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Patient Readiness Institute (PRI) works with the American Red Cross to implement MyBloodHealth® system to provide “patient specific blood management” for patients having surgery.

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Minneapolis, MN.–

Since 2012, the Patient Readiness Institute (PRI) has provided a simple, reliable, outsourced

peri-operative “blood health” optimization solution for surgical patients that minimizes the

likelihood of anemia before surgery, transfusion and other potentially adverse events. The

American Red Cross is working with PRI to deploy and co-manage this new direct patient care

pilot program in a selected group of hospitals nationally. The program will initially be

deliverd as a peri-operative care program, with possible future service expansion beyond the

hospital footprint to manage anemia in millions of patients with chronic illness.


PRI’s CEO Kathrine Frey, MD states, “We are excited to work with the Red Cross to deliver

efficient and reliable “blood health” care for surgical and other patients, wherever they

reside. Our efforts will allow the Red Cross to help patients better prepare for

surgery and to leave the hospital with blood counts similar to patients who currently receive



Red Cross’s Vice President – Patient Services, Geoffrey Kaufmann, states, “In an evolving healthcare environment, the Red Cross remains dedicated to leadership and innovation in delivering first-class patient services, including improved anemia management, to patients preparing to undergo surgery and patients with chronic anemia.”


PRI’s proprietary program follows a personal but virtual care process, MyBloodHealth®.

MyBloodHealth® uses risk- stratification, clinical decision-support, predictive algorithms, and

an end-to-end patient management application to efficiently diagnose and treat poor blood

health and decrease peri-surgical and chronic anemia risks.


PRI has provided care for nearly 3,000 patients at three major hospitals and a leading

orthopedics practice, and is expanding to other sites. Transfusion rates decreased 75% and

more than 20% of evaluated patients needed infusion therapy for pre-surgical anemia.

Patients, surgeons and hospital executives have been pleased with the results, program ease

of use and reliable care.

For more information contact Jason Carney, COO, Patient Readiness Institute at 941-962-5663 or email at




New Value Added Features in WPS Office for Android Augment Free Version of the Mobile Software with 125+ Templates and Advanced PDF Functionality

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Subscription Offering Removes Ads and Provides a PDF-to-Word Conversion Tool for More Efficient Computing

PALO ALTO, Calif., October 31, 2016WPS Office Software, a leading office productivity suite for PC and mobile devices, today announced new added value features for WPS Office for Android, offering Android users premium services for the first time. The new features include an increased number of fonts and premium templates for purchase, while a new subscription service removes advertising and allows users to convert PDF documents to Word and add signatures to PDF documents for a more efficient and enriched computing experience.

WPS Office for Android is part of the WPS Office Suite – a full office productivity suite with Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets and a PDF reader – available for Windows and Linux PCs, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. WPS Office has 550 million mobile installs and 100 million MAUs (monthly active users) on Android.

 The new added value features for the Android version, which is currently free with sponsored access, include:

  • Essential includes 15 font styles and premium includes 35 font styles (all additional font styles are compatible with Microsoft Office).
  • Premium templates can be acquired after purchasing WPS Credits in app; currently 125 templates available.
  • Monthly ($0.99/month*) and annual ($9.99/year*) subscription services remove advertising and enable users to convert PDF documents to Word docs and add signatures to PDF documents.

*  Current discounted price available until 11/30.

“Android users will continue to have free access to the full scope of WPS Office and its capabilities with Sponsored Access (ads),” said Cole Armstrong, global marketing director. “We’re excited to augment this free access version with new services that further enrich the customer’s computing experience with more fonts and templates, and advanced functionality with PDF documents.”

WPS Office for Android has earned multiple awards and recognitions, including Google Play Top App of 2015, Google Play Editors Choice, Google Play Top Developer, and more than one million reviews on Google Play.

Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asked to Announce $ 10 Million for Manmeet Sharma

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Vancouver BC.Canada. PS Brar.  Non Resident Indian in Brisbane Australia, was burnt Alive by a Racist , being charged with 11 Counts of Murder, despite his Lawyer taking the Mentally Impaired position. NRI’s in USA , England and Canada are shocked to hear the news from Brisbane, Australia. India’s Prime Minister Narender Modi called to express his anguish and feelings of discomfort on Racism in Australia, while speaking to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

British Columbia Peoples Party in a Condolence message to Amit Sharma, brother of Manmeet Alisher Sharma, has also requested Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, to announce a $ 10 Million dollar compensation to Amit Sharma, even though no amount can replace his Brother, who was set on Fire, due to his color and race of East India Origin.

