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Best Family Lawyer in New York – Rahul Manchanda of Manchanda Law Office PLLC

Written by admin on Jul 27th, 2016 | Filed under: Press Releases

Best Family Lawyer in New York – Rahul Manchanda of Manchanda Law Office PLLC

As one of the most aggressive and experienced lawyers in New York State and in the United States, Attorney Rahul Manchanda is a legend in the courts. He has been a true trailblazer of cutting edge litigation strategies and has helped to successfully and courageously navigate through the thicket of family laws in New York State to get his clients the results that they want.

He never takes no for an answer, and always fights tooth and nail for his clients and puts their interests and goals out in front.

If you unfortunately find yourself in a domestic relations or family court matter, whether it’s a simple uncontested divorce all the way up to a full blown, drawn out, hotly contested legal battle over custody, visitation, support, or divorce, Rahul Manchanda is the legal barracuda that you want in your corner. He is available to you 24/7, and will always be reliable to get you through this difficult time in your life.

Attorney Rahul Manchanda has special expertise for over 15 years in:

Contested divorce
Uncontested divorce
High net worth divorce
Property division
Spousal support (alimony)
Separation agreements and settlement agreements
Post-divorce disputes
Modification and enforcement of orders
Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
Child custody
Child support
Grandparent and non-parent visitation
Visitation, parent relocation and parental abductions
Domestic violence
Child abuse, neglect and removal proceedings
Orders of protection
Immigration Related Family and Domestic Relations and Law
Family immigration
Divorce and immigration
Cohabitation and partnership agreements
Second parent adoptions
Family law for military personnel
Estate planning before, during, and after divorce
Federal lawsuits

And much, much more.

Contact New York Family Attorney Rahul Manchanda 24/7 at (212) 968-8600 or at the following coordinates:

Manchanda Law Office PLLC
30 Wall Street, 8th Floor
New York NY 10005
(855) 207-7660

Newly formed AceReader, Inc. launches new cloud-based editions of AceReader for schools, families and individual consumers.

Written by admin on Jul 26th, 2016 | Filed under: Press Releases

For Immediate Release

Contact: Bernie Marasco, Co-Founder, AceReader, Inc. 
(970) 243-9390

Newly formed AceReader, Inc. launches new cloud-based editions of AceReader for schools, families and individual consumers.

Grand Junction, CO (July 26, 2016) – StepWare, Inc. began 20 years ago as a research and development company, providing high-end educational programs to schools and individual consumers. The school edition of AceReader grew to be its flagship product. As a result of its success and demand by educators and consumers alike, AceReader, Inc. was formed as a spin-off dedicated solely to the development, sales and support of AceReader’s new generation of products.

AceReader is an award-winning software program designed to increase students’ reading rate, comprehension and fluency. With a growing demand by schools and individual consumers for the program to perform on a wide range of devices, AceReader, Inc. has launched its cloud-based software product line that works on PCs, Macs and mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets through a web browser and an internet connection.

 “AceReader uses time-tested, research-based technology that has a successful track record of improving students’ ability to read more efficiently. It helps users break through the barrier of reading word-by-word to reading groups of words at a time with improved speed and comprehension,” commented Bernie Marasco, co-founder of the new company. “As our slogan says, better readers make better learners, and we feel that nothing is more important that reading well when it comes to students’ education and to their ability to succeed in their lives. That’s why we’re happy we can now deliver our program using all popular platforms.”

AceReader provides students with easy to use, self-adjusting courses, efficient reading strategies, memory/retention exercises and a powerful eReader that allows them to import and train with material they need to read anyway. It uses interesting and engaging content that is themed and leveled into 13 text complexities, making it ideal for all ages. Additionally, the automated pre- and post-testing system, along with comprehensive and visual reports, makes it easy to track students’ progress.

