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Encore Energy Facilitates Oil Production Sale in Ohio and Plans the Future

Written by admin on Sep 30th, 2013 | Filed under: Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Bowling Green, KY (09/30/13):  Encore Energy, Inc. announced today that, on behalf of its client, an Ohio operator, the company had facilitated the final sale and closing of a producing oil field, production equipment and nearly 2,500 lease acres in Ohio.

Encore has previously facilitated multiple lease acquisition transactions in the Utica Shale of Eastern Ohio, and has worked directly with prominent Utica operators such as PDC Energy.

As the former management of a publicly traded E & P company, Steve Stengell and his team drilled and developed the Wallrath #1H horizontal Woodbine project in Leon County, Texas in 2011.  The Wallrath #1H produced nearly 60,000 barrels of crude oil in its first year of production.  Mr. Stengell is currently presenting the opportunity for industry participants to drill and develop a very similar project in the Utica Shale play of Guernsey County, Ohio.  This project is located off-set to Antero Resources where Utica wells have initially tested at a rate of more than 1,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Mr. Stengell and his team previously drilled and operated nearly 100 wells in northeast Oklahoma and have extensive experience in both “conventional” and “nonconventional” oil and gas development.

Mr. Stengell and Encore have signed agreement(s) with a private investment group to fund the proposed development of the Utica Shale and to make certain strategic acquisitions in the Eastern US.

The American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine released a feature article about Encore Energy, Inc. and Steve Stengell’s professional experience,

For more information regarding Encore Energy, Inc., please visit or via e-mail at

Technology Enables a ‘Flat World’

Written by admin on Sep 30th, 2013 | Filed under: Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE (9/30/2013)- In a survey conducted by Right Management, a global leader in talent management, indicates 96% of U.S. companies lack sufficient leaders.

 “Future of Work” being studied by Dr. Donna Hover, Founder of Leaders Laboratory in Detroit, Michigan.  CEO’s come together to explore and experiment new models for creating how work gets done.

  • 75% of employees are disengaged in their job  
  • Over 50% of workforce has been playing on-line video games for 10 years (experience in virtual environment)
  •  Technology enables ‘Flat World’ (allows access to best/brightest anytime anywhere
  •  First time in history we have four ‘active’ generations in the workforce
  • Workforce is better educated than our business models can utilize

CEO’s working together to create a new future in the way work gets done in Southeast Michigan.  We have found if we are willing to bring our best ideas on new systems and structures, and visit others to see what ‘innovative’ models look like and how they work we can mix-n-match to make the ‘best-idea’ for our individual companies. As indicated by Dr. Donna Hover, Founder of Leaders Laboratory.

This method of collaboration comes from lessons learned from creating the first Automotive Supplier Council in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1987.  Grand Rapidian’s know how to collaborate to bring out the best in their companies, communities, and employees.  Southeast Michigan organizations are exceling and moving ahead of their competition by attracting and keeping the right employees.  They are pulling together to make our area a different place to work.  Collaboration is a learned process built on trust, exploring, open sharing, and experimenting to create the new ‘Future of Work’.

Leaders Laboratory coalition represents members from secondary education, community non-profits, midsize corporations, international corporations, and leading Universities.  Working together to increase employee engagement, using technology to attract the best and the brightest from around the world. 

“We are at a serious crossroads in the infrastructure of our business-oriented economy and country.  We can either decide to be the country of ‘insufficient leaders’ or the country that builds new paradigm of a collaborative and intuitive leader.  It is up to us” states one of the members of the Leaders Laboratory coalition.  “We have been hard at work researching how to move from traditional hierarchy to more innovative company,” says Hover.

Leaders Laboratory is a collaborative and energetic working environment, where the mission is to discover and deploy a powerful growth catalyst—a change agent that affords the CEO the time, energy, clarity and motivation to explore the next “big-idea” for their company and their community.

