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Migrants, refugees, expats, locals and orphans all welcome on CHRISTMAS DAY in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

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Migrants, refugees, expats, locals and orphans all welcome on CHRISTMAS DAY in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

Newcomers Network will be hosting its 10th annual free bring your own Christmas Day Picnic Lunch in Melbourne, its 6th lunches in Sydney and Perth, 5th in Brisbane and 3rd  in Adelaide, Australia on

Friday 25 December 2015
Between 12pm and 3pm

Book to attend at

Video – story version 00:06:28 – fun spy version 00:01:16

Melbourne – since 2006
Queen Victoria Gardens, opposite National Gallery of Victoria, St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria

Sydney – since 2010
Botanical Gardens, near the Opera House, go through the Queen Elizabeth II Gate, head towards the Rockery, Sydney, New South Wales

Perth – since 2010
Kings Park, next to the War Memorial, Lot 47 Mounts Bay Road, Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia

Brisbane – since 2011
Botanical Gardens, near the corner of Albert Street and Alice Street, Brisbane, Queensland

Adelaide – since 2013
Next to the Elder Park Rotunda, North Terrace, between the Festival Theatre and the Torrens River, Adelaide, South Australia

This tradition was suggested in 2006 by Lise Saugeres, a French migrant who had moved to Melbourne.

Sue Ellson, the Founder and Director of Newcomers Network who is originally from Adelaide has hosted all of the Melbourne events starting on 25 December 2006.

These events are open to everyone, but are specifically designed for people who have moved to the city, international students, tourists and anyone who is a Christmas Orphan and is away from their family or friends on Christmas Day.

In the past, we have also welcomed local people including single parents and their children, older singles, young singles, couples looking for something different to do, carers of people with a disability, people with dogs on a lead, people whose parents have passed away, homeless people who do not want to be at a charity venue and people who have not received an invitation to join a celebration with anyone they know.

We have also welcomed people who do not celebrate Christmas as a religious occasion (Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists etc) but would like to do something different in their local city.

All Newcomers Network events are free to attend and anyone who would like to join us is welcome.

For this event, people need to bring their own refreshments (food and drink) that they can either have themselves or share with other guests and wear their own name tag (any type will do – even just paper and a pin).

Guests are also encouraged to be sun smart (hat, sunscreen) and bring a football, frisbee, cricket bat and ball or any other outdoor activities as well. Everyone mixes and mingles and in 2009, two single people met, in 2010 they spent Christmas together holidaying in the Grampians, in 2012 they announced their engagement and they were married in 2014 and are now expecting a baby. In Melbourne, there is a small group of regulars who now come every year.

Guests are encouraged to register online to see the map details – even if it rains, the event will still be on (just bring an umbrella or a raincoat!).

Contact information
Sue Ellson (pronouned Sue “Ell – son” – no letter ‘i’ in the middle)
Founder and Director of Newcomers Network
+61 402 243 271

Newcomers Network is a socially responsible business funded by consulting services provided by Sue Ellson in Melbourne with volunteer representatives in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, Australia providing information, events and advocacy for newcomers to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide since 2001.

In 2016 we will continue to host free Living, Working and Networking events on the second Wednesday of every month from 6pm in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

More background information for journalists

What sorts of people do not have something to do on Christmas Day?
…many Australians kindly donate their time before Christmas and on the day to people who are homeless but surprisingly, there are many other people who need companionship on Christmas Day.

Most people at work will ask you ‘what are you doing for Christmas’ or ‘what did you do for Christmas’ so it is really nice to be able to say that you enjoyed a nice relaxed picnic in the park. Many places are closed on Christmas Day or are very expensive.

So we have found all sorts of people who join us at these events including migrants without local families, expatriates, international students, singles, single parents who have been ostracised by friends and family, people with disabilities, people with dogs, local people and families who have family interstate or overseas.

Anyone who attends a free event is generally motivated to have a great time and is willing to chat.

What about shy people who may be coming on their own?
…it takes a lot of courage for people to attend an event on their own. But once they are there, they will be welcomed and encouraged to mix and mingle with the other guests there. It is important to simply talk or even just ask questions – start with easy topics like the weather or ‘what you love about Melbourne’ and the rest will follow (don’t start with questions about where you work or live).

