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Loomis, Sayles & Company’s Head of Trading Comments on Benefits of T-Scape’s Corporate Actions Application

Written by admin on Feb 27th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Boston, London – Further to software development house T-Scape’s announcement that global investment management company Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P. has rolled out its corporate action application, iActs™, to more than 70 portfolio managers, investment specialists and traders, senior staff comment on the benefits of enhanced corporate actions processing. iActs™ provides the front office with direct access to corporate actions of interest and allows for rapid responses to the corporate actions team.


Head of Trading at Loomis Sayles, Chip Bankes said, “The introduction of iActs™ has provided us with a single window through which we can view and act upon pertinent corporate actions. This level of transparency is something we have not had until now and provides for a much easier and secure exchange of information between us and the corporate actions team. This is especially relevant to elective corporate actions, and with iActs™ we have effectively eliminated any risk of miscommunication.”


iActs™ was created to fulfil what T-Scape perceive to be a recognized industry gap. T-Scape Managing Director David Baxter commented, “Before development began on iActs™ we took a good look at the market and realised that only a few asset management organisations had actually managed to successfully implement an industry solution. There were many reasons why this was so, but what was immediately apparent was the lack of solutions developed specifically for the asset management community. We wanted to change that, and the result is iActs™.”


The roll out of iActs™ at Loomis Sayles provides numerous functional capabilities including the ability for decision makers to directly enter elections from which Agent instructions are automatically generated. This replaces the typical market process of e-mail exchange between portfolio managers/traders and the operations team and effectively eliminates any risk of error due to either misinterpretation or erroneous re-key.


Chip Bankes continued, “One of the great things about having a central repository for corporate actions is the transparency it provides our trading teams, research analysts and respective portfolio managers. The ability to view ongoing corporate actions on a real time basis via iActs™ means we are no longer dependent upon the ops team for daily reports. With automated alerting also in place to advise us of necessary actions to be performed and a user-friendly interface through which to process elective corporate actions, we can now take a hands-on role in improving internal processing of corporate actions.”


The Operations team are also realising the benefits of iActs™. Steven Chittenden, Director of Operations at Loomis Sayles said, “Generally speaking, corporate actions processing is viewed as an operations problem, and as such, the focus to-date has largely been upon trying to assist the ops team with typical functions such as data cleansing and golden record creation. However the decision-makers are an integral component in the functional process. Providing iActs™ as a mechanism by which we can share information in a far more effective and timely manner means not only do we reduce risk of errors and the associated costs of manual processing but perhaps more importantly, we also improve the level of service we can provide to the decision-makers and other relevant parties.”


As part of a commitment to improve corporate action processing still further, a migration exercise is also in full swing to move all remaining functional processes outside of election management from the incumbent solution to iActs™. Client Services Director Siobhain Hayden said, “Our early engagement with Loomis was to work with the existing solution and improve functionality where possible. This was completed a few years back but like many of the solutions on offer today, the incumbent was hindered by legacy code that at some point would need to either be ditched or undergo a rewrite. Built upon today’s technologies and having already been successfully deployed, iActs™ will provide the means by which the incumbent solution can be retired.”


T-Scape is not stopping at just corporate action end-to-end processing, though, and plans are already in place to deliver value add wherever possible in the corporate action space, including risk management, optimised decision making, and securities lending. Baxter added, “With the introduction of ISO15022 in 1999 as a catalyst for automation, the number of project success stories of deployed vendor solutions that have delivered tangible benefit, I could count on one hand. We aim to change that. The market deserves better.”

Call for Scholarship Nominations! Military Veterans and Deserving Professionals Gain Breakthrough Skills in Sustainability

Written by admin on Feb 27th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Certified CISR® Practitioner Course – Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility

Founded by a benefit company, SHERPA Sustainability Institute measures success, not only by financial performance, but also by our contribution to society. As part of our B-Corp Charter, SHERPA provides gratis seats to military veterans and other deserving professionals who do not have employer sponsorship for professional development, to gain breakthrough skills in CISR® – Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility. The project-based, online Certified CISR® Practitioner Course is 14 weeks, with 1:1 expert coaching.