By discovering and modeling new visions for the future, we collaborate with CEOs and leadership teams in order to overcome stagnation and organizational dysfunction. At Leaders Laboratory, visionary CEOs are working today to discover tomorrow’s “better way.”

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Donna Hover at Leaders Laboratory or email at

Opera Solutions Welcomes Charles Ditkoff as Strategic Advisor

Written by admin on Sep 30th, 2013 | Filed under: Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: NEW YORK, NY (Sept. 30, 2013) — Opera Solutions is pleased to announce that Charles Ditkoff will join the company as a strategic advisor, applying his considerable knowledge of the healthcare services industry to the company’s fast-growing healthcare business.

Mr. Ditkoff is a known and trusted subject matter expert in the healthcare industry and chose to consult with Opera Solutions for its expertise in Big Data and advanced analytics and for the transformational value he sees in the company’s healthcare solutions. In addition to helping fine-tune solutions for each provider, he will lend his extensive knowledge and background to help communicate the full potential and bottom-line impact of each healthcare solution to prospective hospital groups and their executives.

“We are thrilled to be working with Charles,” said Pieter Schouten, General Manager, Healthcare at Opera Solutions. “Few people know the industry like he does, and healthcare providers and Opera Solutions will benefit tremendously from his insight and guidance.” Opera Solutions offers cloud-based analytics solutions that drive transformational efficiencies and improve outcomes in revenue cycle, staffing, compliance, clinical operations, and supply chain for large hospital systems.

Mr. Ditkoff currently serves on the Board of Directors for Cumberland Consulting Group. Previously, he served as vice chairman and head of global healthcare corporate and investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. While there, he oversaw BAML’s successful efforts to gain the sector’s leading market share in mergers, acquisitions, and financings. Mr. Ditkoff has also held positions in health corporate finance at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston. He began his career as a corporate securities attorney for Cravath, Swaine, and Moore.

Mr. Ditkoff holds a Juris Doctorate from Yale Law School. He is a Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

About Opera Solutions, LLC

Opera Solutions (, @OperaSolutions) provides Big Data predictive and prescriptive analytics, delivered as an ongoing service, to business, healthcare, and government organizations globally. With approximately 200 machine learning scientists among its 700 employees, Opera Solutions is a global leader in using advanced techniques to extract value from Big Data. Its solutions, software, and services combine science with technology and domain expertise, providing new, Big-Data–fueled pathways to profit and productivity. Opera Solutions is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, with other offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit our website or call 1-855-OPERA-22.

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Media Contacts:

Opera Solutions:

Laura Teller 
o: (646) 520-4338 
m: (917) 251-5467 
 e: #OpenCommunications, PR: 
Jonathan D. Lovitz 
o: (646) 383-3583 x110 

Get Pearly Whites Naturally With Coral White Toothpaste for Dental Hygiene Month in October

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PRESS RELEASE (9/30/2013) – National Dental Hygiene month (October) is a great time to review your toothpaste’s ingredients. Fluoride, an ingredient in many brands of toothpaste, made the headlines recently, and the news was not so pearly white.  According to an Associated Press article, “federal health officials say many Americans are now getting too much fluoride because of its presence not just in drinking water but in toothpaste, mouthwash and other products, and it’s causing splotches on children’s teeth and perhaps more serious problems,” including the risk of brittle bones, fractures and crippling bone abnormalities.

Next time you pick up your toothbrush, consider squeezing on fluoride-free toothpaste such as Coral White by Coral LLC, a leading company of coral mineral -based products.

            Coral White, the world’s only coral-based toothpaste, is also free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), also proven to cause detrimental health effects. And, Coral White contains no, preservatives or synthetics.