BC Peoples Party President Vikram Bajwa has written a letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Thurnbull, asking for the $ 10 million compensation to Sharma Family, while heading a meeting of Condolence in Vancouver, British Columbia.Canada. Prime Minister Narender Modi, Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, Capt. Amarinder Singh, Vijay Sampla, of BJP and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal are expected to attend Manmeet Sharma’s funeral, in Punjab, India.

Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary, United States Postage Stamp Coming Soon

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Media Contact
+1(941) 921-2607



Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary, United States Postage Stamp coming soon. The stamp is based upon Erich Martin Hick’s novel, ‘Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary’, who never missed a day or schedule, starting at the age of 60, for eight years, carrying the U.S. Mail and other important documents that help settle the wide open territory of Central West Montana. Thus, she coined the nickname Stagecoach Mary, because a stagecoach always was on time and on schedule.

The novel ‘Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary’, by Erich Martin Hicks, highlights this smoking, shotgun and pistol toting Negro Woman of the Wild West, who could knock out any man with one punch. A piece of historical fiction that is a must read!

Mary was 6 feet tall, and weighed over 200 pounds, was the second woman in ‘history’ to carry the U.S. Mail, starting at the age of 60, and the only ‘Negro’, for hundreds and hundreds of miles when she first arrived in Montana.

This feature story covers Mary’s colorful life, from the plantation where she was born a slave in 1832, to the famous Steamboat race between the “Robert E. Lee” and the “Natchez” on the Mississippi River, to her death in Cascade, Montana, 1914.

For Immediate Release – (Woodland Hills, CA – September 20th, 2016) Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary United States stamp, coming soon, commemorating this Black heroine, who conquered the Montana Territory, delivering the U.S. Mail.

Dedicated to exploring the history of African-Americans/Blacks, and shattering stereotypes, Erich Hick’s Alpha Wolf Productions, Inc. has developed a feature film documentary, Soul on a Wave, which exposes the life and times of surfers depicting the all-Black 9th Calvary. Known as the US military’s famed ‘Buffalo Soldiers’, which helped settle the American West in the late 1800’s. Erich has completed accompanying screenplay for a TV mini-series, Trilogy, and Epic Feature, and has garnered support from some HOLLYWOOD’S acclaimed Industry Producers/Directors/and Actors.

Amazon 5 Stars- The author did a tremendous job in getting facts about her life. This no doubt needs to be made into a movie or a mini-series. This book also should be placed in the educational system so history can be told how many times were during slavery and post slavery.

Amazon 5 Stars – A story of a real, amazing woman who was the first Black woman to work for the U.S. Postal Service following the Civil War. The author takes us back to Mary’s childhood as a slave, and builds the story of how she overcame violent reactions to her color and size, and how many came to love and respect her. It is fascinating read.


Please visit the webpage for more information at: and for a comprehensive resume at



The JOBS Act in Action: Dr. Owusu Kizito of Investigroup Offers Opportunity to Invest in African Growth

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For Immediate Release

Media Inquiries: Susan Thompson, Marketing For Securities, (361) 779-3303, (908) 977 7320


The JOBS Act in Action: Dr. Owusu Kizito of Investigroup Management Consultants

Offers Opportunity to Invest in African Growth

Hillside, New Jersey, October 28, 2016 – Since the U.S. JOBS Act passed in September 2013, the larger investment community has been gauging just how much of a factor online investing will make in funding America’s premier start up entrepreneurs. The situation is finally clearer as to the real influence funding portals, like, will wield.

As of today, accredited investors have an opportunity to invest in Investigroup Management Consultants as the growing firm expands into Africa, and specifically into Ghana. With offices in New Jersey and New York, Investigroup is a full-service business development group, general management, and financial consulting firm, focused on serving small and medium-sized privately-held companies in North America. Their target market is businesses that range from $100,000 to millions in annual revenue.

