stone to their home. “Kind of the whole gamut,” she noted, and the wide range in roles and products affects the buyer’s involvement in the purchasing decision.

“There may be differences in the time scales and in the linearity and non-linearity of the shopping process,” Eliopulos added.

How do you engage these various buyers? In other words, how do you use the site’s content and functionality?

Again, the type of buyer is key. A procurement specialist wants to see a list of things to order, Fields said, while an engineer is after pieces of technical information and an architect is looking for inspiration. “It depends on the persona that comes to the web site.”

One common denominator, though, is the desire for transparency and accuracy.

A paramount concern for many buyers, according to Yvonne Brown, is the ability “to get information they need to a very detailed level and have confidence that the information is 100% accurate.” They want to see an image, zoom into it and examine it from different perspectives. And then there is “ease of consumption,” she said. “Not using a video when it could be simpler to use text, or using a video for demonstration purposes when it adds a lot of value.” After all, “the technical buyer in general is very pressed for time these days,” and anything that saves time is highly appreciated.

Another area of confidence building is having accurate inventory online, she said, given the critical timelines often at play. “They not only need the right product, they also need it on time.”

As for product reviews, those have little value, she noted, “because there isn’t confidence that the person who is reviewing the product is using it in the right way or understands it properly.” Instead, tech customers tend to prefer opinions from peers they know.   

The panelists also discussed the critical supporting role that big data and machine learning can play in the tech buyer’s shopping experience.

Brock White is “working through data to help build segmentation,” said Michelle Fields, a process that allows companies to “find out who your core spots or core customers are” and to better understand the differences in customer journeys. That kind of understanding, Yvonne Brown added, gives you the opportunity to “provide buyers with the right information” as they try to apply product research to the project or design they are working on. That said, Hayne Shumate noted privacy concerns that restrict the collection of certain data in a number of markets around the world.    

The roundtable featured a real-time survey of the webinar attendees:  

  • Nearly half, or 47%, said their business as a whole depends on B2B technical buyers, and an additional 35% said such buyers are important to a portion of the business
  • In identifying the most important factors in engaging the tech buyer, the respondents chose product selection and price (35%), rich meaningful content and product information (30%) and product findability (25%)
  • As for using advanced analytics and AI to engage customers, 26% said they are already doing that to great effect and 16% said they had plans to do so within the next year. But more than half, or 58%, said they are still evaluating the approach to take   

Please use these links to access the roundtable and a related article.

The Earley Executive Roundtable is an educational webinar series focusing on topics of interest in the areas of digital transformation and information science. Each month, EIS leads a lively discussion with a panel of industry experts. The next roundtable is scheduled for Aug. XX. To sign up, contact Sharon Foley at

‘President Trump, May I ask you a question’ is the Must Read Book for 2017 where “We the People” question the president.

Written by admin on Aug 25th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

President Donald J. Trump has demonstrated over and over how far he is willing to go to control the narrative around the performance of his presidency and administration for consumption by the American people.  Take this journey with the American people through this first ever of its kind book of questions with over 100 thought provoking images and over 500 questions that allows the reader to develop their own narrative.

This book is sure to be on the “required reading” list across college campuses and a “must read” for political, social media and news groups as an innovative way of engaging an audience of readers to experience a book through a journey of questions rather than a journey of narratives.

For the first time in book format readers will be able to assemble their own facts, thoughts, opinions, information and experience in a way that allows them to create their own narrative page after thought-provoking page which by default becomes to a degree unquestionable because it is the reader’s narrative.

Join millions of Americans as they take the journey along with President Donald J. Trump through over 100 thought provoking images and more than 500 questions examining the performance of his presidency and administration in a first ever of its kind Book of Questions.

The American people have exhausted attempt after attempt to appeal to the compassion and decency in President Trump and his administration on key decisions like healthcare, immigration, border wall, global warming and living wage and encountered a brick wall at every turn.  He has been effective in using his Brand (Trump), the Brand of office (President) and the strength of the party (Republican) to dominate and control the narrative communicated to the American people and conveniently dismiss requests for reconsideration.