Formulated with EcoSafe™ ionic calcium from above-sea coral, Coral White toothpaste also:

  •  May help to shift the mouth’s pH to alkaline and neutralize bacterial acids, thus decreasing decay
  •  May help re-mineralize and build tooth enamel with Xylitol
  • Aids in gum health
  • May help to prevent cavities
  • May freshen breath

The toothpaste also contains hydrogen peroxide for a gentle whitening effect; the essence of tea tree, spearmint and peppermint oils and Xylitol for flavorful freshness; and the antiseptic, antimicrobial and antioxidant botanicals of echinacea, goldenseal, clove, ginseng and ginkgo.

It’s available in a six ounce tube for $6.95 (mint or tea tree) and a travel size tube for $2.99. 

The company also offers Coral White Kids in Berry Bubble Gum Flavor in a six ounce tube for $6.95.  Coral White toothpaste can be purchased at and through natural foods retailers nationwide.

Coral LLC, the leading brand of coral minerals, is the original coral calcium company in the U.S., using only eco-friendly “above sea coral.” For more information, images or samples, media may contact On the Horizon Communications at (805) 773-1000, or email

Stone Mountain: The Granite Sentinel

Written by admin on Sep 28th, 2013 | Filed under: Press Releases

The range of access is staggering: 16 languages and 200 countries.

PRESS RELEASE (9/28/2013) – Noted author Dr. George D. N. Coletti has some very exciting news. His masterpiece, Stone Mountain: The Granite Sentinel, is available from many eBook retailers and this opens up a world of enjoyment for those who love a story brilliantly told about one of the most tumultuous periods in America’s history. Coletti’s exciting 796 page historical novel of the Old South is a well-documented fictional account of life before and during the Civil War, and follows the lives of the Jernigan family and their friends as they face life, death, love and war.

George Coletti, whose own life is a worthy story, lives and works in the historic village of Stone Mountain, and his contributions to the city’s cultural heritage are legendary. General Sherman’s March to the Sea actually began near Coletti’s home and it was largely through Coletti’s efforts that a monument was dedicated last year commemorating what history calls “Sherman’s Neckties,” a destruction of railroad tracks that crippled the South’s ability to supply food and soldiers during the final year of the Civil War

Dr. Coletti’s monumental book is an eye-opener, awakening me to how little I knew about my ancestors. Prompted by these brilliantly told stories, I began visiting many of the places described in the book. The Andrew Johnson cemetery, holding the remains of a Stone Mountain founding family, the Stone Mountain Cemetery with the mass graves in the Confederate section, an uncomfortable experience as you think of the wartime tragedy leading to such impersonal burial, knowing how their surviving families likely never knew what happened to them.

Grown men make war and everyone somehow loses something, a life, a few years of youth, a healthy body or hope. There are magnificent heroes in The Granite Sentinel to be sure, but the overriding sentiment is that war is senseless, attacking the core of our collective humanity. That’s not to take anything away from the brave soldiers who gave their lives-my own family shares a similar heritage-but more a personal lament that any of God’s children had to die unnaturally.

It takes a mighty effort to bring a reader’s interest back to the events of long ago, but Coletti is equal to the Herculean task. The characters seem to leap from the pages grasping for a heartstring. There is a message: “Never forget us.”

All the elements of greatness are drawn together in The Granite Sentinel: romance and love, loyalty and duty, chivalry and generosity, and most of all, honor. Reading the debate between two of the South’s finest statesmen-orators, Alexander Stephens and Robert Toombs during Georgia’s Secession Convention in 1861, is a stunning example of the remarkable power of language, history, law and love of place. Two men destined to lead the Confederacy, one as Vice President, the other as Secretary of State. One opposed to Secession, the other in favor. Both were close friends and shared a love for the South that transcended differences.

That’s just one of the powerful lessons Coletti leaves us. The Granite Sentinel is a profoundly important book that readers throughout the world can now enjoy.  Visit the website: for further information.

Prime Minister India Dr. Singh, meet Sikhs Seeking Justice, USA & Canada, Vikram Bajwa-Indian Overseas Congress

Written by admin on Sep 27th, 2013 | Filed under: Press Releases

New York. Rita Sinha. President Barack Obama, warmly hosted Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, both reaffirmed a working relationship, based on trust and empowering the people of USA and India.

Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of ALL INDIA CONGRESS COMM.,, while in New Delhi, denounced the controversial ordinance to negate the Supreme Court verdict on convicted lawmakers as “complete nonsense” and said what “our government has done is wrong”. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh assured India and the Vice President, to take immediate action, on the ordinance, as he returns to New Delhi, on October 1st.

Indian Overseas Congress in a Special meeting called here, discussed the ongoing “protests by the Human Rights Activists”, Sikhs seeking Justice, in New York and Washington D.C., on the justice for 1984 Violence in New Delhi, dark period of 1980’s in Punjab. Also discussed was the failure of the Embassy of India, to prevent the Summons issued against Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan SIngh, by U.S. Courts.

IOC General Secretary Sunil Malhotra, taking a cue from Rahul Gandhi, to advise the Government of the NRI, demands and aspirations, introduced a motion, to be forwarded to Prime Minister of India, today in New York, emphasizing the importance of extending an invitation for a meeting to the “protestors in New York and Washington D.C.”, by the Prime Minister, as a step in the “Right direction”. IOC President Vikram Bajwa mentioned the White House Petition, by Sikhs seeking Justice and forwarded the resolution to the Office of Prime Minister of India, urges Dr. Manmohan Singh to meet them, here in New York, to hear the woes and tragic stories of NRI’s seeking Justice, in their own homeland India.

“Time has come the readdress the wounds and bring them back to home”, said Bajwa.

There were Hundreds of NRI’s, who protested in front of the White House today, while President Obama hosted the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh , External Affairs Minister Sh. Salman Khurshid, India’s Foreign Secretary Mrs. Sujatha Singh, in the Oval Office.

Whole Latte Love Celebrates National Coffee Day with Brewing Tips & Gaggia Espresso Machine Giveaway

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PRESS RELEASE: Rochester, NY – September 29, 2013 is National Coffee Day. The annual event celebrates the rich history and culture that surrounds coffee, the world’s second most traded commodity. To commemorate the occasion, Whole Latte Love is hosting a contest with a  Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS espresso machine as the grand prize. The new iteration of the Syncrony Logic sports the same enduring design and build quality as its predecessor, but with updated components, including a modern J-boiler and improved Cappuccinatore milk frother.

Fans can visit to enter for a chance to win. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm EST, September 30, 2013.

“Great coffee is something everybody deserves to experience,” says Tracy Schafer, Director Sales & Marketing, Whole Latte Love. “What people might not realize is that, with the right equipment, they can achieve cafe-quality coffee at home for a fraction of the cost they pay at the cafe every day. At Whole Latte Love, we are committed to helping our customers make intelligent purchasing choices.”

This year, Whole Latte Love has assembled several new packages to equip consumers with the tools they need to create exceptional drinks. The resource library of informational blogs and videos has also been expanded.

“For newcomers to the world of specialty coffee, a solid foundation of knowledge is essential for achieving consistent results,” says Schafer, “for example, the widely accepted ‘Golden Rule’ of espresso brewing.”

The Golden Rule

Extracting espresso is a skill that requires practice, and awareness of the factors will ultimately impact the quality of the shots you pull. The following guidelines, deemed by some to be the “Golden Rules” of espresso extraction, will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge with which to begin your foray into the world of home espresso.

  • Single Shot – 1-1.5 fluid ounces of water, pulled through approximately 7 grams of ground coffee in 20-25 seconds.

  • Double Shot – 2-2.5 fluid ounces of water, pulled through approximately 14 grams of ground coffee in 20-25 seconds.

Dosing Your Coffee

Based on the type of filter basket you are using (a single or a double shot), the amount of ground coffee used will vary. For a single shot, 7-9 grams of ground coffee should be used. For a double shot, 14-16 grams of ground coffee should be used. Please note that Gaggia, commercial-style filter baskets are traditional double-shot filter baskets that hold between 14-16 grams of ground coffee.


Tamping is the process of applying pressure to your ground coffee to compact it into an even puck. Tamping is an important step in the extraction process, as it impacts the rate of water flows through the grounds. A tamping pressure of approximately 30 lbs is ideal for extracting consistent, quality shots of espresso.

Grind Fineness

Alongside tamping, the fineness of your grind is an important factor in determining the flow rate of your water through the grinds. Unlike tamping pressure, which can be maintained at a constant 30 lbs, the fineness of your grind will need to be adjusted as your coffee ages. As the coffee gets older and dries out, it will need to be ground more finely in order to extract the same kinds of ideal, crema rich shots. As a rule, the finer the coffee is ground, the slower the flow rate will be.

Extraction Time

As indicated above, the total time required to extract a single or double shot of espresso should be approximately 25 seconds. By timing your shots, you can observe whether your shot is flowing too fast or too slow, and adjust the other variables accordingly.

Alternatively, you can find Whole Latte Love’s Golden Rule video here

Watch our video featuring the all new Syncrony Logic’s debut here

Whole Latte Love

Founded in 1997, Whole Latte Love is the largest retailer of espresso machines on the Internet and a noted authority on coffee. is the destination for the latest news, videos, interactive content, and peer-to-peer community for everything coffee. Whole Latte Love represents over 80 international brands and is dedicated to serving the North American market.

Contact: Tracy Schafer

Phone: 888-411-5282 ext. 5209

Craig Scott Capital Supports East Meadow Challenger League

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PRESS RELEASE (9/27/2013) – Craig Scott Capital, a registered broker-dealer located in Uniondale, NY, has made a donation to the East Meadow Baseball Softball Association’s Challenger League.

The Challenger League provides a baseball environment to children with special needs. In this environment, the league gives children the opportunity to play baseball and experience exciting, friendly and fun competition.

The League is completely free for all players. Volunteers run all on-field and off-field activities. To cover costs for field rentals, uniforms, bats, balls and various other equipment, the League welcomes the generous financial support of local businesses and households.

Five different teams support various skill levels – ranging from children with severe special needs who have “Buddies” who follow them to the plate to help them bat and stand with them in the field to children able to play a full game with balls and strikes.

In describing how children without disabilities from the little league baseball league and softball programs buddy up with Challenger League players, League founder Lee Cook observes, “It’s building a new generation of people who go out and care about others. They give back, and that’s amazing. We barbecue for the kids, they get trophies, and it’s just a great program.”

Teams play on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. starting mid-April. The season continues through June, and the kids also play in September and October.

To learn more click on the League’s website To donate money or time contact Lee Cook at 516-481-0943. 

Craig Scott Capital is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“) NASDAQ and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) 

American Christians Will Not Be Silent Until Boko Haram Is Defeated, Says Canan Leader

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PRESS RELEASE (9/27/2013)- To mark its first anniversary, the Christian Association of Nigeria-American CANAN held a  gala and award night in New York over the weekend.

Speaking at the event which was a roll call of eminent Nigerians in the United States, CANAN President Pastor Dr. James Fadele condemned the killings of Christians and innocent Nigerians by the Boko Haram terrorist sect pointing out that it is time for all Christians to arise and fight as “we can no longer keep quiet.”

Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka also sent a solidarity message to the association, praising it for manifesting practical humanity.

In his solidarity message published in the event magazine, Nobel Laureate Soyinka said it is a relief “to find exceptions among one’s people, those who like CANAN, dedicate themselves…and manifest their humanity in practical ways.”

Going further Prof Wole Soyinka said “history will not forgive those who appease violators at the expense of the violated-their guilt transcends even the horrors inflicted by the violators. Posterity will however enshrine the example of the few who offer practical solace to the orphaned, the widowed and other traumatized innocents.”

Offering CANAN as the platform to engage the issues of concern to Nigerian-Americans , Fadele stated that the association gives voice to the vision of a great people, and voice to the voiceless.

The CANAN president described the essence of the gala to be in two fold, “to call attention to the material needs of the victims of Boko Haram through fund raising and also to showcase some of the best among the Nigerian community in different spheres of life in the United States.

In just one year of its existence, Fadele was thankful to God that amongst others, CANAN has become the voice of Nigerian Christians advocating the designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation, FTO,

The association , he said has been recognized by the US and Nigerian governments, as well as launched and is now disbursing a relief fund for victims of Boko Haram.

In his keynote address, Professor Babatunde Osotimehim traced the cause of the Boko Haram activities to increasing state of inequality in the society where a few endowed rich could induce the army of unemployed youths to do whatever they want.

To solve the problem, Osotimehin said education is key and governments should  help grow the educational system in Nigeria.

Also in her short remarks at the event, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, former Education Minister and a CANAN trustee said the association is the first African advocacy group in Washington DC led by Africans. She challenged Nigerians abroad to take greater interest in the affairs of the country back home, and contribute to the desired change, submitting that Nigerian will remain one for God is the one that sets the boundaries of nations.

Nigeria’s Ambassador Professor Adebowale Adefuye commended the CANAN initiative and their efforts to bring Nigerians together to fight a cause.  On Boko Haram, he indicated that the federal government is liaising with various organizations within and outside the country to end the Boko Haram insurgence.

In the awards, United States Congressman, Peter King was given the Friend of Nigeria award. The award was to honor the US congressman who as chairman of the US House of Representatives, Homeland Security Committee, stood up to the pressure from special interest groups and the media and gave a lending hand to fight Boko Haram.

Speaking after the award, Congressman King reiterated his position to ensure that Boko Haram is designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization so as to be able to deal with the crisis. According to him, if Nigeria is not free from Islamic radicalization, the US is also not free.

Other award recipients were the Association of Nigerian Pharmacists in Tampa Bay Area a body that got right to conduct its own accreditation, the first of its kind in the US.

Young star, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa was also given an award for emerging as the first black to make a 3.98 GPA in John Hopkins university.

Also on the list of award winners was Professor Toyin Falola who was honored as the top Nigerian Academic in the US and Professor Ibrahim Gambari, a long standing Nigerian star at the United Nations honored with a lifetime achievement award in Diplomacy and Public Service.

Dr Ola Akinboboye was given an award for being the leader of black cardiologists in US. So also was Dr Augustine Esogbue, the only Nigerian to serve on the NASA Board so far who received a lifetime achievement award in Engineering and Technology.

The first Nigeria-born superior judge in the United States, Ms Bunmi Awoniyi also got an award.  Also on the list of award winners was chief Usua Amanam founder of Nigeria’s first private refinery and Professor Adefuye for his outstanding achievements as Nigeria’s ambassador to the US.

A Tribute to American Heroes and Its Remarkable Citizens

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Press Release: AZ (9/27/2013) – Olivia Hope is the author of a compelling and riveting book titled,


This compelling and noteworthy autobiography is about a Christian girl of Jewish heritage and her terrifying, yet divinely protected, and guided childhood in Nazi-ravaged World War II Germany 1939-1945, and during the Berlin Airlift 1948-1949. It describes an unenviable life of survival. While the story reads like fiction, it really happened to a living, breathing human being in the 20th century. It provides an intimate look into the inner consciousness of a traumatized child’s mind and her ensuing journey to adulthood. During a bomb attack, Olivia’s pregnant mother covered her four children with her body, pleading with God to spare their lives. It was then when Olivia’s search to touch the face of God began.

The heroism and generosity of Americans inspired her faith. This true and spellbinding story has raw, vivid imagery. It is a tribute to the leaders of the United States of America and the compassionate American people who came to the rescue of suffering Berlin citizens after the War. From the Shadows into the Light provides a snapshot of why America is called the greatest nation on earth, exemplified by its profound humanity.

In this book, Olivia thanks the noble spirit of America‘s citizens and the heroes of World War II who saved her family. She speaks about the impact the Berlin Airlift had during the Berlin Blockade of 1948–1949. Berlin was in ashes, industry in shambles, and unemployment high. The Russians had blocked all entrances to and from the city to prevent deliveries of food and supplies to overtake the city. Olivia gives a first-hand description of how her family was starving and freezing. During these darkest hours, America’s General Clay created a daring plan to rescue the citizens of Berlin, later affirmed by President Truman. Regretfully, many heroes died during the dangerous airlift in accidents, but America, Great Britain, and France forged forward without hesitation to save Berlin. The Berlin Airlift heroes did not fire one shot. They saved Europe from World War III, and Berlin’s families survived to raise new generations. The American people provided food and clothing in the first CARE® packages. America’s military and Allies saved over two million Berlin citizens during the Berlin Airlift. The American and German Red Cross worked hand in hand to ensure the supplies flown in were distributed. From the Shadows into the Light depicts this spectacular sight: airplane after airplane flying nose to nose through a narrow air corridor over the city of Berlin for over a year, bringing food and supplies to the people, while the enemy watched from their air corridor nearby. The children waved from below, welcoming the heroes who brought hope. Olivia states, “After 65 years it still brings tears to my eyes,” recalling this spectacular sight. One American pilot, Lt. Gail S. Halvorsen, met a group of children watching airplanes through the barbed wire fence at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. He promised them he would wiggle his wings before landing, so they could identify him, and toss candy out. Soon, thousands of tiny candy parachutes were tossed from the sky by America’s heroes. This became the famous Candy Drop, and Col. Halvorsen was named the beloved Chocolate Uncle. It forged a bond of goodwill between the former enemies, and his act of kindness and compassion is carved forever on the hearts and minds of every citizen of Berlin. Col. Halvorsen USAF (Ret.) wrote the Foreword to this book and shared the story of his life. This remarkable human being defined humanity for Olivia for the rest of her life.

Olivia states, “America’s greatest humanitarian intervention in history should never be forgotten. I encourage educators to include a detailed curriculum in textbooks in schools across the nation, so that future generations will remember our heroes. I would like legislators to approve that the Berlin Airlift event be included on all calendars. I call on the global community to prevent wars to avoid suffering and loss of life. Can you imagine a world where children’s laughter and joy echoes from continent to continent in a world of peace?” Olivia’s search “ to touch the face of God” is a compelling first-hand account of the impacts of war and generosity on children and families. Berlin Airlift and World War II heroes also contributed their moving stories to the book. This inspirational story is about the human spirit in action, of hope, love, and the celebration of life. It is a tribute to the United States of America, and its remarkable citizens.

Olivia’s search to “touch the face of God” is unparalleled in the inspiring conclusion. 

This book is written under a pen name. The author has written previously 3 books.

About the Author 

Olivia Hope was born in West Berlin, Germany, the third of six siblings. She became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1970. Sustained by the gift of faith Olivia committed herself to human service work, and her passion celebrating the spirit of America. As a business owner she sponsored uncountable community programs as her way of giving back to America for saving her life.

For over 30 years Olivia has made presentations to celebrate the spirit of humanity.

With this book, Olivia has come full circle, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit. She encourages people everywhere, of all beliefs, and cultures, to make a caring difference for the betterment of all humankind, where the voices of children matter, and the global community joins hearts and minds, respecting and honoring the sanctity of life. 

Source:  Ruth Publications LLC

ISBN 978-0-9648069-1-7

Contact Info Email:

Visit for more information.

Ordering information please make your check or money order out to:

Ruth Publications LL

in the amount of $24.95 in US. Standard USPS shipping and handling included.

Credit card orders accepted.

Discounts for active and retired military

Ruth Publications LLC

7959 N. Thornydale Road # 91585

Tucson, AZ 85752-9608