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Zenith Capital Arranges $19.5 Million for Vineyard Park at Mountlake Terrace

Written by admin on Mar 31st, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Seattle, WA – Zenith Capital announced today that Vineyard Park at Mountlake Terrace – an assisted living community for seniors located in Mountlake Terrace, Washington – closed a successful Fannie Mae permanent refinance loan. Zenith Capital advised the owner.

Vineyard Park at Mountlake Terrace opened in 2015 and reached stabilized occupancy in less than 18 months. The beautiful assisted living community is surrounded by tall evergreens, nine neighborhood parks, and provides excellent views of the mountain ranges and Lake Ballinger. The community provides personalized assistance and support services for seniors who can no longer live on their own and don’t yet need 24-hour medical supervision.

Zenith Capital worked with Berkadia, a Berkshire Hathaway and Leucadia National company, who underwrote the Fannie Mae placement and will service the loan.

The new loan refinanced the construction loan provided by HomeStreet Bank. Zenith Capital also advised the owner on the construction loan, which terms helped the development team construct the project on-time and on-budget. The timely refinance reflects the strong operations of Vineyard Park and the strength in the local market for assisted and memory care.

Seattle-based Zenith Capital is real estate investment firm specializing in delivering comprehensive Financial Services, development and advisory services. Over the past 15 years, the group placed over $1.7 billion in financing in over 200 commercial projects, including nearly 50 seniors housing projects.

CarePartners Management Group, a locally owned and operated management company for assisted living and memory care was established in 1998. CarePartners serves Western Washington with 11 communities.

For more information contact:

Sebastian Kalicinski, VP Corporate Marketing, Zenith Capital

Email: Sebastian@Zenith.Capital | Direct: 206-400-7615

Parker & Sons Proud to Offer Expert Water Treatment Services

Written by admin on Mar 31st, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Water Treatment is often regarded as one of the least important aspects of service home maintenance, after plumbing, heating/cool, and electrical. Parker & Sons notes, water treatment, is just as important. The human body is composed of over 60 percent water. Humans require clean water to survive. Individuals require clean water for most essential daily tasks. Often, it is not until water treatment good bad, that most homeowners even begin to think about it. Sometimes, the water that comes out of the tap can be rather unpleasant. In such instances, Parker & Sons unparalleled water treatment services are the best options.

Phoenix is notorious for having extremely hard water. Hard water occurs when mineral deposits gather, and build up in ground water. While hard water does not have any negative health effects, it can wreak havoc on a home. Hard water will cause unsightly calcium buildups, degrade the condition of pipe, ruining energy efficiency, as well as spot and tarnish dishes. Parke & Sons technicians are experienced in dealing with hard water issues. The most eloquent solution for hard water, is the installation of a water softener.

Water softeners are the best way for homeowners to get clean, pure, soft water. Parker & Sons educates that there are several types of water softeners, but regardless of the type, the goal of the unit is to remove mineral deposits from the water. Some units rely on an ionizing process while others actually use other minerals like lime to achieve water softening. A water softener can even have an impact on the monthly utility bill by reducing calcium buildup inside the plumbing system.

Reverse Osmosis systems are an excellent choice for water purification which can immediately improve an individual’s quality of life. No one enjoys drinking hard, strange tasting water directly from the tap. Bottled water is expensive, and has a negative impact on the environment. The best solution is the installation of a reverse osmosis system.

“At Parker & Sons, we offer comprehensive water treatment services. Whatever you need, we can handle it. Say goodbye to gross calcium buildup in your shower and strange, minerally tasting water. Say hello to delicious, soft, clean, purified water,” said Justine Kelly of Parker & Sons.


Written by admin on Mar 30th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.— Víos Nutrition, Inc. announced today that it has reached a major milestone, hitting $1 million in sales in less than 1 year.


“This is a major milestone for our company, investors and Brand Partners,” said Co-Founder, Brock Agee. “We actually took pre-orders for our flagship greens product PHYTE on April 16th 2016, which didn’t ship ‘til mid-May, so this is right where we wanted to be in just one year’s time.”


“We are setting ourselves up for big things in 2017. We are currently conducting a Title III capital raise on This will allow the public to own common shares of stock in our company at the ground level and really help us explode in the market place with new products, increased distribution and a brand recognition ad campaign,” said Agee.