How is the food worked out?
Everyone just brings some food that they can either eat themselves or share with others. At the first picnic, one young male student came with an egg sandwich. At another, a woman came with a large bag of prawns! Sharing your food gives you an opportunity to meet more people. Children can bring along sports equipment to play with and pets are welcome provided they are on a lead.

Do people drink alcohol?
Some people do bring alcohol and drink it but no one has ever become intoxicated and there is no obligation to drink alcohol.

Do people who are not Christian attend?
Yes, this is an event open to anyone who would like to attend. It is held on a ‘religious’ day – Christmas Day – remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. However, we have had people of all faiths attend including Islamic women wearing the hijab. We have also had people with disabilities (including intellectual) who find the normal indoor environment and family gathering stressful. And many others – students, expatriates, migrants, tourists etc

What about people from the LGBTI community?
In 2014 we had a call from Anne, a community development officer in Brisbane asking if the event would be open to people who identify as LGTBI. I simply told her that anyone who would like to attend can attend. Apparently there was a local venue that had previously hosted an event but due to a lack of numbers, decided not to run it again.

How do people find the group?
The group will be meeting in various locations listed above and guests just need to look for the group of people wearing name tags between 12pm and 3pm.

Is there anything else they need to bring?
Your own name tag and all the standard things for a picnic – a mat, chair if you wish, hat, sunscreen, water to drink etc. The dress code is ‘informal’ or ‘relaxed.’ Just be sun smart.

Where are you based Sue Ellson?
I am based in Melbourne and I was once told that I am a ‘refugee’ from Adelaide. I am originally from Adelaide and moved to Melbourne in 1994. I love Melbourne and don’t plan to move.

As an Australian, I can say that we are friendly people but we don’t always make time for new people to come into our life. Unlike other expatriate locations, we do not have significant expatriate communities as you are expected, when you live in Australia, to mix with locals. I have found that most of my friends come from other countries and I find that other newcomers find friends in a similar way although many would really like to mix with other Aussies.

Why did you set up Newcomers Network?
As a result of my own experience and challenges of moving from Adelaide to Melbourne in 1994. has been online since 2001 and we share information, details of events and advocate for the needs associated with newcomers. I am an independent publisher of information and support myself and my children through other consulting work helping people find work, updating their LinkedIn profile, training, marketing and business advice for various businesses and professional associations. I also teach at the Centre for Adult Education. I love helping newcomers because I believe that they are more courageous than people who climb Mount Everest.

Why are they more courageous?
Well they simply leave everything they know, all their networks, friends, family, work, social, sporting etc and start all over again. Their food, housing, transport, shopping – everything is different. It can be incredibly lonely, stressful on relationships (when you rely on just a few people rather than extended family and friends) and it takes time to regain this level of support. Like any challenge in life, if you apply a strategy rather than react emotionally, you have a much higher chance of success.

Do you run any other events?
Yes, we host a free monthly Living, Working and Networking Event in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth on the second Wednesday of every month. Everyone gets to meet other newcomers, expatriates or repatriates and share stories and information. Details are online at

What other options are available for newcomers on Christmas Day?
There are various groups hosted by relocation companies, some ethnic communities and country chambers. However, one of the best central places to go is so that people can meet people who share the same passion or interest in life.

In my view, meeting like-minded people is more important than meeting other newcomers whom you may have nothing in common with. I always encourage newcomers to contact their local council and connect with people in their local community. The main thing is to meet people face to face, not just online.