Visit our chosen funding portal

Led by the humble and well-spoken Dr. Owusu Kizito, who has appeared on such shows as New York Stock Exchange Media, the Investigroup’s main goal over the last 15 years has been to co-create one client success story after another, capitalizing on the immense power that comes from creating a viable business out of an entrepreneurial vision. The company assists clients in a variety of business, tax, accounting, and consulting services, including: Cash Flow Management, Bank Financing, Incorporation, Business Valuation, Strategic Business Planning and Succession Planning, and Business Exit Strategies.

Founder and president of Investigroup, Dr. Owusu Kizito, recently commented: “To me, our focus must be on empowering entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and contribute to the world in purposeful ways. That’s why we are bringing our services full circle by planning to move full steam into my native country of Ghana, one of the fast-growing investment opportunities in Africa — mainly due to emerging industries, such as salt and solar, and to the rapid expansion of the residential electricity infrastructure in the country.”


Investigroup: The New “Poster Child” for the US JOBS Act

Dr. Kizito, known to some as the new “poster child” of the US Jobs Act, continues: “We’re delighted to extend an invitation to accredited investors to join us as we forge alliances with China and Ghana and begin a journey of passion, prosperity, and empowerment for all involved stake-holders.”

As many investors are aware, Ghana is heralded as perhaps the most stable country in the West Africa sub-region. Thanks to his education, his strategic relationships with developers, dignitaries and other industry leaders, as s well as his unparalleled passion for giving back to the community, Dr. Owusu Kizito has been able to identify how Ghana specifically possesses the socio-economic foundation necessary for industry to thrive.

Dr. Kizito is not alone. According to Ghana President Mahama, “Ghana has recently embarked on an ambitious but achievable reform programme to improve the investment climate for both local and international investors. These efforts have paid off tremendously with Ghana being recognised by the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2014 as the Best Place for Doing Business in the ECOWAS Region. Also with the difficult times during last year where most countries did not show good growth levels due to the global economic downturn, Ghana had an economic growth rate provisional of 7.4 percent.”

“In addition, Ghana’s financial services and telecommunications sectors are fast gaining ground, providing dynamic and innovative services to the most diverse customers in the world. Further opportunities exist in manufacturing and tourism. Mineral deposits, including gold and diamond abound, and with the discovery of oil, Ghana’s famous black star has never shone brighter” (

Ghana is Positioned Well for Significant Growth

Specifically, Investigroup will be focusing on opportunities in the following industries in Ghana:

Salt in Ghana: Ghana has a huge untapped resource with the potential to produce approximately two million metric tons of raw salt, and right now is only producing 250,000 metric tons, making their production at only 12.5 percent of their potential. The Ghanaian government is aware of this gap in production and is also aware of the local demand from countries who are currently forced to import their salt from countries that are further away. For example, Nigeria imports over $1.5 billion worth of salt from Australia every year to meet domestic demands and feed its oil industry. Ghana could easily compete to meet this demand.

Solar Power in Ghana: Solar power in Africa has the potential to provide all of the world’s energy by using only a small portion of the Sahara Desert. With this in mind, solar development and promotion in Ghana is currently being supported by the following governments and organizations: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), United Nations Development Program/Global Environment Facility (UNDP/GEF), World Bank, and the German and Spanish governments.

Residential Electricity in Ghana: Sadly, though Ghana is a thriving country that continues to attract international banks and investors, only one percent of residential buildings have electricity. This provides a huge opportunity for investors. Investigroup is currently implementing a strategy to achieve 20 percent of rural electrification by decentralized renewable energy implementation by 2020. Just as importantly, the company plans to ensure that ensuring that 10 percent of the power generated in Ghana comes from renewable energy sources.

Dr. Kizito concludes: “These are just a few of the areas in which accredited investors can contribute to Ghana’s progress, and benefit personally as well. China has long been developing strategic relationships with different countries in Africa and now we’d like to bring accredited investors in the United States along to share in this unique opportunity.”

Individuals wanting to learn more about investing in Investigroup can visit our chosen funding portal where they can view all the business documentation required by FINRA, including Investigroup’s business plan, pro forma, and PPM, as well as Frequently Asked Questions.