Víos develops whole food, plant-based nutrient-dense supplements designed to give customers more of the natural essentials their bodies need, when they need them. All Víos supplements contain certified organic ingredients, are gluten-free, non-GMO, and come in convenient, single-serve packets. Víos is sold in all 50 states and in Canada.


Víos currently offers 2 products, PHYTE and Matrix. 


PHYTE is a phytonutrition greens supplement that contains a powerful proprietary blend of cereal grasses, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa leaves, and greens. This unique combination of greens provides essential vitamins, minerals and proteins, and promotes overall good health. PHYTE is rich in chlorophyll, which is vital for the synthesis and function of healthy oxygen-rich blood, boosting stamina and endurance. PHYTE also contains essential enzymes and fiber that aid in digestion and help maintain healthy pH balance. 


“We hear from people every day who just love PHYTE and rave about the tremendous health benefits they are experiencing. And not just adults… Kids too. How often can you get 3 servings of greens into your child?” said Lori Patterson, VP of Marketing.


The company’s latest product, Matrix shipped on December 28th, just in time for those whose New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight and eat healthier.


Matrix is a complete, plant-based meal replacement shake with a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, branched chain amino acids pre and probiotics, and high quality fiber. Matrix is whey-free, with no added sugar, salt, synthetic vitamins or minerals, fillers or preservatives. It is also dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and is USDA Certified Organic. 


Matrix’s protein blend promotes muscle strengthening and conditioning; it’s fiber and carb blend helps boost stamina, energy and endurance; pre- and probiotics promote digestive health and support the body’s immune system; and its revolutionary adaptogen mix helps the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety and fatigue. Matrix is only 140 calories and contains 21 grams of protein.


“Out in the field, this is what our folks have been waiting for,” said Co-Founder Joseph Land. “They want a convenient clean shake that is a full balanced meal without worrying about what is in it. With Víos, they can always be sure we are providing quality ingredients,” said Land.


“We are just getting into gyms and yoga studios with our products,” said Land. These are the kind of people who understand plant-based nutrition and its fitness benefits for peak performance and endurance.” said Land.


For more information visit:

And for more about the investment Title III Capital Raise visit:


Litera Makes Entire Solution Suite 64-bit Compatible

Written by admin on Mar 30th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

MCLEANSVILLE, North Carolina – March 30, 2017 – Litera Corp, a global leader in document lifecycle management solutions, has made its entire enterprise-grade software suite 64-bit compatible. With upgraded architecture and improved integration with major document management systems, 64-bit Litera solutions are now fully available for clients who are upgrading their environments to run on 64-bit Microsoft Office.

“Throughout this past year, we surveyed our customer base and determined 41% of those building a next generation desktop plan a 64-bit Office environment,” Sherry Kappel, Chief Consultant, commented. “Another 34% intend a mixed 32- and 64-bit deployment of Office 2016.”

Paul Domnick, President of Litera, stated, “Our solutions span the entire document lifecycle from creation and collaboration to finalization and distribution. Most of our solutions have been 64-bit compatible for several years. By making all of our products 64-bit compatible, and with our comprehensive support for O365, we are able to meet the needs of our clients, both now and in the years to come.”  

Parker & Sons Speaks on the Benefits of Zoning and Balancing an Air Conditioning System for Summer

Written by admin on Mar 29th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

It is an argument as old as time. It is a discussion everyone has had at some point or another with their roommate or spouse. One person likes the home to warm; one person wants the home to be cold. There are no reconciling these differences. Simply put, different people are comfortable at different temperatures. This often becomes an even more major issue during summer when extreme temperatures are involved. Who hasn’t spent time in a home in which wearing a sweater is required during the summer because the AC is cranked so high!

Parker & Sons offers an elegant and cost effective solutions.  By balancing and zoning a home air condition system, individuals can save money, and find a way to keep everyone comfortable.

Homes are divided into separate rooms for a reason. Every room in the house fills a different purpose. Kitchens are different from bathroom which are different from offices and bedrooms. None of these rooms are lit or decorated the same, so why should they all be subjected to the same heating and cooling standards.

Zoning is a way of dividing the home up into specific locations with different heating and cooling needs. The most basic division to make is to separate sleeping and living areas. Most people want to keep sleeping areas cooler at night. These areas are typically unoccupied during the day, however, so why do they need to continue to receive dedicated air conditioning even when they are unoccupied? Zoning allows homeowners to customize the function of their air conditioning. Living areas can be kept cool during the day while sleeping areas can be kept cool at night.