Mr. President, May I ask you a question’ is a voice of the American people taking a stand and asking the tough questions of the President.

Take the journey with us as we exercise our “We the People” voice in requesting that President Donald J. Trump confront the optics and questions that he has placed on the minds of many Americans.

Get your copy now and join the voice of “We The People.”

Almost Half of Cloud Developers Using Immutable Architecture and Microservices

Written by admin on Aug 24th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

SANTA CRUZ, CA. August 24, 2017 Almost half of all developers working in and/or deploying to a Cloud are deploying and delivering environmental configurations as instances of  immutable architecture (46%) in development testing and production, with only slightly less (42%) doing the same with microservices according to Evans Data Corp’s newly released Cloud Development Survey

In addition to those currently delivering environmental configurations as immutable architectures an additional 37% are experimenting with this technology but haven’t put it into production yet.  As for microservices, an additional 34% are evaluating and 15% expect to experiment with microservices in the next year.

“There’s an obvious affinity between microservices and immutable architecture,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “Containers in general as well as microservices can embrace immutability which enhances reliability and reduces the dependence on heavy weight installers and configuration management software.  The developers are telling us the time for this evolution has come.”

The survey also showed that the most common types of applications that are containerized are Business to Business applications, followed by backend development, and while the vast majority of those who use containers use some kind of orchestration tools, the orchestrator that most use is the one that ships with the container software they use.

The survey of developers currently developing in or deploying to the Cloud was fielded in June 2017 and provides a margin of error of 4.4%.  The full 187 page report includes sections on Cloud Developer Demographics, Migrating to a Cloud, Containers, DevOps and the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Mobile IoT and the Cloud, Security and Governance, and much more!

See the complete Table of Contents and Methodology here: Table of Contents

iChange Nations™ Creates the Ambassador Mussie Hailu Global Peace Award

Written by admin on Aug 22nd, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, Founder and President of iChange Nations™ has approved a new award in honor of a top World Peace Activist and Philanthropist, Ambassador Mussie Hailu. This award is the iChange Nations™ Ambassador Mussie Hailu Global Peace Award. Ambassador Hailu is known worldwide to be a man of high values, deep care for humanity and works around the world with the message of the Golden Rule.


The “Ambassador Mussie Hailu Global Peace Award,” is an iChange Nations™ award intended to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate the efforts of individuals or organizations throughout the world who are committed to promoting a culture of peace, compassion, human dignity, the teaching of the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated”, with mutual respect and co-existence among followers of different religions and cultures.


Ambassador Mussie Hailu is working at regional, national and international levels. His efforts involve promoting peace, reconciliation, interfaith harmony and world citizenship. In addition, he labors to protect human rights, enhancing respect and human dignity and compassion for all forms of life around the world. He also actively works against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons promoting disarmament. His efforts are also directed at constructive dialogue, building bridges for international cooperation and promoting the teaching of the Golden Rule as a guiding principle.


Ambassador Clyde Rivers said, “Ambassador Mussie Hailu is one of the most influential men I know around the world impacting humanity for good. It is a great honor for my organization, iChange Nations™, to be able to create an award in his honor. Anyone receiving this award will be an example of what our world so desperately needs. True global peace representatives honoring mankind by living the Golden Rule, treating others the way they want to be treated.”


iChange Nations™ is the World’s Largest Honoring Network Establishing Cultures of Honor in the World. We are proud to now have the, “Ambassador Mussie Hailu Global Peace Award,” in which to honor qualified people changing the world.


For more information about iChange Nations visit:








Arizona’s Premier Diamond Wholesaler Brands Smart Cut Diamonds With New Website And Showroom

Written by admin on Aug 17th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
Scottsdale, Arizona. August 17, 2017 – After years of preparation and planning, one of the  United States’ premier diamond wholesalers is excited to announce the launch of the new  Smart Cut™ Diamonds brand, website and showroom.