For Christmas Day, you can also do an internet search for ‘Christmas Day 2015’ and also your location – for example, ‘Christmas Day 2015 Melbourne’. Alternatively you can visit event listing websites:

Join us online at



Previous radio, print and online appearances since 2001

ABC Radio National, Melbourne 774 and Brisbane 612
Commercial Radio 3AW, 4BC, 6PR
Community Radio 3RRR, JJJ
SBS Radio – Serbian, Italian, World View Programs
International – Expat Radio and Blog Talk Radio

The Age
Herald Sun
Sydney Morning Herald
Epoch Times (Melbourne)
North Shore Times (NSW)
Progress Leader (Victoria)
Australian News (UK)
International Herald Tribune (Paris)

Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI
Founder and Director
Newcomers Network
mobile/cell +61 402 243 271
landline +61 3 9888 6480 (prior to 11am Christmas Day)
started 1999 established 2001

Original press release at

Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI) Launches Podcast for Marketers in the Manufacturing Sector

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Marketers working in the manufacturing industry get very little support for the specific niche of marketing. The Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI) launched the Manufacturing Marketing Matters podcast to help manufacturing marketers advance the practice of marketing throughout the manufacturing industry as well as further their own professional marketing careers. The first 3 episodes were released on November 18, 2015 and are available on iTunes, SoundCloud and the MMI website

The weekly podcast will feature one guest who will be a technical expert, manufacturing marketer with a success story, or a manufacturing focused marketing consultant.  The podcast will include a Challenge Question posed by a listener and one or two actionable takeaways.

The podcast host, Bruce McDuffee, is the founder of MMI in addition to having 20+ years of marketing and sales experience in the business-to-business manufacturing or industrial sector.  McDuffee says, “Most manufacturing companies severely undervalue marketing and will not incorporate the marketing leader into the strategic business discussion, continuing to market like they did in the 1980’s.  Those manufacturing companies who are willing and able to advance the practice of marketing to a strategic, revenue generating component of their organization will win, hands down, in their competitive space.”  He goes on to state, “This is my passion and the purpose of the Manufacturing Marketing Matters podcast, to help manufacturing companies grow their respective businesses and gain market share through a modern marketing function.”

The podcast will be published weekly beginning November 23rd and made available each Monday morning.  Interested marketers can subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud or at the MMI website.

The Manufacturing Marketing Institute was founded in October, 2015 and is a community where manufacturing marketers can learn from experts as well as from each other. At MMI, you will find useful content about marketing in a manufacturing company and the Manufacturing Marketing Matters podcast.

The mission of MMI is to help manufacturing marketing organizations and you, the marketer, to learn about modern marketing strategy, tactics, skills and technology.  At MMI, you’ll learn from marketers with experience in manufacturing organizations.  You’ll hear stories about how to overcome the typical hurdles marketers face in the majority of manufacturing companies. Marketing strategies and tactics are different in the manufacturing world. This is the place where you can learn about manufacturing marketing and the unique challenges we know you are facing each and every day.

Knowledge Marketing for Industry, Inc. and Manufacturing Marketing Matters podcast are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Knowledge Marketing for Industry, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, press only:

Bruce McDuffee



Affineur Walo von Mühlenen is again the most successful participant at the World Cheese Award 2015

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Affineur Walo von Mühlenen is again the most successful participant at the World Cheese Award with in total 12 Awards and 2 cheese in the final round of the 16 best.

With an impressing consistency Affineur Walo von Mühlenen mange to be always among the most successful participants. This year Affineur Walo had two cheese in the final round of the 16 best cheeses and was awarded with 5 Super Gold, 6 Gold and 1 Silver Award. This success confirms the high quality and consistency of Swiss cheese specialities from the Affineur Walo. The von Mühlenen’s have been aiming to mature the best artisan raw milk cheese from Switzerland to perfection. The growing popularity of the cheese from Affineur Walo in Europe and overseas shows that consistent pursuit of the best quality is the right strategy for Swiss cheese.

 Awards of the Affineur Walo von Mühlenen at a glance:

5 x Super Gold

  • Stärnächäs extra-spicy, a semi-hard cheese from St. Gallen, aged for 8 months
  • Armailii de la Gruyère, a Semi hard cheese from Gruyère aged 3 month
  • Affineur Walo Le Gruyère Switzerland AOP extra aged 14 month, in the class AOP cheese
  • Red nose, Gold Label a hard cheese, aged 12 month washed with red wine.
  • Red Wine Farmer cheese a hard cheese, aged 12 month washed with red wine.