More about Title II of the U.S. JOBS Act

Entrepreneurial visionaries, like Dr. Kizito, are some of the first real examples of the U.S. JOBS Act in action. Passed back in September 2013, Title II of the JOBS Act championed by President Barack Obama, represented a day of hope for entrepreneurship and early stage finance in the U.S. For the first time in 80 years, private small businesses can raise investment funding online, fueling the startup investment process. Before the JOBS Act, it was illegal for early stage private companies to publicly advertising that they were raising investment. This is called “general solicitation” in the industry. Before 2013, fundraising from the general public was done only by the larger businesses and corporations able to spend the millions to become listed on stock exchanges, such as NASDAQ. With Title II and Title III of the JOBS Act, the U.S. has entered the digital age as part of the largest capital market expansion in recent times.

More about Dr. Owusu Atuahene Kizito, CEO of Investigroup

As the Founder and CEO of Investigroup, Dr. Kizito has a track record of being a dynamic, results-driven leader. He has 20 years of experience in consulting, banking, financial analysis, project management, and process improvement. Dr. Kizitoʼs skill set is magnified by his ability and by his ingenuity in which he effectively chooses and manages the professionals who work on his consulting teams. He has been credited with creating, as well as maintaining, lucrative client relationships, and boosting the sales and profitability of his company. His book “Lived Experiences Of Home Foreclosures Consequences On Mental and Physical Health.” Published by New York City-based Page Publishing and an audiobook version, Dr. Owusu Kizito’s in-depth research offers solutions to helping those who are going through losing a home.

Dr. Kizito has a Doctor of Business Administration degree, University of Phoenix, USA; an M.B.A., in Finance and Management, Hawaii Pacific University, USA; and a B.Sc. in Agriculture Economics, University of Science and Technology, in Ghana. He is also certified in the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Harvard University USA.

For more information, investors can register and preview issuing companies, including Investigroup, on the web at:






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Evan J. Cholfin’s highly-anticipated The Garlock Incident redirects the found-footage genre with a shocking debut feature that will have horror movie fans happily harkening back to the days of discovering the likes of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, REC and other truly horrific movies that launched a new world of fear entertainment. The Garlock Incident, which already has a legion of fans and shining reviews born from by the movie’s inventive and immersive social media campaign, is now available as a Redbox-exclusive release, just in time for Halloween, followed by broad DVD and VOD availability. 

The film, written, produced and directed by Cholfin, tells the story of eight road-tripping friends who get stranded in the ghost town of Garlock, CA. As darkness falls, each member of the group realizes they are not cut out to survive in such a foreboding and dangerous place, and the innate fear that someone, or something, is watching them, breeds paranoia, driving them to the darkest place in their minds.

“We constructed a series of events that could have actually occurred,” says Cholfin. “You watch in real time as the terror plays out, a piece of these people’s lives that we intend to seem so real it is hard to distinguish from reality.”

Cholfin and his producing partner, Ariana Farina, built the movie to avoid the usual clichés, and the contrasting wide-open spaces and too-close-for-comfort settings in The Garlock Incident keep viewers edgy throughout.

“We want to bring audiences something new to the genre,” says Cholfin. “The experience is unique in that nothing happens as you think it would, or should. We want to explore the darkest in human nature, in ourselves, by asking the question, ‘What would you really do to survive?’”

Kentico Rolls Along

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Maker of All-in-One CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing Platform Drawing More Attention as It Continues to Innovate, Attracts Larger Customers, Closes Bigger Deals

Bedford, New Hampshire, USA, October 28, 2016 — “The times they are a-changin’” claim the famous song lyrics written and sung by Bob Dylan in 1963. But the sentiment also applies today to a fast-growing software company headquartered in Europe called Kentico Software. The company, currently celebrating its 12th anniversary, is on a roll.

Kentico was one of the first companies to introduce the “all-in-one” concept of CMS, E-Commerce, and Online Marketing to meet the needs of digital marketing agencies, at one end of the spectrum, and mid- to large-sized businesses at the other. Founded by Czech software executive Petr Palas, Kentico quickly emerged as an innovator and technology leader, attracting as customers such well-known brands as Gibson, Twinings, Ingram Micro, Mazda, Kingspan, Hunter Fan, Starbucks, and Allergan. Today, Kentico has thousands of customers, a network of more than 1,000 digital agency partners and its products power more than 25,000 websites across 100 countries.

