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MEDIA ALERT – Amazon, Samsung, Belkin and The Connected Home Event

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Amazon Alexa & The Connected Home

Presented by Slate Studio, Amazon, Samsung, Belkin & General Assembly


Slate Studio, Amazon, Samsung USA, Belkin International, Rain Agency & General Assembly


The Amazon Echo and the Alexa AI voice assistant are poised to fundamentally change the way users interact with devices, data, and the world around them. Join representatives from Alexa / Echo Partnerships at Amazon, Slate Studio, Samsung SmartThings & Belkin WeMo for a look at how voice-driven user interfaces are taking over the market, and how companies can take advantage of Amazon Alexa to build their business.

The event features Vice Presidents & General Managers from Amazon, Samsung & Belkin, each discussing the business value of their respective Internet of Things offerings. Attendees include leaders from Fortune 500 technology, software as a service, consulting and entertainment & media companies.



Southern California is quickly becoming the new technology hub for the United States. Slate Studio has organized the event in response to interest from Fortune 500 organizations it works with regarding Amazon’s Echo devices and Alexa artificial intelligence personal assistant as they relate to commerce, and to the smart home and Internet of Things space. Slate Studio has partnered with Amazon, Samsung, Belkin and General Assembly to be able to share this valuable information, and engage in discussions around the topic.

Media outlets that are interested in learning more about Amazon’s Echo devices and Alexa service, as well as new offering and announcements from Samsung & Belkin are encouraged attend. Interviews will be granted by panelists and participating organizations.


May 4, 2016 7:00pm – 9:00pm PT


General Assembly, 1520 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401


Brooke Newberry

Marketing Coordinator

Slate Studio

Wk (910) 264-9410


Slate Studio:

Slate Studio is a product design & development incubator based in Los Angeles that designs mission-critical digital experiences for the world’s leading technology & media companies. Slate is sponsoring a year-long discussion series focusing on elevating the discourse around women, minorities and non-traditional media in the entertainment & tech space.  

Learn more:

Amazon: strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. By giving customers more of what they want – low prices, vast selection, and convenience – continues to grow and evolve as a world-class e-commerce platform.

Founded by Jeff Bezos, the website started in 1995 as a place to buy books because of the unique customer experience the Web could offer book lovers. Bezos believed that only the Internet could offer customers the convenience of browsing a selection of millions of book titles in a single sitting. During the first 30 days of business, fulfilled orders for customers in 50 states and 45 countries – all shipped from his Seattle-area garage. 

It is by design that technological innovation drives the growth of to offer customers more types of products, more conveniently, and at even lower prices. Among its many technological innovations for customers, offers a personalized shopping experience for each customer, book discovery through “Search Inside The Book”, convenient checkout using “1-Click® Shopping”, and several community features like Wish Lists ( that help customers discover new products and make informed buying decisions. 

Learn More: and

Samsung SmartThings:

SmartThings lets you easily monitor, control, and secure your home from anywhere. SmartThings Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with a software development center in Minneapolis, MN. SmartThings is building an open platform for smart homes and the consumer Internet of Things. SmartThings makes a hub (sometimes called “gateway” or “home controller”), cloud platform, and client applications. SmartThings was purchased by Samsung in August of 2014. 

Learn More:


At Belkin International, we create products that help people realize the power of technology and make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling. This has been Belkin’s mission since our inception in 1983.

Belkin was founded by CEO, Chet Pipkin, in his parent’s garage. Even back then, Chet’s passion was driven by solving customer’s needs. He manufactured computer cable assemblies in the evenings and on weekends, and sold them to local computer manufacturers and dealers in response to the burgeoning personal computer market in the 1980’s. Since then, we’ve kept our southern California origins and are based in Playa Vista, right in the heart of the Los Angeles tech center.

Today, Belkin International has three brands – Belkin, Linksys and WeMo – to enhance the technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love. Belkin products are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use, while our Linksys brand helped make wireless connectivity mainstream around the globe. Our newest brand, WeMo, is the leader in delivering customizable smart home experiences. Its product platform empowers people to monitor, measure and manage their electronics, appliances and lighting at home and on-the-go.

Learn more at:

Rain Agency:

Rain is a full-service digital agency. We focus on insight-driven strategy and ideation, and the highest possible level of execution.