6 x Gold

  • Le Poya a hard cheese from Fribourg, aged 12 month
  • Affineur Walo Le Gruyère Switzerland AOP extra aged for 14 month, in the class AOC cheese
  • Gallus a hard cheese from St. Gallen aged for 12 month
  • Affineur Walo Jura Mountain cheese, a hard cheese of the Swiss Jura, aged for 12 month
  • Affineur Walo Le Gruyère Switzerland AOP extra aged for 14 month, in the class Hard cheese
  • Affineur Walo Le Gruyère Switzerland AOP extra aged for 14 month, in the class rind washed cheese

1 x Silver

  • Affineur Walo Le Gruyère Switzerland AOP extra aged 14 month, in the class Gruyere

The World Cheese Award is the largest and most prestigious cheese competition worldwide, with participants from over 30 countries and all continents. This year over 2,700 cheeses were evaluated. It was held this year, on the occasion of the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham. Several large cheese trading companies alongside affineur Walo von Mühlenen represented Switzerland.


Affineur Walo von Mühlenen

Stand for selected artisan raw milk cheese specialities from Switzerland

It is the passion of the Mühlenens to find the the very best raw milk cheese produced in the artisan dairies in Switzerland and to mature them to perfection. For the maturation, special cellars and ripening cultures are selected adapted to the specific need of each cheese. You can trust the quality of affineur Walo; we would never venture selling a cheese which is not perfect.

The high quality standard of the Mühlenens has brought them countless awards already; the main ones are certainly the world title at the World Cheese Award 1992, 2002, 2005 and the World Championships in 2006 in Wisconsin, as well as the World Champion title at the 2012 World Cheese Award.


What is an afineur?

The task of the affineur is much more than just the maturation of cheese. It begins with the selection of the best cheesemakers and dairies. It is the combination of the best cheese makers and the dairies with a the best milk quality makes it possible to produce a great cheese. When the cheesemaker and the cheese dairy are found, it is the task of the affineur to advise them how to improve the quality. Only then the affineur select the best cheeses and matures them to perfection. For the maturing process, adequate cellar environment with the specific maturing cultures are important. To give a special taste to the cheese, it is sometimes washed with different ingredients such as red wine or a herbal brine. The last task of the affineur is to select the cheese ready for sale and to decide which is the best packaging and logistics. It would be a shame if cheese made and matured with so much care were damaged in transit.


The history of the Mühlenens

Our family has been at the service of Swiss cheese production for almost 2 centuries. Our history in the Swiss cheese and food industry began in Bern with Andreas von Mühlenen, born 1845. The son of Andreas, Ernst von Mühlenen, remained true to the industry, after a stint in the textile industry, and took over the cheese ripening company from Hans Bieri in 1909. The company was renamed as Mühlenen & Co. in the same time. In 1916, his brother Eugen also joined the company.

After the death of Ernst in 1934, his son Walo took over Mühlenen & Co. and mainly expanded exports to Europe and USA after the World War II. After Walo increasingly took care of his business in the chemical industry, his son Roger took over the activities in the cheese sector. In 1970, the family moved to the Canton of Freiburg and transformed Mühlenen & Co into a joint-stock company. After the death of Walo in 1972, the management went to his son Roger von Mühlenen. He expanded the company further and thereby laid utmost importance on the quality of the suppliers. In 1996, Roger’s son, Walo von Mühlenen of the 5th generation took over the business. In 2006, the company founded by Hans Bieri and later renamed as Mühlenen AG was sold.

After the family finally left the company von Mühlenen AG, it placed a new range under the brand Affineur Walo of Mühlenen in 2012, which is sold successfully worldwide.


Walo Von Mühlenen
Tel. 0041 79 217 54 11
Fax 0041 86 079 217 54 11

For the first time ever, consumers will have the option of purchasing healthcare services online during Cyber Monday

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San Francisco, CA (11/30/2015) – For the first time ever, consumers will have the option of purchasing healthcare services online during Cyber Monday, thanks to the BuildMyBod e-commerce platform, “BuyNow.”