Kentico’s latest success comes amid a deepening presence across North America, EMEA, and APAC. Recent developments include:

  • Debuting in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (September 2016)
  • Debuting in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals (October 2016)
  • Being rated a “High Performer” in Web Content Management by users of the G2Crowd website (Summer 2016)
  • Securing the largest single sale in Kentico’s 12-year history with a company in the group travel industry
  • Doubling the size of Kentico’s North American office
  • Partnering with IT solutions provider Nextscape, Inc. to expand Kentico’s APAC presence into the Japanese market
  • Launching the 404 Conference, a vendor-agnostic digital marketing event being held at The Mirage, Las Vegas from November 2–4 and featuring a number of industry luminaries including MarketingProfs’ Ann Handley, Digital Clarity Group’s Scott Liewehr, and UnMarketing’s Scott Stratten

“It’s a busy yet rewarding time at the company,” observed Kentico Founder and CEO Petr Palas. “We have never worked harder and gotten more done. But it’s gratifying because these collective efforts are coming to fruition, and many doors are now opening for Kentico for the very first time.”

About Kentico

Kentico is an all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that drives business results for companies of all sizes, both on-premise or in the cloud. It gives customers and partners powerful, comprehensive tools and customer-centric solutions to create stunning websites and manage customer experiences easily in a dynamic business environment. The Kentico Web Content Management Solution‘s rich selection of out-of-the-box web parts, easy customizations, and open API, quickly gets websites operational. When combined with the full set of integrated solutions, including Online Marketing, E-commerce, Online Communities, and Intranet and Collaboration, Kentico fully optimizes the digital customer experience across multiple channels.

Founded in 2004, Kentico is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. Kentico has 1,000 digital agency partners and powers more than 25,000 websites across 100 countries. Customers include Gibson, Twinings, Ingram Micro, Mazda, Kingspan, Hunter Fan, Starbucks, and Allergan.

Actor JC Tremblay to Star in ‘Imprisoned,’ MMA-Themed Action Film

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Oct. 28, 2016) –  Actor JC Tremblay will portray a man who gets embroiled in illegal MMA fights set up by the Mexican Mob in the upcoming independent film “Imprisoned,” now in production in Mexico.

The 26-year-old actor known for his roles on HBO’s “True Blood,” the short film “Venom: Truth in Journalism,” featuring Ryan Kwantem of “True Blood,” and others, will be portraying Lucas, one of three friends who are invited to Mexico to participate in an MMA event, but soon see their trip turn into their worst nightmare when they realize they are involved in a series of illegal MMA matches run by an arms dealer. The film, produced by Sharry Flaherty, Gary Flynn and Isaac Rhino, also stars Aman Mehra (“Armenia, My Love…”) and newcomer Ozlem Cetin.

“I’m very pleased to be a part of a project that is very character driven and features some great action sequences,” Tremblay said. “I’ve always been attracted to meaty dramatic roles that allow you to challenge yourself and create a unique character that is unlike any other.”

Casting Tremblay in the lead role for the film was an easy decision, given the actor’s versatility and talent, Flaherty said.

“JC is a very accomplished actor who definitely has the chops to portray this very compelling character,” she said.

Tremblay’s role comes on the heels of his starring role in the upcoming film “Shake it Off,” directed by Brian Petillo and produced by Masked Patriot, as well as his lead role in the upcoming “Muchachos Brothers,” a film directed and produced by Esra Saritas Guven (“The White Rabbit”).

Born in Quebec City, Canada, Tremblay knew early on that he wanted to be an actor. He would often imitate and act out scenes as different characters while still a young boy.  But it wasn’t until he was 18 that he would dedicate himself to becoming a professional actor by dropping out of his last year of high school to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional actor. He visited Los Angeles for a few weeks to discover what was awaiting him, but this wouldn’t be his last trip to the City of Angels. 

Once back home, JC decided to gain experience in the movie industry by starting from the bottom. He made his first brief television appearance in a commercial for TVA Inc., a local Quebec City based television company. He then appeared in more television commercials, firmly establishing him as an actor on the rise.  Being only in his early 20’s, JC took the initiative by moving back to Los Angeles for good. Soon, he appeared in starring roles in ABC’s “The Goldbergs,” “True Blood,” the short film “Venom: Truth in Journalism,” and others.