We are makers. Full stop. Rain was forged when two best-in-class production shops merged into a single entity. Account Services, Creative and Strategy teams were mixed in, resulting in a best-in-class agency. In this era of outsourced everything, this heritage makes us unique. We think it. We make it. All in. 

Learn more:

General Assembly: 

General Assembly (GA) is a global educational company on a mission to empower a global community to pursue work they love. Focusing on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business and technology, GA is confronting a skills gap through best-in-class instruction and providing access to opportunities. 

Learn more:

Developers Cite Software as Greatest Threat to IoT Security

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SANTA CRUZ, CA. April 29, 2016 When working with Internet of Things applications, security becomes of paramount importance, and 31% of developers active in the IoT space believe that the greatest trouble spot for IoT security lies within the software or firmware for connected devices, according to Evans Data’s recent Internet of Things Development survey.  The survey of over 500 IoT developers also showed that over half (55%) thought that security was “extremely important” to their organizations, with 32% saying it is “somewhat important”. 

Other major security threats cited for IoT development included exposing data to mobile clients (22%) transmission of data through a network or cloud (16.7%) and the physical security of devices (13.8%)

“Security is without doubt the most serious problem that developers face with Internet of Things and for good reason,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “With IoT and connected devices we’re bringing software out of the computer and into the real world, where cyber attacks or hacking can bring real world consequences.  Developers understand this and take it quite seriously.”

Developers are employing a number of security mechanisms to combat security threats; the most commonly cited being context-aware access control, endpoint threat detection, real-time security analytics, and Cloud access security control.

Evans Data’s Internet of Things Vertical service is a continuing research service that delivers eight reports per year on overall global IoT trends, IoT and Mobility, IoT and the Cloud, and IoT and Big Data.  All reports are original primary research and reflect the opinions of developers focused on IoT.

Please contact Evans Data for a complete table of contents.

About Evans Data Corporation

Evans Data Corporation provides regularly updated IT industry market intelligence based on in-depth surveys of the global developer population. Evans’ syndicated research includes surveys focused on developers in a wide variety of subjects.

Copyright 2016 Evans Data Corporation. All other company names, products and services mentioned in this document are the trademarks and property of their respective owners.

AIM Coalition Applauds Re-introduction of Bill to Curb Physician Self-Referral of Ancillary Services

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Medical Groups Unite to Realign Incentives for Physician Self-Referral and Remove Certain Services from In-Office Ancillary Services (IOAS) Exception to the Medicare Self-Referral Statute

A Statement from the Alliance for Integrity in Medicare (AIM)

April 29, 2016

(Washington, DC) – A broad coalition of medical organizations praised Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA14) today following the Congresswoman’s introduction of H.R. 5088, The Promoting Integrity in Medicare Act (PIMA) of 2016, that proposes to realign the financial incentives for physicians to self-refer for ancillary services by eliminating certain services from an exception in the Medicare self-referral statute, known as the Stark Act.  Enacting such changes would save the Medicare program an estimated $3.3 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). AIM applauds the Congresswoman’s continued strong leadership on this issue, which dates to her tenure in the California Assembly.


PIMA notes that “recent studies by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) examining self-referral practices in advanced diagnostic imaging and anatomic pathology determined that financial incentives were the most likely cause of increases in self-referrals.” The Alliance for Integrity in Medicare (AIM) long has supported the removal of anatomic pathology, advanced diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and radiation therapy from the physician self-referral law’s In-office Ancillary Services (IOAS) exception.  Narrowing the IOAS exception will improve patient care and choice for beneficiaries, while protecting the integrity of the Medicare program overall.


Last year, in letters delivered to key House and Senate committees and congressional leadership, the Coalition stated with regard to the exclusion of specific services from the IOAS exception, “In addition to improving patient care and reducing inappropriate utilization of health care services, enactment of this policy will generate substantial savings to the Medicare program….”


Intended to encourage patient convenience, the IOAS exception was created to allow a limited number of common health care services to be performed during office visits, such as routine lab tests and x-rays, so that Medicare beneficiaries may be diagnosed and treated expeditiously—and PIMA will not preclude those services. The bill states, “Those services intended to be covered under the IOAS exception are not affected by this legislation.”  Additionally, the ability of truly integrated, collaborative multi-specialty groups to operate as they do today will be preserved, as would the existing rural exception.