This year, according to the National Retail Federation, Cyber Monday sales are predicted to reach nearly 105 billion dollars, and sales are not just being generated from your typical online big box stores. For the first time ever, and just in time for the 2015 holiday season, consumers can purchase non-surgical services from providers in the BuildMyBod Health Network exclusively for Cyber Monday.


With gross sales already reaching over $100,000 all time, BuildMyBod predicts Monday to be a big revenue generator for its participating physicians. San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, will be discounting non-surgical services such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers, as well as 20% off skincare products all day Monday on the BuyNow platform.


Kaplan says, “Cyber Monday is a great way to connect with customers online and I thought it was odd that healthcare services were traditionally excluded.” Dr. Kaplan is relying on BuildMyBod to streamline front desk transactions and attract savvy new patients during the busy season.


While some products can be purchased online and delivered by mail (ie skin care products or teeth whitening sets), patients must still see the doctor in person to redeem online purchases of procedures and services. The online purchase process is still a major patient satisfier compared to the traditional process of paying at the front desk, where nearby patients in the waiting room can overhear what procedure was performed or the purchase amount. In other words, online purchasing allows for more discretion and greater privacy afforded to the patient.


When consumers are not shopping for healthcare services online with BuildMyBod BuyNow, they can utilize the BuildMyBod Price Estimator to check pricing on over 3,000 out-of-pocket procedures and services from approximately 150 providers in the U.S. and Australia. BuildMyBod continues to leave its mark in the healthcare space by making price transparency in healthcare easily accessible through advances in information technology. Consumers can both purchase procedures and services and check pricing straight from, the doctor’s website, or the BuildMyBod iPhone/iPad app. Visit the website to learn more.

For more information contact:

Kelsey Rypl
Chief Marketing Officer




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What use could you put a motorcycle or scooter to that can carry the equivalent of up to 15 bags of groceries and runs 20,000 miles on less than $90 of electricity?

One of the growing trends seen all over the world is a downsizing shift in the size of vehicles used by business. All over the world, people are trying to reduce the use of, or eliminate the use of cars and trucks, and downsize into 2 and 3 wheel vehicles to lower their costs of operation. The Z
Electric Vehicle company of West Virginia, USA is riding that wave with its line of electric vehicles.

Many people have seen the rise in the use by food delivery company of bicycle, and then electric bicycle. But that is just a fraction of the market. Consider that ZEV Electric is producing its 140 mile range on a charge/80 + mph LRC model bike to compete with BMW in the European Police market. Compared to the BMW, the ZEV has twice the range for less cost. In many countries, such as Switzerland, Denmark, France, the Post Office has initiated electric 2 and 3 wheel vehicles evaluation programs.

Preferably, the buyers for the vehicle downsizing companies, Police, Post Office and delivery want electric vehicles over gas. But that preference is not just based on the idea of saving money on fuel, it is mainly for the radically less maintenance and associated costs, and the time associated with servicing vehicles, or even putting fuel in them.   While many of the companies looking to go electric on two wheels are using 4 to 25 bikes, ZEV is engaged with companies with far more bikes that that. Some customers have up to 5,000 bikes that they use for commercial use. Think of the time it takes to keep those bikes fueled and running, tracking the gasoline, time out of service for overhaul, even regular oil changes and service taking the vehicles out of availability, etc. Switching to electric virtually stops all maintenance except every few years when the batteries are changed out. All of the vehicle “fueling” is back at the store where metered power tells the store chain exactly and quickly what their “fuel bill” is each month and all of that fuel goes in the vehicle it is supposed to go in. It is the value of the time saved, the predicable and seldom maintenance, and available for duty time that makes the electric so interesting to the business.

The problem with this idea of industry going to electric two wheelers was that until ZEV introduced its new models, no electric 2 or 3 wheel vehicles existed that could stand the duty cycles of the corporate owner/user. Some companies in the past had already experimented with electric bicycles and light gas scooters. But the bicycles are just really not built for the daily pounding, and are hard pressed to handle bulky or heavy loads. Some other companies have tried the use of just general motor scooters as used by the general public, but found they also were not up to the rigors of sustained corporate use. Most 2 wheel scooters or light motorcycles are built in the knowledge that the customer usually drives only on weekends and seldom drives more than 2000 miles a year. But many ZEV owners drive 75-100 miles a day, 2500 miles a week, 125,000 miles in a year.