Nominations for scholarships is easy. Simply click here and watch the short video, by SHERPA Founding Partner Andrea Hoffmeier, with details.
Scholarship FAQs:

Q: When are nominations due? A: Spring Term nominations are due February 28th. Summer Term nominations are due April 28th.
Q: Can I nominate myself? A: Yes! SHERPA welcomes self-nominations for either the Veterans or Coaches Scholarship   
Q: What is the Coaches Scholarship? A: These are Gratis Seats for deserving professionals who are interested in CISR Practitioner Certification and do not have employer sponsorship to register.  It is named the Coaches Scholarship because our CISR Coaches select the recipients from nominations. Q: What if nominee is not employed and does not have an organization (there is a question on nomination form about the organization for project)? A: Participants do not have to complete projects with an employer. Organizations in the local community, such as school, municipal departments, clubs, house of worship and more, are excellent options for project completion.   

Scholarship recipients join a community of professionals from organizations including Accenture, Benchmark Electronics, ERM, DHL, Heritage Home Group, Interface, Kaiser Aluminum, Rockwell Collins, Sanmina Corporation, SunEdison, Xerox, and more.  
Participants receive 14 weeks of expert instruction and 1:1 coaching.

Here’s what past participants have to say:
“This course has been the only source of practical content for improving Social Responsibility I have found.  Until I began working on the CISR Certification, I was not fully aware of the power of strategic thinking in the realm of social responsibility.”
-Billy Ingram
Director of Lean Product Development – Interface
Certified CISR® Practitioner & Coach

“This is not just an online course where you’re out on your own.  The coaching I received helped hold me accountable, so I made progress every week. I’ve really enjoyed the discussion boards, as well as networking with other participants and instructors.”
-Brion Hurley  
Six Sigma Black Belt – Rockwell Collins  
Certified CISR® Practitioner & Coach

The method taught is from the textbook, A Six Sigma Approach to Sustainability: Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility.
Check out this ASQTV Interview to learn more!

Example Certified CISR® Practitioner Projects
Consumer Issues
New Manufacturing Method Communications Launch
Optimized success of new product launch, through strategic sales and marketing aimed to clearly communicating benefits and educate consumers
Improved Product Information & Education
Increased sales of healthier snack choices in vending outlets, by providing access nutrition information.
Employee Engagement & Organizational Effectiveness
Improved Roles & Responsibilities Descriptions/Definitions
Elimination of ambiguity and duplicate efforts elevated job satisfaction and team effectiveness.
Enhanced Employee Recognition Program
Aligning rewards and recognition with employee preferences improved job satisfaction and performance.
Environment, Health & Safety
Hazardous Materials Handling Improvements
Mitigation of risks related to handling of highly flammable materials.
Comprehensive Recycling Program Development
Expanded recycling program in multi-campus community college from paper recycling to all recyclables, setting example for local community and other institutions nationally.

Interested in registering yourself or members of your team for the CISR Certified Practitioner Course?
For complete Information PDF, click this link: CISR® Certified Practitioner Course or visit

More Georgia Students in Line to Receive School Choice Options

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The Georgia Legislature is considering multiple bills to expand school choice for students and parents across the state. There are currently five different pieces of legislation affecting school choice options which have been filed and are now making their way through the lawmaking process. 

Yesterday, the House Ways & Means Committee with overwhelming support voted to pass a bill that would increase the cap to Georgia’s tax credit scholarship program. Since the program started in 2008, it has enjoyed incredible popularity and for consecutive years has reached its total cap of $58 million in a matter of hours. 

“We are excited to see the that Georgia lawmakers are putting such a strong focus on education, and improving it for all Georgia students,” said Eric Cochling, executive vice president and general counsel at Georgia Center for Opportunity. “As parents and teachers across our state can tell you, when it comes to the education of our children, there is no time to lose. The most compelling benefit of expanding choice is that academic alternatives for children open up immediately. In many cases, these are children who will have the opportunity to attend a school that better fits their learning needs.”

The passing of HB 217 will allow the overall cap to increase from $58 million dollars to $65 million, and for every year the cap is reached, allows for an additional 10 percent increase up to $100 million.