Furthermore, reforming the IOAS exception through the passage of The Promoting Integrity in Medicare Act of 2016 will ensure Medicare patients receive the highest quality and safest health care most appropriate to their needs, and that Medicare policy incentives are properly aligned saving millions of dollars, which is in the best interests of beneficiaries, providers, and our nation’s health care system overall.



# # #



No Regrets Personal Training Release Kit To Overcome Debilitating Back Pain

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Based off years of research and practical application in a gym and rehabilitation setting, the Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit has been designed to address this common yet debilitating issue. Released by No Regrets Personal Training and available now, the video and eBook set outlines easy to follow stretches, mobilisation techniques and stability exercises that can easily be performed at home. The program also addresses a significant point – that in most back pain cases, the condition is caused by a simple movement pattern dysfunction such as an incorrect office set-up, crossing your legs too often or poor footwear. For more information and to purchase please visit:

The back serves two main functions – stability and mobility. As a stable base for the entire body, the back allows us to stand upright, absorb shock when we walk or run, and protect the spinal cord. The spine is made of lots of small segments, all connected with muscles, tendons and ligaments, which allows us to move in all directions. Problems arise when there is too much stability or mobility, or the wrong kind of either (such as sitting for too long and bending in awkward ways) as they will start to unbalance the complex structures supporting the spine. This can set off a chain reaction that can lead to stiffness, tightness, weakness and pain.

Sedentary lifestyles coupled with an allopathic approach to merely treating symptoms has led this injury to reach a point where 9 out of 10 adults will experience back point at some point in their life. Causes of back pain include crossing your legs too often, standing unevenly, poor office set-up, inappropriate footwear, poor running technique and even a wallet in your back pocket.

No Regrets Personal Training Owner/Operator, Nick Jack, said back pain can have a major impact on a person’s livelihood and that the kit focusses on functional movements, rather than extreme measures such as medication and surgery, to overcome help manage and overcome this complex yet extremely common problem.

“It can result in significant discomfort with the simplest tasks such as a sitting for long periods of time, running and picking up items off the ground becoming unbearable. Research also shows that those with back pain are more likely to report poor health, very high levels of psychological distress, severe pain and core activity limitation, such as self-care and mobility, than those without the condition. This can have a profound effect on quality of everyday life, for not only the patient but their loved ones.”

“There is a misconception in the wider community that invasive surgery and medical drugs are normal solutions for dealing with chronic pain, and this couldn’t be more true for back pain. Recent AIHW disease expenditure data shows a staggering $1.2 billion was attributed to back problems in 2008-2009. We have been taught in today’s modern world to treat symptoms. What we must recognise is that in most cases this condition is the result of poor posture, overuse and repetitive movements.  This Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit aims to show people the power of a proper rehabilitation program,” Mr. Jack said.

“As a CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Practitioner and Personal Trainer for over 10 years, I have seen numerous clients who were in immense pain and struggling to participate in day to day life who have gone on to live pain free by simply addressing the root cause of their problem. We must become more educated about how to apply good principles of health using a proven formula of strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to prevent injury and overcome chronic pain,” explains Mr. Jack.

Inspired by the inspirational results from back pain clients at No Regrets Personal Training and those who have followed the step-by-step instructions in this resource, the Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit is a comprehensive program to help people from all around the world to get on top of their pain in the comfort of their own home. Available for immediate download, the kit features a comprehensive 80 minute video, a 80 page eBook with detailed instructions, pictures, a recovery program and nutrition information.

The recovery program looks into the fundamentals of a well-structured rehabilitation program including establishing what repetitive movements may be causing the condition, assessing posture and flexibility imbalances, proper stretching, isolated strength and integrated strength training.

For more information and to purchase the Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit please visit today.

All media enquiries should be directed to Nick Jack:
M:   +61 408 525 564
T:    +61 3 8822 3723
A:    10/18 Redland Drive, Mitcham, Victoria, Australia 3132

AmeriBen Medical Management Selects Essette

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April 28, 2016

LONGMONT, Colorado, and MERIDIAN, Idaho
AmeriBen Medical Management, the in-house medical management department for AmeriBen, has elected to adopt the robust combination of Essette’s Utilization Management software module, its accompanying Fax Management module (a RightFax integration), and Essette’s Provider Portal module—a web-based trilogy made even more powerful paired with MCG’s industry-leading CareWebQI™, combined with Milliman’s CiteAutoAuth™ determination functionality. AmeriBen is a full-service TPA providing benefit plans for over 325,000 members throughout the United States. 