ZEV is intent on delivering the new generation of electric motor bikes and scooters designed specifically for heavy duty use. In two wheel vehicles, with speeds to 80 mph, ranges to 140 miles on a charge, and the ability to carry 450 lbs or more with integrated carrying box, the new generation of vehicles is fast attracting the attention of business users and high mileage, long distance commuters.

What is defining these new vehicles are radically stronger chassis with big diameter frame tubes, heavy duty motor controllers, and in wheel “hub motors” that are the equivalent of “Big Block” truck delivery motors with big diameters for high torque and very high efficiency and long life to 100,000 miles. The in wheels “hub motors” are the ultimate in simplicity with zero moving parts in the motor and drive train except for the bearings in the wheels. Not one motor has ever failed in 10 years of operation of a ZEV bike. Surprisingly, all of these things add up to very little extra money on the price of a vehicle. Some of the toughest vehicles sell for less than some of the lighter duty “sportabout” bikes you think of students as driving.

Z Electric Vehicle’s stated goal is produce the toughest and most efficient bikes on the market for the high duty cycle and mileage user. At the top of the ability scale is the companies T-8500. Designed originally to compete for the Post Office and Courier delivery business and serve as a Police bike, the bike can run 80 mph and up to 140 miles on a charge.   The rear seat flips up or comes off to carry big loads on a big flat load deck. A reverse gear helps riders in tight maneuvering or when the bike is heavily loaded. Some ranchers in Colorado have adopted this bike and do fence line patrol at high altitudes pulling a trailer as high altitude does not affect the electric. This bike seems to attract the interest mostly of courier, park rangers, and police, and longer range demand delivery across a city.

The ZEV 2700 was built from the start to be a hauler for local delivery and to be a low priced entry vehicle.   This bike has 3 load carrying surfaces–a big flat platform for a floor able to hold bulky packages, a big flat back end built for boxes, and another mount for load carrying on the front (a basket is supplied mounted there on the standard bike). The rear seat flips up into a backrest to carry big cargo box or heavy loads. A line of various sizes of load carrying boxes give a flower/pizza/fast food/grocery store the ability to haul about anything. Platforms for really heavy and bulky objects fold down at the rear axle level to keep any heavy loads low to the ground and the bike easily managed. Designed with a speed governor that can be set to keep the bike under the speeds that avoid the requirement in some States for vehicles (and drivers) to be licensed as motorcycle (Moped Law) the package is gaining favor worldwide. At $2845 MSRP and with multi unit discounts to business purchasers, the unit is not more expensive than non electric bikes. While intended as a business unit, the bike has found an unexpected market for people owning motor homes and boats to carry with them on their trips. Then there are those people who want to park their car or do without one using the bikes hauling capacity as a car substitute.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Promotion

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Excellence in Commodity Risk Mitigation win for Chinsay’s CCM

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27 November 2015, Stockholm & London: Chinsay, the global standard for real-time contract management in the physical commodity markets, has today received a Special Commendation for Excellence in Commodity Risk Mitigation at the Commodity Business Awards.  The yearly celebration of talent and excellence in commodity markets took place on 26th November at the Savoy Hotel in London.


Dag Sundén-Cullberg, founder and CEO of Chinsay, commented: “It is a tremendous honour for us all at Chinsay to receive a Special Commendation at this year’s Commodity Business Awards. Having our online Commodities Contract Management system (CCM) recognised by our peers is a great achievement and a fantastic way to end 2015. We have worked closely with our clients to further develop CCM’s functionality this year and are looking forward to more successes in 2016.” Sundén-Cullberg added: “CCM is our direct response to an increasingly complex environment and the need for more effective risk management tools. Commodity industry participants can no longer afford the uncertainty of traditional, manual contract management if they want to remain competitive. At Chinsay, we believe that the solution lies in technology, in processes, and in providing our clients with real-time access to all the information they need to identify and act on risks. We are here to help the industry take this next step forward and we are thrilled to see our solution being acknowledged.”