HB 217 will make its way to the House floor for a full vote.


Lightspeed POS Adds DataCandy Loyalty Platform to its Restaurant Technology Suite

Written by admin on Feb 27th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Montreal, Quebec (February 27, 2017) Lightspeed, a leading cloud-based iPad Point of Sale (POS) system, has partnered with DataCandy to create a fully-integrated loyalty solution for its Lightspeed Restaurant POS system.  Through this partnership, Lightspeed has created a direct interface to the DataCandy customer loyalty platform enabling single and multi-location restaurants to seamlessly integrate their Lightspeed Restaurant POS system to DataCandy.

Each day, thousands of restaurants throughout North America rely on Lightspeed Restaurant POS. As a leading provider of loyalty and gift card programs for restaurants of all sizes, DataCandy continuously evaluates opportunities to integrate its loyalty technology with best-in-class POS systems, such as Lightspeed. By forging a technology partnership, DataCandy and Lightspeed can provide restaurants a simple, turnkey integrated POS, which includes robust customer engagement features based on DataCandy’s loyalty program.

Due to affordability and quicker implementation timeframes, more restaurants are turning to automated loyalty programs that integrate seamlessly with an existing POS system.  With both systems working together, restaurants can gather insightful customer data, such as visit frequency, to better understand dining behaviors. The streamlined insights empower restaurants to develop more relevant offers and meaningful relationships with highly valuable customers.

“The partnership with Lightspeed, which is one of the most powerful and widely adopted POS platforms available today, allows us to offer restaurant owners a simple, yet powerful loyalty solution similar to what larger chains utilize at a very affordable price and with the same look and feel,” says Lorne Schwartz, CEO of DataCandy.  “Lightspeed enables us to put a professional loyalty program in the hands of more small and medium-sized restaurants. Within the Lightspeed Restaurant POS, DataCandy loyalty will be available on a cloud-based iPad POS for the first time, which is an exciting offering to pass to customers.”

“Datacandy has one of the more powerful, yet simple to use loyalty programs available on the market,” says JP Chauvet, Lightspeed’s President. “The resulting integration gives our clients a consistent experience, which means launching their own loyalty program will be high impact and easy to use.” 

About Lightspeed POS
Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Lightspeed is the most powerful cloud-based commerce solution for independent businesses, in-store and online. More than 40,000 retailers and restaurateurs processing over $15 billion in transactions annually use Lightspeed to grow and manage their business. Founded in 2005 with offices in Canada, USA, and Europe, Lightspeed is backed by Accel Partners, iNovia Capital, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) and Investissement Québec (IQ).  Find us and our customer love by visiting,, Twitter: @LightspeedHQ, and Instagram: @LightspeedHQ.

About DataCandy

DataCandy is a North American leader in loyalty and gift card software solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors. The company’s platform is utilized in nearly 7,500 locations across Canada and the United States, including the Familiprix retail pharmacy chain, St. Hubert restaurants and the 40 brands that encompass the MTY Food Group. DataCandy is simple to interface, scalable for growth, secure for financial transactions and provides multichannel capabilities. To learn how unwrapping customer insights can drive customer relationships, email, call 514-903-DATA or visit

Contact: Abby Chitester, VP Marketing at DataCandy (412-965-2671)

Lightspeed PDV ajoute la plateforme de fidélisation de DataCandy à sa suite technologique pour restaurant

Montréal, Québec (27 février 2017) Lightspeed, un des premiers points de vente (PDV) fonctionnant sur iPad avec le modèle nuage, a établi un partenariat avec DataCandy afin de créer une solution de fidélisation entièrement intégrée pour son système PDV pour restaurant Lightspeed. Grâce à ce partenariat, Lightspeed a créé une interface directe avec la plateforme de fidélisation des clients DataCandy, permettant aux restaurants ayant un seul ou plusieurs emplacements d’intégrer de façon transparente leur système PDV de restaurant Lightspeed à DataCandy.