For more, JC Tremblay is online at,,,


Scribe Services Public Relations
(818) 263-6250
Carlos Martinez Shakes Up the Competition in Boat Listings Online

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USA, October 28, 2016

The online boating directory is designed to strengthen partnerships with registered dealers and brokers in the United States market, offering special dealer programs and packages for boat dealers locally and nationally who take part in the buying and selling of all different type boats, builders and manufacturers.

The boat listing directory administrators and creators have released to the press that they’re offering FREE boat listings, allowing the website’s registered sellers to list their boats for FREE in order to sell them faster. Now boat sellers don’t have to go through the difficult process of trying to contact potential buyers through local dealers because this integrated network makes certain the boat owners sell their boats or yachts in the easiest manner possible. “FREE listings mean more savings for each of our boat sellers”, says executive from during their press conference.

According to that press release, now has advanced functions and integrated features that will help the boat sellers and potential buyers to easily find these listings. For the boat seller, functions as a “free-to-use” directory that new members use for listing boats for 30 days FREE. Potential buyers can utilize the map search and the location search features to find the boats or yachts they want locally.

During this press release, the executive noted that dealer-broker special packages have attracted many new dealers and boat brokers, which makes it very useful portal for the sellers and buyers of boats to easily complete the transaction. The more inventory, the more buying options available for boat buyers.

The boat directory is both tablet and phone ready, says Fred Zimwalt, marketing director for the boat listing directory home office in Charleston. The intent here is to keep the boat buying and selling process as simple as possible. Nothing can make this buying and selling transaction worse than making it complicated to the point the laypeople get frustrated.

People using the online boat directory to buy or sell their boat are not always up to speed with the technical aspects of using such a search engine. The team at have begun using simple algorithms that work for everyone. New dealers only need fill out a short online form to qualify for all the benefits of the special packages and programs offered.


More About the Company is a free to join online directory where boats, vessels, and yachts are bought and sold.

For more info, visit:

Name: Fred Zimwalt    

Company name:  Boatmo

Phone: 888-437-5275

City: Charleston

State:  SC


Introducing – A New Advanced Online Search for Charleston Home Buyers

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USA, 28th October

Premier One Real Estate has recently unveiled home search tools under the advanced search option that is accessible on their real property website search portal integrating multiple local MLS systems. This real estate property portal is run by very professional and experienced realtors and MLS data aggregators, with a focus to providing more convenience for users, including home buyers, realtors, and sellers. doesn’t only cater to the Charleston area, online home buyers can also locate properties in different parts of South Carolina and the low country that are currently available for sale. Unique home search tools and map search options are part of the advanced algorithm search engine built for this Charleston home search portal.

The owners of this unique real estate portal say that the advanced search options are making searching for any type home more convenient for their users. Recently they have added a real estate portal that could be utilized by potential home buyers for accessing advanced MLS information as well. The real estate portal is constantly scanning the MLS database for up-to-the-minute new listings and making them available in real time. This allows potential buyers to have a unique edge over buyers searching with traditional methods.

Whether searching for properties in areas like Mount Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Johns Island, or Kiawah Island, potential home buyers will huge advantage over other buyers looking to find their dream home because they get targeted results instantly at their fingertips.

Regardless if a potential buyer is searching for a small one-bedroom apartment or large luxury home in any region of South Carolina, they now can easily utilize the advanced features on the website to help narrow down their search and allow them to see only the listings that perfectly match their needs. According to Tom Wingard, co-founder and co-administrator of this real estate portal, this portal gives the customer the ability to find properties faster than ever before. currently stands out in the Charleston South Carolina real estate market, thanks in part to these advanced new features that are available to users. This real estate portal now offers free home valuations to prospective buyers and also live chat support for home buyers and sellers in Charleston. In addition to all these amazing benefits for potential home buyers in this region, this real estate portal also offers many helpful seller and buyer guides.

About the Company

Premier one is a top real estate firm in Charleston, South Carolina.

Name : Tom Wingard   

Company name:  Premier One

Phone : 866-337-3127

City: Charleston   

State: SC, USA