Chinsay’s CCM reduces risk and compliance issues by providing users with an efficient and controlled environment to issue accurate and timely commodity contracts. A simple workflow and a complete audit-trail help to remove manual errors and uncertainty during the contract drafting process, significantly reducing the time and effort for contract creation and management. The system helps users achieve new levels of speed, security and efficiency in a real-time, online, scalable system.


Guy Isherwood, Publisher of Commodities Now, praised the Swedish-based company for their achievement: “My congratulations to Chinsay for the outstanding work they have completed over the last 12 months.”


# # #


Editorial contacts

Alla Lapidus / John Norris

Moonlight Media

Email: /

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7250 4770

Notes to editors

Chinsay is the global standard for online freight and commodities contract management in the physical markets. The company’s technology provides 21st Century control and management to one of the most important, but historically, one of the least technologically connected areas of world trade – the trading and transportation of physical commodities. Chinsay is the only company which is completely focused on bringing control, security and real-time cost efficiencies to the trillion dollar global commodity and freight trading market.


Headquartered in Stockholm, Chinsay has a Far East regional office in Singapore and representative offices in the UK and Japan. It has more than 3000 users at 270 corporate clients across 40 countries, ranging from some of the largest trading houses, commodity producers and their brokers through to cargo charterers and ship operators. Clients benefit from the cloud-based, real-time contract management and position-keeping that only Chinsay can provide.


When Chinsay launched in 2000 it was clear to the founders that a contract was at the heart of every trade. Now Chinsay is at the heart of every contract.


Chinsay brings control, efficiency, accuracy and security to global trade.


For more information visit

Encore Energy Announces “Kentucky Warsaw” Oil Discovery (270 BOPD IP)

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Bowling Green, KY (11/27/2015):  Encore Energy, Inc. announced today that the Company has made a new Warsaw oil discovery in south central Kentucky. And, has immediate plans to drill eleven (11) drill-sites to prove-up a new field in an area offset to where millions of BO have been produced from the Cincinnati Arch and Illinois Basin. The Company’s discovery well reported a ~270 BOPD IP (initial 24-hour production rate) with ~20’ formation, high-oil saturation and porosity approaching 18%. Encore currently has ~15000 acres and prospects targeting several limestone and dolomite oil formations in south central Kentucky.  The Company has drilled 24 of 28 wells and is planning a new 30-well program for 2016.

“Encore’s team carefully engineered the stimulation treatment, and the initial production test rate from this discovery is well-documented”, said Steve Stengell, Encore’s President CEO and Chairman.  “These initial results far exceed our expectations, projections, historical rates and provide the Company with tremendous confidence in the continued development of a much larger formation trend and more potential new discoveries in the area”, added Stengell.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to present our future plans and provide field tours to both institutional and high net worth investors in December”, said Joseph Hooper, Encore’s EVP of Business Development and Director. “These initial production results are more comparable to the Bakken or Eagle Ford, with only “1/50th” of the per-well cost”, added Hooper. 

The US government allows qualified SEC defined Accredited investors to deduct 100% of the IDC Intangible Drilling Cost deductions against all ordinary income with up to 95% of the deduction occurring in year one, at the time the investment is made (i.e. 2015 tax year).  This typically results in an immediate tax savings equal to 40 – 53% of his or her total investment.  Oil and gas exploration and development involves a high degree of risk and uncertainty.  No assurances can be made as it relates to production, reserves, income or timelines.

For more information, please contact Joseph Hooper at (270) 842-1242, ext. 224 or via e-mail at