“There are so many benefits that come with zoning a home air conditioning system. Really, the only limits are your own imagination. I have seen homes where each spouse has their own office. One is kept at 65 degrees and the other at 82. Best part of all? Since they zoned their offices accordingly, they say they have been even more productive. Being comfortable has such a huge impact on your life.  If you would like to learn more, just call us up,” said Justine Kelly of Parker & Sons.

Parker & Sons can be found at

Or be reached at (602)273-7247

Trends in Logistics Technology 2017

Written by admin on Mar 29th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Supply chain software is in the midst of a structural transformation

  • Monolithic enterprise software applications are ill-suited to a world in which supply chains are becoming increasingly fragmented.
  • Though it is still in its infancy, the development of blockchain technology could prove to be the missing piece in the puzzle of end-to-end visibility.
  • For many retailers and manufacturers, fragmented sources of data are the chief barrier to the effective implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

23 March 2017 Bath, UK – Ti is pleased to announce the launch of its new report, Trends in Logistics Technology 2017. This report reviews the trends in enterprise software and the associated implications for supply chain activities.

The report represents a consolidation of Ti’s long-term analysis over a wide body of research around the subject of technology in logistics, and provides an overview of current practices, emerging solutions, and how systems function in practice.

One of the report’s co-authors, Alexander Le Roy said: “Every company likes to talk about ‘innovation’, but such messages can often mask the genuine structural changes which are occurring throughout the market. It is those underlying shifts that we aim to disambiguate in this publication.”

The report covers the real-world implications of emerging technologies ranging from cloud computing to 3D printing, and evaluates the specific consequences for enterprise software vendors, logistics service providers, retailers and manufacturers.

It finds that, whilst technologies such as AI and blockchain hold incredible disruptive potential, relatively mundane obstacles exist which are currently limiting their impact. Similarly, bureaucratic, administrative and regulatory processes have a substantial role to play in the success or failure of such innovations.

To find out more about Trends in Logistics Technology 2017, or Ti’s technology capabilities and offering, visit the Ti website, or contact Ti’s Business Development Manager, Michael Clover.


Techheights LLC offers IT Services in Orange County for SMB

Written by admin on Mar 28th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

A leading IT Services company in Orange County, California, Techheights LLC is making IT management easy for small businesses. The company is offering cost-effective packages to small business owners with a tight budget a chance to streamline their IT infrastructure and exploit technology to its best potential. The company is also assisting businesses with an aversion to technology to learn about the wonders technological tools can bring to their businesses.

“When technology is used to its full potential, it often leads to making businesses more streamlined, efficient and secure from the customers’ perspective”, says Shuchipan Sharma, TechHeights’ IT Expert and the Principal of the company. Shuchipan works closely with numerous small business owners present in Orange County and has witnessed firsthand how companies can save thousands of dollars every year if they understand technology and use it to its full potential. In Shuchipan’s opinion, the more a business saves through technology, the higher would be its profits and its ability to reach the breakeven in short order, if it hasn’t done so already.

“Though it’s not about profits only because when a small company invests in good technology, the employees’ productivity boosts, the customers are more sure about the safety of their data and the financers also trust a company with a strong IT infrastructure as compared to a company that has none,” adds Shuchipan.

Some of the Managed IT services offered by Techheights are computer & network support, complete network installations, helpdesk & emergency support services, cloud strategy & migration, system maintenance & upgrades, network monitoring & alerting, network security & compliance and disaster recovery & business continuity.

Techheights is also offering IT strategy services to the small businesses. IT strategy making is done via a five stage process that includes conducting a business strategy review, doing current state analysis, managing an IT backlog analysis and then creating future state vision as well as crafting an IT strategy roadmap. For small businesses looking to save money via technology by saving on phone bills, Techheights lends a hand in acquiring, setting up and utilizing VOIP phone systems. The company sells amazing VOIP solutions, installs it, integrates it with other programs and trains the staff members of small businesses to use it seamlessly.

“If you want your business to succeed by using the right technologies in the right manner and by spending the right amount of money, you need to trust Techheights. Being a small business ourselves, we understand the difficulties you face and can help you cope up with them over and over again. We never fail to perform and all of our small business clients would surely agree,” concludes Shuchipan confidently.