AceReader is designed to meet the demands of schools, but the company also offers Family and Personal editions based on the same successful principles developed for the educational environment. All versions are available by yearly subscriptions. The Family Edition begins with two users for $59/year, and the Personal Edition for one user is just $39/year. Schools enjoy lower cost-per-student pricing and should contact AceReader, Inc. to set up a demonstration and for pricing.

Bernie Marasco
619 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 81502
Phone: 970-243-9390, 1-800-AceReader (1-800-223-7323), ext. 2
Fax: 970-243-9482
For more information, please visit:
For press and media interviews, contact Bernie Marasco at


Turn Key EMV/Chip Card Software for Merchants, Developers and Integrators with QuickSale® Payment Application for Windows®.

Written by admin on Jul 26th, 2016 | Filed under: Press Releases

July 26, 2015 South Plainfield, NJ – Charge Anywhere, LLC, an experienced provider of EMV payment software and services, has released its QuickSale® Payment Application for Microsoft Windows® that enables merchants, application providers and integrators to quickly and efficiently add EMV card processing software to existing POS and mobile applications.

With this current version of the QuickSale Payment Application for Windows, Charge Anywhere now provides a full suite of APIs for turn-key and semi-integrated EMV payment solution for Windows applications. The QuickSale Payment Application is fully integrated with the Miura line of EMV POS and PED/PIN terminals which are finely suited for retail and mobile configurations.  This combination of PCI certified EMV hardware and software solutions will solve the pain and suffering being experienced by IT departments and developers everywhere due to the difficult, lengthy and expensive EMV card payment certification process

“Charge Anywhere’s QuickSale EMV solution routes sensitive cardholder data directly from the PA DSS QuickSale software to the PCI DSS Level 1 ComsGate Payment Gateway for card payment authorization and returns only the non-sensitive customer information and approval code back to the merchant’s software application.  This integrated solution eliminates the need for the merchant and/or POS provider to obtain a unique PCI validation for its software, saving time, money and speeding the time to market for Chip/EMV card implementations” said Paul Sabella, CEO at Charge Anywhere.

Parker & Sons Service Technicians Offer Essential Home Maintenance Tips

Written by admin on Jul 26th, 2016 | Filed under: Press Releases

Maintaining a home requires immense effort, constant focus, and boundless effort. It seems like things start going wrong one after the next. First, it is the dishwasher then it is the upstairs toilet then it is the irrigation system. Many homeowners are entirely dependent on service professionals when something goes wrong. Parker & Sons proudly any individual who likes to get their hands dirty and fix something themselves. Anyone can excel at home maintenance. To help, Parker & Sons service technicians offer their essential home maintenance tips.

For the HVAC unit, it is very important the homeowners check their air filter on a regular basis. We recommend as often as once a month. Dirty filters inflict undue wear and tear on HVAC systems. It is advised that individuals replace dirty filters, or clean reusable ones on a monthly basis. Not only will this extend the life of the HVAC unit, but it will also lower operating costs as well.

Low-water pressure showers are a common household annoyance. Showers which seem to be under the effects of low water pressure may just be slightly clogged. A homeowner can remove the shower head and clean the outlet holes with a pin or toothpick. For more stubborn clogs, they can remove the faceplate and soak the entire unit overnight in vinegar. Make sure to clean that showerhead again before use. No one wants a vinegar shower!

Homeowners should also be diligent when it comes to addressing and clearing clogs in the plumbing system. Even partial clogs can be damaging. Best of all, clearing clogs is often a quick and easy job. Most kitchen and bathroom sinks have something called a P-trap underneath them. This is a U-shaped bend in the pipe. This P-trap can be removed by unscrewing nuts on both ends of the U. Homeowners should make sure they have placed a bucket or similar receptacle below the P-trap before they remove it. Filth and debris can get caught in the P-trap. A home handyman can remove any potential obstacles and return the P-trap to its rightful spot underneath the sink. Now they should have some smoothly running pipes.