Smart Cut™ Diamonds – who has branded a smarter way to cut diamonds – welcomes        consumers to visit their new website at

Home to Arizona’s finest collection of premium quality diamonds and jewelry, Smart Cut™        Diamonds new private showroom, open by appointment only, overlooks the heart of Old Town Scottsdale from the 10th floor executive suite of the Camelback Tower at 6900 E. Camelback Rd.

Supported by a powerful and unparalleled wholesale network, Smart Cut™ Diamond’ knowledgeable and highly-trained diamond experts work relentlessly, curating and assembling a unique collection of brilliantly cut diamonds that cannot be found anywhere else.

Smart Cut™ Diamonds are unique in that they deliver a profoundly larger visual impact than an ordinary diamond. Cut in a revolutionary way that showcases the face-up surface area of the stone, Smart Cut™ Diamonds have superior discernible size from traditionally cut ordinary stones. Each Smart Cut™ Diamonds is hand selected to produce incredible scintillation and sparkle across this larger, more impressive surface area.

At any carat weight, Smart Cut™ Diamonds are more valuable than ordinary diamonds because they increase the overall visual size of the stone by as much as 25%. When viewed side-by-side, the difference is almost overwhelming. With the rarity of Smart Cut™ Diamonds, buyers can be confident knowing they have one of the world’s most impressive diamonds

All Smart Cut Diamonds™ are conflict free and adhere to the strict guidelines of the Kimberly Process.

“Seeing is believing. When you see the difference a Smart Cut Makes, you will understand,” said  Ilan Weslar, founder of Smart Cut™ Diamonds

Alongside the new showroom, Smart Cut™ Diamonds has launched a new website which can be viewed at The website is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn more about diamonds, diamond buying, and Smart Cut Diamonds™ themselves.

Regardless of budget, occasion, or style, a Smart Cut™ Diamond is superior to an ordinary diamond in every way. The best way to discover how incredible Smart Cut™ Diamonds truly are, is to view them in person and compare them side by side with ordinary diamonds. Appointments to visit the private showroom can be made on the Smart Cut Diamonds website or by calling (602)910-3991. 

Crocs™ Enters Cambodia Market with 3 New Store Openings in Phnom Penh

Written by admin on Aug 17th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
PHNOM PENH, August 17, 2017 /Media Company/ – Crocs™ officially enters the Cambodia market as of April 14, 2017 with the opening of its first store at TK Avenue Mall, followed by the opening of its second store at Exchange Square Mall on June 15, 2017 and third store to be opened at AEON Mall, all locations in Phnom Penh. The Grand Opening of TK Avenue Mall was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony and speech by Mr. Henry Horn, Managing Director of SOHO Diversified Lifestyle Co., Ltd.

“SOHO Diversified Lifestyle is honored to bring this popular and iconic footwear brand to Cambodia. The Crocs brand celebrates authenticity, individuality, and the courage to be who we are in every aspect of life,” said Mr. Horn. “We believe this message, along with our wide variety of fashionable designs, will resonate well with the people of Cambodia.”

The store opening events at TK Avenue Mall and Exchange Square Mall was attended by first-time Crocs customers as well as loyal Crocs fans who have spent months eagerly awaiting the store launches. Festivities included free popcorn and refreshments, and a celebrity spin wheel for shoppers with prizes ranging from special discount cards to free Jibbitz™ shoe charms. Inside the store hung posters of Korean superstar YOONA posing playfully in her Isabella jelly sandals and Asian celebrity Henry Lau sporting his Citiline Roka slip-on sneakers.
The latest Crocs store which will open at AEON Mall on August 26, 2017 will be the latest addition to the mall’s expansive tenant mix of international fashion and lifestyle brands.  SOHO Diversified Lifestyle has also confirmed plans to open additional Crocs stores at Downtown 93 Mall and Eden Garden Center in Phnom Penh before the end of 2017.


Alternative Energy Advisors’ Thomas Williams and Arlen Van Draanen Welcome Partners and Clients to Wind Energy Forum

Written by admin on Aug 15th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

AEA, Partners and Clients Discuss Wind Energy Issues and Opportunities.