To learn more about the services of the company, please visit

Author Kyle Keyes Publishes Sequel to Quantum Roots

Written by admin on Mar 27th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Quantum Roots II: Worm Holes is now available for purchase and download on

March 27, 2017—Author Kyle Keyes is proud to announce the debut of his latest book, “Quantum Roots II: Worm Holes”, a sequel to the author’s previously released book, “Quantum Roots: Vigilante Sightings.”

“Quantum Roots II: Worm Holes” follows protagonist Olan Chapman as he faces vigilante Samuel Leroy McCoy. Meanwhile, Director for Paranormal Activities Alexis Grumman explores the idea of recycled energy and worm holes.

The books combine tales of America’s past with today’s paranormal science, creating a new and unique genre which can only be described as historical science fiction.

“I’m really proud of this book and I’m excited to hear what ‘Quantum Roots: Vigilante Sightings’ readers think of it,” said Keyes. “I’m currently in a competition with the Washington Merry Go Round column to see who can tell the biggest stories. I’m quite confident that ‘Quantum Roots II: Worm Holes’ will showcase my storytelling skills.”

Keyes is a retired bakery wholesaler currently living in Parrish, Florida. He was also a prolific writer for his local newspaper. Today Keyes works as a church custodian. He is widowed and has two children and a handful of grandchildren.

“My grandchildren are all grown up and are now too old for tales about railroads and yesterday’s America,” said Keyes. “This leaves me no option but to write books with all the untold stories in my head.”

Besides the “Quantum Roots” series, Keyes has also written “The Pandarus File” and “Martin Swans Diary: Blackwater Crossing.”

Those who would like to read and download “Quantum Roots II: Worm Holes” can do so by visiting Keyes’s other books can be found by visiting



Parker & Sons Offers Incredible Savings on Electrical Services

Written by admin on Mar 27th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Parker & Sons has always remained on the cutting edge of technology. They know better than most; few people turn to the yellow pages these days to find plumbing, HVAC, or electrical services. People turn to the internet. For years, Parker & Sons have offered their incredible services to individuals browsing online. For those who do visit the Parker & Sons website, massive savings for every area of service, including electrical, are available.

The Parker & Sons website is a one stop location for information about plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services. Individuals can learn about the specific services Parker & Sons has to offer, read about the history of the company, find contact information, browse the informative and entertaining blog, and then schedule an appointment with a Parker & Sons technician.

They can also discover incredible savings just by clicking over to Parke & Sons’ Coupons page. Online shoppers are immediately offered a 5 percent discount on all management agreements and filters. Additional, Parker & Sons has an extensive list of printable coupons to fit customer’s every needs.

One such coupon applies to electrical panel tune-ups, which most electricians recommend homeowners receive once every several years. This printable coupon offers electrical panel tune up services for just $69 with a while house safety inspection. This represents a savings of $30.

Parker & Sons also offers a versatile coupon for $25 off of any electrical service work. This handy coupon can be used for almost any electrical service Parker & Sons has to offer. For more details regarding the coupon, interested consumers should call Parker & Sons at (602)273-7247.

Parker & Sons offers one final coupon specific for electrical services. This is a coupon for $50 off an LED lighting upgrade. As with every coupon on the Parker & Sons website, it is printable with just a few simple clicks.

Parker & Sons has always placed a priority on being as accessible as it can be. With the ability to schedule services and estimates on line, the dedicated people at Parker & Sons believe they are well on their way to upholding that goal. The extensive list of coupons is just the icing on top of the cake.


Written by admin on Mar 24th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases
Wardywall is a new wall wardrobe with amazing functionality, the integrated hangermagazine. It’s a new project of our small design office, with which we go new ways.
Wardywall is marketed worldwide by onlineshop, without intermediate trade, from the factory directly to your wall. The result is a unique, high-quality product, which is offered at an extremely lucrative price.
Innovation is just as important as the support of SEMs and workshop for people with handicaps. We launch the project via crowdfounding, on It’s the start for further products, which will follow the same pholiosophy.
The more people know about our idea, teh better the start will be. Help us to carry the message into the world. The Project is now live on kickstarter. Below you find the directlink.
In the attachements you will find some high resolution pictures and a press release. Flyers in english, german an spanish are as download on the homepage
It would be greatfull if you can publish it on your site.
Deadline: The end of april
Retailprice: CHF 690.—  (USD 690.—)
During the founding phase, price starts at CHF 390.—!