Chaque jour, des milliers de restaurants à travers l’Amérique du Nord se fient sur Lightspeed PDV pour restaurant. En tant que chef de file de programmes de fidélisation et de cartes cadeaux pour les restaurants de toutes tailles, DataCandy évalue en permanence les possibilités d’intégrer sa technologie de fidélisation avec les meilleurs systèmes PDV, tel que Lightspeed. En forgeant un partenariat technologique, DataCandy et Lightspeed peuvent fournir aux restaurants un PDV simple et intégré clé en main, qui comprend des fonctionnalités de l’engagement des clients solides basées sur le programme de fidélisation de DataCandy.

En raison de l’abordabilité et des délais de mise en œuvre plus rapides, de plus en plus de restaurants se retournent vers des programmes de fidélisation automatisés qui s’intègrent parfaitement à un système de PDV existant. Avec les deux systèmes qui travaillent ensemble, les restaurants peuvent recueillir des données perspicaces des clients, telle que la fréquence des visites, afin de mieux comprendre leurs comportements. Les idées rationalisées permettent aux restaurants de développer des offres plus pertinentes et des relations significatives avec leurs meilleurs clients.

« Le partenariat avec Lightspeed, l’une des plateformes PDV les plus puissantes et les plus largement adoptées aujourd’hui, nous permet d’offrir aux restaurateurs une solution de fidélisation simple mais puissante, similaire à ce que les grandes chaînes utilisent à un prix très abordable et avec la même allure », explique Lorne Schwartz, PDG de DataCandy. « Lightspeed nous permet de mettre un programme de fidélisation professionnel entre les mains des petits et moyens restaurants. Dans le PDV Lightspeed pour restaurant, le programme de fidélisation de DataCandy sera disponible pour la première fois sur un PDV pour iPad basé sur le nuage, ce qui se considère une offre intéressante à transmettre aux clients. »

« Datacandy possède l’un des programmes de fidélisation les plus puissants et simples à utiliser sur le marché », déclare JP Chauvet, président de Lightspeed. « Le résultat de l’intégration donne à nos clients une expérience cohérente, ce qui signifie que le lancement de leur propre programme de fidélisation sera d’un impact élevé et facile à utiliser. »

À propos de Lightspeed
Avec son siège social à Montréal, au Canada, Lightspeed est la solution de commerce en nuage la plus puissante pour les entreprises indépendantes, en magasin et en ligne. Chaque année, plus de 40 000 entreprises traitent un volume de transactions supérieur à 15 milliards de dollars américains en utilisant le PDV lightspeed pour accroitre et gérer leurs affaires. Fondée en 2005 et ayant ses bureaux au Canada, aux États-Unis et en Europe, Lightspeed bénéficie du soutien d’Accel Partners, d’iNovia Capital, de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec et d’Investissement Québec. Visitez-nous au et sur, Twitter: @LightspeedHQ, et Instagram: @LightspeedHQ.

À propos de DataCandy

DataCandy est un chef de file nord-américain, spécialisé dans les programmes de fidélisation et de cartes cadeaux pour les détaillants et restaurants de toutes tailles. La plateforme de DataCandy est utilisée dans près de 7500 emplacements à travers le Canada et les États-Unis, incluant la franchise pharmaceutique Familiprix, les restaurants St-Hubert et les 40 bannières du groupe alimentaire de MTY. DataCandy est simple, évolutif, sécuritaire et abordable pour toutes les entreprises. Pour en savoir plus au sujet de nos offres, visitez ou contactez-nous par courriels à l’adresse, et par téléphone au 514-903-DATA.


Parker & Sons- Electric Safety

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When it comes to needing assistance with your home’s electrical issues, there is no greater local company to call than Parker & Sons. Having been in business for just over forty years, Parker & Sons has become a leading example for professional service providers in the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industries. Not only has the company worked diligently over the years to build up their brand, but they have also committed themselves to be a leader in providing the community they have served for so long with useful information on their customers and the public can tackle some of the most common issues they face in their homes on a day to day basis.

“We handle a lot of the more technical side of electrical issues when it comes to the work that we do,” said Parker & Sons representative Justine Kelly. “But there are things that homeowners and renters can do to make their homes more safe not only for themselves, but for their friends and guests.”