Assumptions, Disclaimer and Cautionary Statement: The information herein may contain forward-looking statements, and actual results may vary. Oil and gas investments involve a high degree of risk, uncertainty and are only suitable for qualified Accredited (SEC Definition) investors who are sophisticated in making business decisions and can bear the financial loss of their entire investment. The Company does not provide tax advice and investors should seek the advice of their tax professional. Any tax information herein is provided for illustration purposes only, may include estimates and is subject to change. It is impossible to accurately forecast profitability, production, reserves, income, expenses and timelines for any project. No assurances can be made and the estimates herein are subject to change, and may represent best case. Actual production is beyond the control of management. The IP rate reported herein is based on actual production data that is well-documented. The Company’s lease acreage position includes acreage under lease, Farmout agreement, verbal agreement, renewals and any other prospective acreage in which the Company has communicated and/or negotiated with the landowner the leasing of oil and gas rights, now or in the future, and the lease / mineral owner has leased or communicated their intent to lease there mineral lease rights to the Company.  It is important for qualified investors to acknowledge the fact that the US government provides them with tax savings (100% IDC tax deduction) to mitigate or at least off-set some of the financial risk associated with domestic oil and gas investments.  This is not an offer to sell or buy a security. An offer shall only be made by a offering memorandum, and this is not an offering memorandum.   Investors are encouraged to ask questions and request information from the Company.



You Tube Video Exposes Complex Internal Package Theft at The United States Postal Service

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A Canadian awaiting a package from Miami, Florida was shocked to find out his package of comic books was tampered with using a sophisticated rerouting technique within the USPS.


Miami, Florida/Toronto, Ontario – You Tuber Luanga Nuwame has recently launched a public service announcement video on his Homemade Game Guru channel to expose how his tracked USPS package of comic books was tampered with. He wants his experience to serve as a warning to fellow consumers looking to ship expensive items though the USPS this Christmas season.

His 10-minute video entitled ‘How USPS Employees Can Steal Your Package’s Contents this Christmas’ outlines the 3-month ordeal Nuwame has endured to find out how postal employees opened his package and substituted its contents with a stack of paper without detection. The stolen comics were meant to be showcased in a review video on his channel.

It was in mid-August when a tracked and insured Priority Mail package of 29 comic books was mailed from a family member in Miami, Florida to Nuwame’s home near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During the ensuing two months, the package disappeared from an on-route Jacksonville postal facility. A lost package claim was initiated by Nuwame and just prior to the last day of the claim, in mid-October, the package was found in Chicago, Illinois and sent to Canada within a few days.

However, once received, Nuwame discovered the package was previously opened and 18 of the 29 comic books were taken out and replaced with a U.S. transportation compliance manual. The package breach was cleverly concealed using improperly placed Priority Mail shipping tape.

Somehow during the two months the package went missing, thieves were able to take the package and go through the contents, replace the stolen contents with a stack of manual pages equal in weight to the comics taken out and then reinsert the tampered package back into the postal system in a different state without being noticed.

The caper gets even bizarre when Nuwame discovered the re-introduction of the package in Chicago caused the online Florida tracking information to be removed and resulted in U.S. Customs checking the same package twice, in two different states, without raising any red flags. To add further stress and frustration to the situation, Nuwame said he had to deal with multiple “unhelpful and disinterested” USPS customer service representatives during seven phone calls throughout the ordeal.

“The meticulous and undetectable way the contents of my package were stolen, in addition to the agonizing back-and-forth headache of dealing with the USPS customer service agents on the phone highlights just how easy it is for this type of theft to happen,” Nuwame said.

“It is obvious to me the culprits have done this before and have a system in place to avoid detection. With the busiest shipping season still ahead, I want to warn people worldwide that this kind of sophisticated theft is a reality and the USPS is unwilling to stop it or acknowledge it,” Nuwame added.

His posted You Tube video goes into in-depth visual detail about what happened to the package and Nuwame expresses his theories on how he believes the theft was executed. Nuwame also request that viewers who have experienced a similar ordeal share their stories and use the hashtag #USPSinternaltheft to help spread awareness.

About Luanga Nuwame/Homemade Game Guru

Luanga Nuwame is the 38-year-old host and creator of the Homemade Game Guru You Tube channel. The Homemade Game Guru channel features how-to videos centering on making crafts, comic books, games, furniture and oddities out of basic materials like cardboard, wood and glue. Operated since April 2008 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the channel’s 129 videos have achieved over 5 million views, 11,500 + subscribers, a 2008 creative award and a World’s Record Academy world’s record in 2009. 50% of the channel’s audience is American.


The Doctor: A Satilla County Novel

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