Known for providing effective, proven, and cost-efficient healthcare management services to a variety of client types across the nation, AmeriBen takes pride in its ever-constant focus on strategic flexibility and personal touch. Their mission extends beyond accurately administering benefits. The sophisticated requirements of this group—whose focus is on touching and improving lives—demands a nimble, intelligent solution. Out-of-the-box, Essette’s built-in adaptability allows AmeriBen to move away from their current homegrown system and quickly implement the built-in resources of Essette’s full Utilization Management feature suite. In addition, the agility of Essette’s software system provides AmeriBen staff with an opportunity to increase overall efficiency, with the added flexibility that allows them to configure workflows to meet their organization’s unique and specific needs. 

“We are excited to welcome AmeriBen to the Essette family,” says Marc Lawrence, SVP of Business Development at Essette. “As with many of our clients, AmeriBen needs the ability to scale quickly, on-demand to accommodate their growing client base. Not only does Essette provide a system that can easily meet such a diverse range of business needs, we are honored to partner with an organization who shares our vision: one of creating trusted alliances designed to improve healthcare and the lives we serve.” 

“We are excited to partner with Essette who shares our core purpose of changing lives,” says Pam Vannoy, Director of Medical Management at AmeriBen. “This sophisticated technology will enable us to continue to seamlessly expand our comprehensive, compassionate services to our members while maintaining integrated, strategic flexibility for our clients. The Essette software is a highly customizable platform which provides unprecedented efficiency and flexibility to meet our business needs.”

Essette contact:
Tiffanie Lenderman, SVP Client Services
(303) 500-7133
AmeriBen contact:
Cathy Summers, Marketing Supervisor
(208) 947-9551

Plant Now to Make Your Lawn a Perfect Pearl

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Save water and energy while reducing atmospheric carbon with safe, sustainable, low maintenance turf

Wouldn’t anyone crave a lush, verdant lawn that uses 75% less water, stays green without toxic chemicals and takes  75% less mowing or only once a month mowing, compared to other lawns? Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed has unlocked the secret to growing “greener” and greener grass, when they announce their improved 4thgeneration, all natural grass Earth Day Weekend.

“It can be easy,” says Jackson Madnick, an award-winning environmental, grass, water and conservation expert…”You do not tear up the lawn, just spread the seed over your existing lawn to outcompete it.”

Pearl’s Premium founder Madnick developed a patented mix of native and adaptive grass seeds that grows slowly, forming dense turf with much deeper root systems than other grasses. Foot-deep roots enable Pearl’s Premium grasses to better tap into soil moisture and nutrients and resist insects, disease and salt. Deep roots and thick grasses outcompete weeds and pull more atmospheric carbon into the soil, called sequestration of carbon, doing their modest part to help reduce climate change.

Slow growth means far less mowing, saving dramatic amounts of time, money, effort and water. By eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Madnick’s grass seed enables users to grow lawns that are safe for children and pets.

Among 400,000 homes and businesses with this grass, Habit for Humanity, New York City’s Park Avenue greenway and the Bing Crosby Estate have something in common and are among the recent adopters who rave about this grass.

Pearl’s Premium as part of their giving back program, donates a ton of their beautiful dark green grass seed for use in lawns for 200 Habitat For Humanity homes in 2016 to benefit Wounded Warriors and others and their families all across the country, like in this Geneva, New York project to save water and time.

A non profit, The Fund for Park Avenue is a conservancy and beautification program that planted Pearl’s Premium in 33 blocks of the Park Avenue malls between 54th and 86th streets to establish a thriving green median without irrigation, to bring big green to the Big Apple (seen below).

And the Bing Crosby Estate (seen below) in drought-ridden California, just south of San Francisco used the Pearl’s Premium seed for an acre of green lawn that now requires no community water what so ever, thanks to slow growth, deep roots and a little ground water recovery.                        

In addition to flourishing in these recent lawns, Pearl’s grass is succeeding in all 50 United States, Canada, Europe & Middle East. Pearl’s Premium received rave reviews in Popular Science and Newsweek magazines, by master gardener’s writing for ABC, CBS and NBC TV and from home-improvement expert, Bob Vila who uses it in his home lawn.

For a safe, luxuriant, time, money, water and energy-saving lawn, purchase Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed at Whole Foods Markets and Costco stores in New England, quality garden centers throughout the U.S. or at

For more information about Pearl’s Premium, contact Jackson Madnick at (508) 653-0800.