“Home maintenance doesn’t have to be a massively time-consuming job. If you spend 20-30 minutes on small jobs at least once a week, you will be able to keep your home in excellent condition. For any major problems or issues, please do not hesitate to call Parker & Sons at (602)273-7247,” said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.

GasTechno Energy and Fuels Mini-GTL® Goes Commercial

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GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) deploys its third generation commercial-scale Mini-GTL® plant in Michigan

Walloon Lake, MI – (July 25, 2016). GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC, the exclusive licensing subsidiary of Gas Technologies LLC, recently deployed its first commercial-scale gas-to-liquids Mini-GTL® plant at the New Haven Gas Storage Facility located in Michigan. The rapid, seamless deployment of the plant exceeded even the expectations of CEO, Walter Breidenstein:

“Following final pressure testing, it took us less than one day to mobilize the 40-foot GTL in a Box® container from our Charlevoix manufacturing facility to the gas field and complete the mechanical and electrical connections. Over the next few months, we will perform extensive operational testing of the commercial plant using a range of gas feedstocks before the plant is re-located to North Dakota. Unlike our competitors who optimize their plants for steady flowrate pipeline spec natural gas, our Mini-GTL® plant has the ability to handle peak initial production and off-spec gases with high percentages of inert compounds straight from the wellhead. The ease of deployment validates our modular design philosophy of simple hardware, sophisticated software.”

The significant decline in oil prices coupled with increasingly stringent emissions regulations has oil and gas producers searching for ways to reduce costs, generate incremental revenues and meet emissions compliance requirements.  The GTL in a Box® solution, recently profiled in the July 2016 issue of Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East, can create significant value for producers by capturing and converting previously wasted flare gas or stranded gas into high-value, saleable liquids including methanol. The commercial launch of this portable, scalable solution is ideal for remote sites anywhere, including locations in the frigid Alaska tundra to the New Mexico drylands.

Dr. Lawrence Lau, recently travelled from Singapore to participate in the preferred vendor training program during start-up, commissioning and operations.  He started in July to provide valuable feedback for the training manual currently being written for future operators and plant engineers.  GasTechno® plans to hold its first operator training program in the 4th quarter of 2016 alongside workshops to construct a robust flare elimination business case for O&G producers and well-pad site planning.  Those interested in participating should contact GasTechno Energy and Fuels (USA).

“Whether you are looking for offshore or onshore flare reduction technologies, or gas monetization solutions, I’m continually amazed at how compact and elegant is the Mini-GTL® solution.  I’ve watched the progress of the technology over the past 10 years, and being a mentor for Singapore’s premier accelerator program, view the GasTechno® team as exemplifying the lean startup philosophy, achieving all their milestones on a limited but carefully managed budget,” says Dr. Lau.  “I’ve also analyzed cleantech companies from around the world and I can say that the GasTechno® process qualifies as a radical innovation, shifting the smart chemical plant right onto remote gas fields whilst being monitored from Michigan. During my time here, I look forward to sharing experiences with manufacturing vendors and potential owners as the GasTechno® team starts pitching to hundreds of flaring sites around the US.”

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) will partner with O&G operators under a joint venture project structure or provide turnkey design, installation, operation and maintenance of the Mini-GTL® plants to help them grow their bottom lines and meet emissions compliance needs. The portable GasTechno® mini-GTL® solution can capture flares as small as 125,000 scfd and scale to meet customer needs.  

With the U.S. EPA developing comprehensive methane emission reduction regulations and both the US and Canada endorsing the World Bank Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative, the O&G sector is facing unprecedented pressure to reduce their carbon emissions or risk production well shut-ins.  To serve customers’ need to reduce flaring emissions, GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) will establish new sales offices in Houston, TX and North Dakota, respectively.  Potential customers with a serious interest to reduce flaring emissions and create incremental value for their operations using the Mini-GTL® solution may request a site visit to our commercial-scale facility in Michigan before it is relocated to North Dakota. The Mini-GTL® plant is slated for a selective public grand opening in fourth quarter 2016.

About GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC, a subsidiary of parent Gas Technologies LLC, has exclusively licensed advanced, revolutionary technologies for converting previously uneconomical sources of stranded natural gas and associated gas into high-value liquid fuels and chemicals. The company is headquartered in northern Michigan with operations focused in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit Mini-GTL, Micro-GTL, Methanol In A Box, Mini-GTL In A Box, GTL In A Box and GasTechno are registered trademarks of Gas Technologies LLC.

Walter Breidenstein
Gas Technologies LLC
Tel: +1-231-535-2914

Esurgeries Enters the Changing Healthcare Marketplace

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June 25, 2016

Contact Information:
John G. Worman, Communications Dir.
480 798 8665 (cell)


Esurgeries enters the changing Healthcare marketplace


PHOENIX, AZ – Exclusive Surgeries Network, LLC. (Esurgeries) debuted as a platinum sponsor of the Arizona Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (AASCA) 2016 Annual Conference, June 23-24, 2016 at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort and Spa. “Esurgeries is very proud to have this prestigious conference to launch our company. It provides us with significant market exposure focused on professionals in the ambulatory surgery industry”, said Suzanne Webb, CEO. She goes on to say, “Our concept took two years to commercialize and we are now open for business” Esurgeries is revolutionizing patient choice within the surgical environment and returning healthcare to a patient centric focus”.

Esurgeries uses a combination of digital information and processes through our website to assist a patient in accessing the best surgeons available in the local area, understanding the value of an outpatient surgery center, and educating themselves on the intricate processes of having a surgery. We then combine a softer patient centric approach by having the patient ultimately contact Esurgeries and our medical professionals will assist them throughout the complete decision making process.

What is revolutionary about Esurgeries? We have created an all inclusive cash payment option within the existing surgical environment, where none has existed until now. Other innovations that make Esurgeries business model unique, involve direct patient access to the surgical experience (no PCP), extensive vetting of each surgeon (20 point criteria), utilizing only ambulatory surgery centers (safest facilities), and transparent pricing.

Esurgeries is offered to employers as a free benefit for their employees. The benefits are outlined as: direct access to competent and qualified surgeons, ease and flexibility in scheduling surgery, more than 50% savings over hospital surgical procedures, much safer surgical environment, and quicker recovery. In addition Esurgeries has arranged affordable financing in needed.


Need surgery? — Think Exclusive Surgeries Network, LLC. (ESURGERIES.COM)



Borderline Personnality Disoder Residential Treatment Scholarship

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HOUSTON, July 25, 2016 

A new $10,000.00 program scholarship from the Meehl Foundation will help those with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder take advantage of a premier residential treatment center and program. Hosted at the Meehl House in Brazoria, Texas, treatment costs are $18,800 monthly. Scholarship recipients will therefore experience a full three months (90 days) of professional treatment and group therapy at a discount. The Meehl Foundation specializes in the treatment of borderline, bipolar, major depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse disorders. 

“People with mental illnesses like borderline personality disorder cannot get healthy without professional support,” explains Debra Meehl, co-creator of the Meehl Foundation. “Our mission is to give people a brighter outlook through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and DBT skills training and the best therapeutic modalities available.”

Each resident of the Meehl House receives an individualized mental illness treatment plan aimed at restoring emotional stability and boosting self-esteem and self-efficacy. Other components of the residential program include nutrition and fitness counseling, art therapy, psychological testing and vocational skills training.

The Meehl Foundation accepts only five residents at a time to its 90-day program. Each day consists of 4 to 5 hours per day of therapy sessions. These sessions include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, self-esteem workshops, Amen Brain Health and 12 Step.

Borderline Personality Disorder Residential treatment at the Meehl House offers profound advantages over outpatient therapy. The group setting provides a welcoming, positive and home-like environment – a stabilizing force that makes any treatment more effective. All residents are supported by a 24-hour crisis team consisting of the program director and several therapists, counselors and psychiatrists. Residents can experience and work through moments of crisis knowing they’re in a place of safety.