For instance, on the topic of plugs and cords, Justine Kelly mentioned that when unplugging something from the wall, it is much safer to grab the plug itself and unplug it from the wall, rather than grabbing the cord and pulling the plug when disconnecting a device from the wall. Additionally, she also touched upon the importance of not breaking or bypassing the third prong in many plugs for safety reasons.

Secondly, Justine Kelly noted on the importance of always keeping your plugs, cords, and wire that are inside of your house away from any water or appliances that use water on a regular basis, such as the washer, dishwasher, refrigerator, or other similar appliances. If there happens to be a leak or large spill, the result can be extremely damaging to not only the electric wires and appliances around the area, but can have the potential to spark fires.

“People also need to realize and be aware of even the smallest things when it comes to safety,” said Justine Kelly. “… things like never cutting the grass with a lawnmower when the grass it wet, for instance.”

When it comes to any wiring that needs to be accomplished, it is always advised to call a professional for that work.

Parker & Sons- Water Softeners

Written by admin on Feb 24th, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

Parker & Sons, one of Arizona’s most highly esteemed and premier electrical, HVAC, and plumbing service providing companies has come extraordinarily far in their nearly forty years of business. While Parker & Sons is committed to providing only the highest quality services and products, it has also been there mission since their founding to go above and beyond in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

In doing so, Parker & Sons wants to inform not only their customers, but the entire public of some of the most common issues related to the areas of their technical expertise, as well as other bits of useful information.

“Hard water is such a common issue in households,” said Parker & Sons representative, Justine Kelly. “… and most people who are using hard water do not realize that it is not the best choice of water in some instances.”

In effect, hard water is water that is not filtered through a water softening system. It is filled with numerous minerals that vary in amount that can have minor health benefits, including stronger teeth with the addition of fluoride in the water, etc. However, it is also well-known that hard water can cause the skin to become quite dry and flaky, seeing as the minerals can dry out the natural oils from you skin. In addition, people who drink hard water who are not acclimated to the water can feel ill, seeing as the excess minerals can upset their stomachs as this is a drastic change in what many are used to.

The real dangers of hard water are not so much about the human body, but to industrial areas, as well as home appliances.

When there is hard water present in the home, it can break down protective sealants in your dishwasher, for instance, that can damage the entire appliance. Not only will the water make your dishes dirtier by the presence of a film of excess dish soap, but you may have to replace the entire appliance, altogether.

Water softeners are an important element in maintaining your appliances, and every household should have one in order to extend the life of your home investments.  

Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards OFF-LINE on your phone

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Alfred Papallo
Eurofield Information Solutions
+61 2 9411 3711    

Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards on your phone or tablet, anywhere and anytime!

Australian software developer is proving to be a world leader in providing powerful secure mobile offline digital solutions for the reference publications.

Using their proprietary novel eComPress digital reference publishing technology, and their experience providing digital publication solutions for clients like the International Accounting Standards Board, Chartered Accountants ANZ and CPA Australia, Sydney based software firm Eurofield Information Solutions (EIS) are now releasing secure offline Australian Accounting & Auditing Standards (AAAS) TurboSearch digital reference apps for smart phones and tablets.

[21/02/2017 – Sydney, Australia]

Under the TurboSearch brand, EIS has released the Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards apps that enable professionals and students working in the accounting and auditing fields to access the same information from their phone or tablet that they can on the web, PDF or book format. The Australian Accounting & Auditing Standards apps not only permanently compress the two and half million words into a smart phone accessible tool, but also include powerful searching that together with the Pre-emptive Search Spelling Help (PSSH) guarantee that you will find what you need quickly and easily.

EIS CEO Alfred Papallo believes that secure mobile apps are the future for all Mission and Business Critical reference publications.

“EIS has been developing digital reference publishing software for secure Windows reference publications for decades, but with delivery and access proving more difficult with all the firewalls and malware barriers plaguing this environment, we turned to the iOS and Android platforms where secure Apps can be readily delivered.”