Thomas Williams and Arlen Van Draanen welcomed wind energy clients and partners to the Alternative Energy Advisors Wind Energy Conference in Houston, TX.  Topics covered global wind energy industry growth and development opportunities and new and anticipated changes in the regulatory environment.  AEA partners also discussed advances in wind energy technology efficiency and capital and soft cost control.

Thomas Williams, President of Alternative Energy Advisors said, “We are encouraged by the continued growth of wind energy projects globally and are excited by the opportunities this growth presents to our partners and clients.”  Williams continued, “We are grateful for the opportunity to assist our clients in capitalizing on these opportunities as we are dedicated to assist in meeting the full range of our partners’ objectives.”  Arlen Van Draanen said, “Alternative Energy Advisors is very pleased to provide consulting, engineering and advisory services to the renewable energy industry and we are proud to provide support to our clients and partners in a timely and cost-efficient manner.” Van Draanen continued, “Alternative Energy Advisors recognizes the importance of wind energy in providing a broad mix of renewable power globally and we are proud of the practical expertise AEA brings to the industry.”

Litera Redefines Advanced Server-Based Metadata Management

Written by admin on Aug 15th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
Full 64-Bit Metadact®Gets A Significant Upgrade

MCLEANSVILLE, North Carolina – August 15, 2017 – Litera Corp, a global leader in document lifecycle solutions, has advanced its server-based metadata management solution, Metadact®e, with significant upgrades to performance, capacity, and memory management. With full 64-bit processing, Metadact®e supports even larger files and collections of attachments, processes emails faster, and takes full advantage of RAM allocation. Metadact®e can automatically update emails filed to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of iManage and OpenText document management systems. Metadact®e OnDemand (batch file cleaning) now integrates with both 64-bit and 32-bit Microsoft Office.

Chuck Henrich, Litera Director of Product Management, commented on the significance of the upgrade, “These improvements deliver major benefits to both the architecture and user experience of Metadact®e. Improved SQL connectivity will deliver faster processing, and an entirely new REST API will enable more flexible connectivity. Configurable local vs server cleaning for the OnDemand desktop batch cleaning application will reduce load on cleaning servers when processing large batches of files and give Outlook Options add-in end-users more flexibility and control of how their attachments are processed. Administrators will, of course, continue to have complete control over what end-users can do.”

A host of additional enhancements include a UI refresh for desktop applications and the server administrative console, enhanced logging and configurability, server-side cleaning profiles made available to end-users, and a new “fast cleaning” option that will significantly increase cleaning speed.

About Litera Corp
Litera delivers integrated solutions for document lifecycle management through a comprehensive suite of patented creation, collaboration, and control technologies. With platform agnostic and cloud savvy solutions, Litera empowers you to generate, review and distribute quality content quickly and securely, from any device anywhere. Litera has won multiple innovative technology awards, maintains a 99.9% client retention rate, and has grown consistently since the company was first founded in 2001. Organizations worldwide choose Litera for its dedication to client service and for its proven ability to develop the highest quality document lifecycle solutions. From start to finish, Litera supplies efficient, effective and secure solutions for complete content confidence. No matter what document challenges a client may face, Litera is there to deliver cost-effective solutions every single time.

Media Contact:
Tom Teoli
+1 336-375-2991

Rachel: A Satilla County Novel

Written by admin on Aug 15th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Rachel is seventh in Oscar Patton’s Satilla County series, novels based on actual events and slices of south Georgia history.  With best friend Eve at her side, aspiring young Boston journalist Rachel Mellon returns “home” to Satilla County to write the lives of southern women. She collides head-on with the Circle of Brothers, a gang of good old boys who control the illegal liquor business.  The Brothers claim to stand for God, country, and family values, but Rachel recognizes them for what they are, a murderous crime syndicate, and she takes them on.  Armed only with right and words, can she triumph or even survive in this classic battle of good versus evil?  Set between the demise of the old Klan and the birth of the new in the early twentieth-century South, this is a story about bootleg whiskey, women’s rights, and changing times.  It is also a story about the possibility of love and the miracle of redemption.