A residential Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program encourages and empowers goal setting in a way that even the best outpatient treatment cannot match. Over the course of the program, residents add to their skills toolbox in preparation for returning to their normal lives and families. Graduates of the program leave with an actionable long-term strategy for day-to-day wellbeing.

As the cornerstone of the Meehl Foundation’s therapeutic program is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), an evidence-based psychotherapy system that focuses on treating the entire person. The goal of therapy is to limit or eliminate emotional dis-regulation, a major symptom in individuals with borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. Mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance and emotional regulation are the four main aspects of DBT; together, working on these aspects help an individual learn to manage stress and emotions more effectively.

The Meehl Foundation is among the first mental wellness centers in the nation to offer residential DBT. Graduates enjoyed tremendous success in navigating the stressors in life that before were too overwhelming or triggering. With the help of scholarship funds, program participants and their families can worry less about finances and more on what is really important – the restoration of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

About the Meehl Foundation

Mark and Debra Meehl created the Meehl Foundation and the Meehl House to give those struggling with mood disorders a holistic plan to achieve balance in their lives. A residential treatment facility located in Texas, the Meehl House serves Texas the United States and the World..

Debra Meehl speaks at national conferences around the U.S. on the topic “Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder with Substance Abuse.” She teaches, works, and lives the Dialectical Behavioral principles, while operating the Meehl Foundation


Debra Meehl, DD 979-798-7972 Email –


Video –

SOURCE Meehl Foundation

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Howarth & Smith

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Los Angeles, CA – On May 5, 2016, Drake Hogestyn (who plays John Black on long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives) was injured on set at NBC Universal’s Burbank Studios while filming.  The incident occurred when Drake was directed to perform a stunt which required him to “break” through a prop door.  The set had not been properly prepared and the fake door had not been installed at the time of the incident.  Drake ran full speed towards the door as the script required and smashed headfirst into a solid door, suffering severe head injuries.

Drake was hospitalized but is currently recovering at his Malibu home under the care and supervision of his doctors.  Drake, his wife Victoria, and the Hogestyn family, appreciate all the good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts from so many loyal fans, but ask that their privacy be respected at this time.  Drake’s goal is to get back to the show as soon as possible.

Mr. Hogestyn is represented by Suzelle M. Smith and Jessica C. Gregg with the Los Angeles, CA. law firm of Howarth & Smith (; Telephone: 213.955.9400.

Bestselling Author Jon Morgan Woodward Heats up Beverly Hills at His Red Hot Red Carpet Book Release Sunday Evening

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 Jon Morgan Woodward, Author, Actor, and Producer of the Movie Hidden Valley The Awakening, The First in a Series of Five Movies From the Hidden Valley Saga, Releases Second Book in the Series, “Hidden Valley Game On” to VIPs and Celebrities at 424 Beverly Drive, 90210

Hollywood, CA, USA (July 20, 2016) Beverly Hills is still recovering from the thrilling private book release event that took place underground on Sunday July 17th at the exclusive 424 Beverly Drive venue. Hidden Valley: Game On, the second book in the series by Amazon Bestselling Author, Jon Morgan Woodward, was flying not only all over the red carpet as guests clamored to pose with the author, but the hot new release is also flying off the shelves as a top 300 book currently selling like hotcakes on The Red Carpet Book Release Event for Woodward’s highly anticipated second book, Hidden Valley: Game On channeled energy and enthusiasm from the plethora of actors and actresses, agents, directors and authors attending the exclusive black-tie affair.

Hosted by Woodward and his agent, Pierre Patrick of the Jerry Pace Agency, with Hidden Valley’s publicist Denise O’Brien, CEO of DOME Entertainment as Mistress of Ceremonies, the stars were introduced first on the red carpet step & repeat and then onstage as Woodward and Patrick announced many of the attending cast members for the slated Hidden Valley The Awakening Movie.