“Our company developed the proprietary eComPress Digital Reference Publishing software that enables us to permanently compress millions of words, numbers, alphanumeric characters and graphics into, small, fast, secure and fully functioning apps. eComPress apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices and instantly accessible even when there is no Wi-Fi or data network available. Digital reference publications are only as good at the user’s ability to find the information they need quickly and easily, and our eComPress apps guarantee the user will find what they need” Mr Papallo explains.

“There are also significant cost savings as well. The digital app versions of the AAAS are available at present for only $19.99 including updates for the year of publication, and no ongoing subscription fees like most web solutions, and the two books cost more than $180. It makes sense for organisations, educational institutions and industry to utilise the power of mobile digital apps. The benefits for productivity and cost effectiveness are immense,” Mr Papallo said.

TurboSearch versions of the Australian Accounting & Auditing Standards are now available for 14-day FREE trial download from the Apple App Store, and 7-day FREE trial download from Google Play Store.

Contentverse’s Easy Index and DB Lookup Solve NFPC’s Organization Needs

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Computhink Expanding International Reach

National Food Products Company (NFPC) is a leading company in the food sector based in UAE, with its integrated business of manufacturing, selling, and distributing dairy products, fruit juices, drinking water, and plastic packing materials.

Its brands include Milco (dairy and juice), Lacnor (juice), Oasis (bottled water), Arla National Food (distributor of Puck, Lurpak, and The Three Cows) and Milco Plastic.

NFPC proudly boasts more than 5000 employees. They are equipped with all latest technologies, laboratories to carry out research work, and other resources that assist in releasing the best products in their range.

Current scenario

NFPC has state-of-the-art facilities in UAE where they have stored and managed valuable/confidential documents, including Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payment Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, client records, employee time sheet, employee files, images, contracts, agreements, and other information which are referred to on a regular basis.


  • All Documents, from all divisions of NFPC regarding any purchase, arrive at the central finance division for review, approval, and payment release. These documents are then stored at the central division. Later when from any other department, these documents are to be viewed or reviewed, it is time consuming for employees to search and retrieve these documents manually.
  • Auditing (both internal and external) happens for different divisions of NFPC at different times of the year. They also need to review documents for audit purposes. Search and retrieval of these documents is laborious and time consuming.
  • Redundancy, delays, and confusion caused by too much reliance on the human factor in the business process and collaborative functions such as validation and approval of documents.

Implemented Departments – Accounts Department

Document Types – Bank Payment Voucher, Contracts & Agreements, Asset Document

Average Number of Documents Processed & Stored – 2500 to 3000 daily

Solution & Benefits

  • All the relevant documents are electronically filed in the Contentverse File Cabinet, which ensures quick access to documents through fast search and retrieval, thus providing increased productivity and reduced operating costs.
  • Together with Easy Index, Contentverse allows departments to efficiently capture and associate documents of all types. By doing this, they eliminated the need for physical document storage, which means space savings and cost savings among many other benefits.
  • While the documents are scanned and processed via Easy Index, one of the index fields specifies the division, which is set as a dynamic field. While processing, when a document from a particular division is identified, those documents are moved to the respective folder inside Contentverse. The permission rights to access this folder is given only to those respective Divisions.
  • Any relevant data related to the scanned-in document are pulled from the existing application using the DB lookup functionality of Contentverse, thus minimizing the data entry.

Why Contentverse Document Management System

Contentverse emerges as a viable solution for various industries because it is simple, flexible and affordable and has many salient attributes which really benefit the organizations.

  • Familiar user interface
  • Supports 400+ file formats
  • Powerful scanning, indexing, and searching features
  • One-click email and print
  • Built-in OCR and full text search
  • Custom workflow features
  • Highly secure, 128 bit encryption
  • Control access at any level
  • MS Office Integration & Outlook Hot Folder
  • Powerful annotation
  • Version/ Revision
  • Check in/ Checkout
  • Notification & Alerts
  • Audit trail
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Database lookup
  • Records retention
  • Access via web and desktop applications
  • Automated data capture using EasyIndex
  • Regulatory & Legal Compliance
  • Local services and support provided by reseller Cube Innovators Technologies LLC

All of NFPC’s content is now electronically filed in Contentverse, primarily using the Easy Index module, enabling departments to efficiently capture and associate documents of all types. Integration with their key mission critical applications enables Database Lookup and auto-population to minimize data entry.  Access to documents is now blazingly fast, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. They have also eliminated the need for physical document storage, which has led to major space and cost savings, among many other benefits.