Further info About Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Grass Seed:

Founder Jackson Madnick, inspired by his mother and daughter (both named Pearl) and their commitment to the environment, developed a special blend of grass seed that grows a lush, deep rooted lawn with 75% less water and 75% less mowing. Pearl’s Premium lawns require no chemicals, making them healthier for children and animals. Grown in all 50 states, Canada and Europe, these lawns sequester four times as much carbon as other grasses, helping to reduce climate change.

Due to the deep roots, Pearl’s also outcompetes most weeds without chemicals, as seen in the lawn below on the right. The lawn on the left is ordinary grass, chuck full of weeds in flower:

Pearl’s Premium was named one of three most important patented inventions by the Boston Museum of Science (although grows in all 50 states), won the International MassChallenge prize for innovation out of 446 entries from 26 countries and is the only grass to be awarded LEED credits from the U.S. Green Building Council. It was featured as the only lawn grass in the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, held in Irvine, California, out of 18 houses of the future on display.

To find out more about Pearl’s Premium, contact Jackson Madnick at (508) 653-0800.


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By Sean O’Loughlin, Esq.

     This week marks the centennial anniversary of Ireland’s Easter Rising when rebel forces led by Patrick Pearse and John Connolly attempted to seize strategic parts of Dublin in an attempt to rid Ireland of British rule. Although the rising was quashed by the British, the uprising is symbolic among the Irish as the beginning of events leading to a free Irish state. In America, just across the giant pond known as the Atlantic Ocean, almost 35 million Americans are of Irish ancestry. They came here to escape famine and poverty. They were greeted with unwelcoming signs and banners in businesses saying “Irish Need Not Apply.” Yet today, the Irish Americans occupy positions of authority and leadership in all walks of American society. The Irish contribution to America will never be forgotten and the Irish Americans will never forget their Irish heritage.

      My grandfather, Thomas O’Loughlin, came from Ireland in the early 1920’s. He was an un-ordained Jesuit Seminarian, sent to America to teach the American priests the Latin language. He ultimately became a teacher at Erasmus Hall high school in Brooklyn. He was a member of Erasmus Hall’s Classical Department and he taught the classics. Like many Irish, he was a gifted writer who also wrote plays. When asked about his education, he was known to tell people that he went to barber’s college. 

     My grandfather’s first cousin John Joseph Foote made national headlines as a war hero during World War II. John Joseph Foote was commander of the submarine the Threadfin. During World War II while on patrol in the pacific, the Threadfin spotted the Japanese battleship the Yamato. After reporting their find, the Yamato was subsequently transformed into scrap metal and Commander Foote, age 31, returned home to Brooklyn as a war hero.  

     My grandmother, Virginia O’Loughlin, who was born in America of Irish heritage, was an English teacher at Lafayette high school in Brooklyn. Her most famous student was a left handed baseball pitcher who the Brooklyn Dodgers, not only recruited, but they optioned future hall of fame manager Tommy Lasorda to make room for Brooklyn’s most famous athlete Sandy Koufax. Sandy was not Irish but my grandmother was always proud of all of her students.

      Ireland was a place described to me by my father as nothing less than magical. About seven years ago, I went to Ireland for the first time. I wish my father was still alive, so that I can tell him that his description of Ireland was perfect. The hospitality and friendliness of the Irish is unmatched. Everywhere I went, I was always greeted with smiles. People from all walks of life in Ireland would take the time from their day to talk to me. When I returned to America, I applied and received dual citizenship with Ireland right away. Since then, I have returned to Ireland several times and I am always told by the Irish that the American’s know their history. Thank God Ireland is a free country and thank you to all the brave men and women who resisted and fought oppression during the foreign occupation of Ireland.


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For U.S. Army forces at Fort Irwin, California, Griffon Aerospace created a “surrogate, threat intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)” fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using its Outlaw G2 single-engine target drone as the foundation.  The new version, complete with stabilized camera system and satellite communications (SATCOM,) is called “Outlaw G2E.”  It took just 10 months to take the aircraft from concept to implementation.

Fort Irwin provides force-on-force and live-fire training for the Army, Air Force, and the Marines.  Outlaw G2E is tasked with providing simulated enemy forces with near peer-to-peer ISR capabilities. 

Colonel Kevin Jacoby, U.S. Army, said, “OUTLAW G2E UAS has been instrumental…in replicating the latest threat seen in the Operational Environment.”[i]

In training exercises the aircraft is used to determine friendly force distribution and to provide coordinates of high-value targets.  It also provides valuable information for After Action Review (AAR) purposes.

Rod Sheetz, a key member of NTC’s Operations Group, said “OUTLAW provides a great product…keep it coming!”[ii]

The conversion and use of the Outlaw G2E was done at a fraction of the cost of existing, tactical class UAS platforms.  In addition, progressive operations can be done such as flying 2 aircraft simultaneously with one loitering as a communications “relay tower” while the other completes an ISR mission.

Larry French, CEO/CTO of Griffon Aerospace said, “I’m very proud of the services, products and people who are launching us into a totally new competitive arena.”

Griffon will display the Outlaw family of aircraft this year at the Xponential/AUVSI trade show in New Orleans, 3-5 May.

More information about Griffon Aerospace can be found at    Contact Steve Smith, 415-601-5575.

[i] Join National Training Capability Newsletter, March 2016 Edition   Volume 2/Issue 3

[ii] Join National Training Capability Newsletter, March 2016 Edition   Volume 2/Issue 3


Sukh Dhaliwal Liberal MP’s Auditor Gurminder Parihar CGA, Mum on Disclosures.

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Vancouver BC.  Jeeni Sandhu  Sukh Dhaliwal Member Parliament from Surrey Newton defeated sitting NDP MP , Jinny Simms and hand picked by Jason Kenney, Conservative Candidate Harpreet Singh, in Federal Elections in 2015.
Recently it was reported in Vancouver Sun, The Province and Indo-Canadian Voice, how $ 6.4 Million dollars were transferred by Liberals and 4 other Big Parties, to their Candidates and Local Associations, by submitting over 6,000 Transfer files, by about 1,500 candidates, before March 31, 2016. However 200 Candidates have yet to File their Election expenses and returns by April 30, 2016.
Sukh Dhaliwal’s Assistant Campaign Manager for Surrey Newton, termed the disclosures as “Misleading”, where as his Auditor has refused to comment on the issue of transfer of $ 213,638 by Liberal Party to Sukh Dhaliwal’s, Surrey Newton Association. Transfer data also shows how complicated it can be to follow the money in the world of Election spending, which moves very quickly, between donors, Candidates, local Associations and Central Parties.
Surrey Newton resident Rajbir Mangat, suggested “Auditors of Sukh Dhaliwal, MP, Jinny Simms former NDP MP, and Conservative Candidate Harpreet Singh, should come clean on Election Finance and make it public to us”. ” They should not keep Mum on this “Misleading Finance”, quote by Al Payne.

Cynique Evoulé Brings Rude Intention to the Bay’s Fashion Scene!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA. APRIL 26, 2016 After an unparalleled success of 20 produced runway shows, nationally and internationally, Cynique Evoulé will present their 21st runway show entitled Rude Intention! The event will take place May 1, 2016 at 6:30 pm at one of the Bay’s unique event spaces: Autobody Fine Art (1517 Park St., Alameda, CA.).

Continuing with all the elements of a Cynique Evoulé Runway Show, attendees will see a world class production, the hottest up-and-coming designers and have an opportunity to Shop the runway and interact with designers after the show.   

“The concept of this exciting event is to create an environment that will scream RUDE FABULOUS while featuring emerging designers Raw/Uncut, artistic expression through design.” states Felicia Mosley – CEO/Super Producer of Cynique Evoulé!

The Rude Intention Runway Show will bring together emerging Bay Area Designer’s KATRAA, Altana Danzhalova, Shohreh Rahmani and swimwear boutique Sea Intension. Each designer will feature 12 looks which will be brought to life on the runway by Celebrity Stylist Ashley Shaprece and official Hair Sponsor Paul Mitchell East Bay. CyniqueE Walkers (models) will walk the runway with sounds by The Bay’s own 106.1 KMEL DJ Rick Lee! Rude Intention guest will hear the beautiful voice of award winning R&B/Soul singer, songwriter Tracy Cruz as she performs and Host the runway show. And the entire event will be captured by Fashion, Art and Beauty photographer Leon Saperstein of Studio FAB Photography!

Members of the press should contact Bridgett S. Joe

Tickets are available on line at

Photos and additional information available to the press. Both national and international press are invited to cover the event.