VIPs associated with the movie include Director John C. Buechler, actors Ola Ray, Jennifer Day, Fernando Allende, Hunter Wilson, Layne Herrin, Jenna McBombie, Mikel Steven, Adan Allende, and David Nestler. A brilliantly and cleverly crafted werewolf, complete with bubbling saliva and a menacing red tongue, created by Buechler, haunted the guests on the red carpet at the posh venue. The roaming werewolf, which Woodward so brilliantly fashioned in his two Hidden Valley novels, entertained the crowd at one moment and stood calmly behind screaming celebrities to pose for photos at other points of the evening. 

Guests made their way from Beverly Hills Drive street level down a steep red carpet to the elegant soiree below, grabbing their first copy of the hot off the press book, then joining both VIP celebrities and cast members of the movie, all mingling together over hors d’oeuvres and drinks. One VIP guest who travelled the farthest included the publisher of both Hidden Valley Books, Michael Ray King, who flew in from Florida to attend the fête, commenting, “As a publisher, my impression is that ultimately, the Hidden Valley: Game On red carpet celebration was a well-executed and extremely successful release of book two of the Hidden Valley series. Game On is currently making a run at Amazon Bestselling status in the fantasy/fiction/horror category. I see excellent things in the future for Jon Morgan Woodward and his projects.”

Concert pianist Dakota Hines performed an accompaniment to young singer Laci Kay as she delivered four well-crafted songs; “the performances were so well-received that the entire audience broke out in song to chime in the fun of the evening” expressed O’Brien, Woodward’s publicist, who busily interviewed all of the cast members and documented the event by video with colleague Davies Chirwa of DC Productions. The youngest guest of the evening was Nestler, a client of Patrick’s, a 12-year-old magician who dazzled the audience and mesmerized Woodward with incredible tricks from the stage with the confidence of a successful adult. Surprises galore was the theme of the evening. Many more surprises for all those who read the Hidden Valley Saga books.

For more information on Hidden Valley The Movie and the books, Hidden Valley: The Awakening, Hidden Valley: Game on, go to or

Twitter: @HiddenValleyMOV @JMWoodward2009

Denise O’Brien, Hidden Valley Public Relations Director

Twitter: @DOMEntertain @DancingEagleDOB Instagram: deniseobrien



Is this the Next Coolest Cooler? World’s First Portable Air Conditioner Will Soon Launch on Kickstarter to Blow Minds and Cool Air

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The Next Coolest Cooler? World’s First Portable Air Conditioner Will Soon Launch on Kickstarter to Blow Minds and Cool Air

Set to launch on Kickstarter, the Zero-Breeze Portable Air Conditioner makes cooling down convenient, Bluetooth enabled, LED illuminated, and smart device friendly.

Austin, Texas – July 20, 2016 – Think portable. Think smart.  Think quiet.  Now think cool air anytime, anywhere.  With a power bank of up to six hours, the fourteen pound Zero-Breeze Portable Air Conditioner puts the chill on the status quo.  With a potential to cool to 44.6 Fahrenheit, the world’s first portable AC unit has a digital age bag of tricks.  It has a Bluetooth speaker for playing tunes, two USB charging ports for mobile devices, a LED headlamp, and uses environmentally-friendly refrigerant.  Can anyone say, “Air conditioning just got cooler.”?

Optimally designed, Zero-Breeze can either be used with a power adapter or battery pack with 140-150 watts of power consumption.  It includes the World’s smallest rotary compressor, and measures 18”L x 7.8”W x 11”H while having a cooling capacity of 1100 BTU/HR.  To that end, the smart air conditioner has a reach of 50 square feet and is perfect for tents, RVs, BBQ areas or small workspaces.

For more information visit

About Zero-Breeze:

Zero-Breeze is the world’s first lightweight portable air conditioner that features a three-watt Bluetooth speaker, LED nightlight for up to 30,000 hours of use, and two USB port smart device charging station.


Don Wilder
PR Manager

Social Media: