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How To Create A Credit Card Repayment Plan

Written by Toi Williams on Mar 31st, 2009 | Filed under: credit cards, debt relief

The number of people that are facing massive amounts of credit card debt increases each month and the amount of people that find themselves in this situation will only continue to grow as the economy continues to slow.  Many people depended on credit cards and loans to maintain their lifestyle and now owe a large amount of money to numerous creditors.

In the past, a person may have been able to obtain a home equity loan to pay down their credit card debt but with home values plummeting, this is no longer an option for many people.  People are finding that they must live on the amount that they are paid in each paycheck and become debt free, which typically results in a large reduction in the disposable income that they have each month.

The only way that these people will be able to keep themselves from getting deeper into credit card debt and creating some real debt relief solutions is to create a credit card repayment plan to ensure that they are able to begin paying off their credit card debts and to make sure that they are not spending more than they can afford each month.  While this may be a difficult adjustment to make, the reality is that people are going to have to stop living beyond their means when they are carrying a great deal of credit card debt.

The Steps In The Process

The first step in reducing credit card debt is determining how much the person actually spends each month.  For a period of at least two months the person should keep track of all expenses and all receipts.  This will show the person what their financial needs are and shows them all the things that they spend money on each month.  Keeping the receipts will provide the person with a record of what items they are wasting money on each month.

Once the spending patterns have been determined, it is time to create the credit card repayment plan.  The goal is to spend less money each month than you are receiving from your paycheck and any other sources.  The bigger the gap between intake and spending, the better it will be for the person’s financial future.  By detailing each expense that you must pay each month and the amount of money it will take to satisfy that expense, you can create a complete credit card repayment plan that accounts for all of your necessary monthly spending and shows you how much money you will have available for paying down your credit card debt.

The most important part of creating a credit card repayment plan is sticking to the plan and applying any money that is saved by using the plan to paying down credit card debt to eventually eliminate all of your credit card debt.  Completing the credit card debt elimination process will be hard, especially for people that have weak financial management or organizational skills, but it is possible to create a credit card repayment plan that is effective and stick with it until all credit card debts have been repaid.

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