Daniels Corporate Advisory Co. (“DCAC”) Expands Its Potential. Continuity of Talented Senior Management Assurred.

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New York, New York: Arthur D. Viola, Chairman, Daniels Corporate Advisory Co. Inc. announced today that the senior management team now has “continuity of management in place.” Our team has been expanded to include extremely capable individuals that will provide the depth of senior management necessary for the Company to redirect its efforts and become successful.

Mr. Viola said “Mr. Harry Orfanos will become Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Bruce Blechman, the Chief Financial Officer. These two men have the talent, drive, determination and the capital and deal networks to implement the Corporate Strategy Model of the Company and make it successful. We have been working as a team since December 21, 2016; I am very happy with the results to date. Each man has diverse talents and we have all developed the chemistry to form a cohesive team pulling in the same direction. I trust these men to deliver.”

The Backgrounds of these two men is stellar.

Harry J. Orfanos: Co-founded Magellan Global Fund, a multimillion dollar global hedge fund investing in BRIC private companies and taking them public. Prior to MGF, he served as Vice President of Capital Markets with Cornell Capital Partners, a $1 billion New Jersey-based PIPE fund which focused on investing in micro-cap publicly listed companies. Prior to working at Cornell, he worked at Sepulveda & Smith Securities as the Director of Private Placements. At Sepulveda & Smith, my responsibilities included originating, structuring and brokering private transactions. Prior to Sepulveda, he was a Vice President of Corporate Finance with Zanett Securities, a $250 million New York-based PIPE fund which focused on investing in small to mid-cap public companies. Prior to Zanett Securities, he was an Institutional Equity Sales Trader with Santander Investment Securities in New York. He received his B.S. in Finance from New York University.

Bruce Blechman: Is a nationally recognized speaker and is considered to be one of the country’s top experts on the subject of entrepreneurial finance. He is the author of The Secret to Getting Money in Northern California and co-author of the best-selling book, Guerrilla Financing, published by Houghton Mifflin in a number of languages and used in college courses nationwide. He has been a national columnist, author of the monthly column, “Creative Financing” in Entrepreneur Magazine and host of the New Venture Money Show on the Business Radio Network, as well as a guest on numerous radio and TV programs. Articles about him have appeared in USA Today, The Los Angeles Times and other national publications. He graduated in the top quarter of his class at the Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania and has taught courses on Entrepreneurial Finance as an Adjunct Professor, was a mentor in the Wharton Business Plan Program.

Mr. Viola continued ” The addition of these two talented men was a necessary move to create for Daniels the potential for material future development. My health issues have made this move a necessity. Now that the weight of building the company rests on a team and not one individual there is a greater likelihood for success. I will remain as Chairman of Daniels.”

TSIA Executive to Speak During Three-City Roadshow on Keeping and Growing Customers: President and CEO of TSIA, J.B. Wood to join CEOs from Gainsight and ServiceSource in Boston, Austin, and Seattle for Half-Day Events

Written by admin on Feb 22nd, 2017 | Filed under: Press Releases

SAN DIEGO, February 22, 2017 – The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), the leading association for today’s technology and services organizations, has announced that TSIA president and CEO, J.B. Wood, will be joining the CEO of Gainsight, Nick Mehta, and the CEO of ServiceSource, Chris Carrington, for a half-day executive symposium about how to keep and grow customers through customer success initiatives. The roadshow series will make stops in three cities in April.

As more technology companies move towards “as-a-service” (XaaS) business models, they have become highly focused on how to keep and grow customers. For many, this requires rethinking their traditional organizational structures, processes, and customer engagement models. As a result, the concept of customer success that focuses on helping customers achieve specific business outcomes with their technology investments has become critical to the success of companies with a recurring revenue business model. This is especially important for companies in the cloud.

Senior technology and services executives are invited to join the CEOs of the trifecta of customer success thought leadership—TSIA, Gainsight, and ServiceSource—in a half-day executive symposium roadshow called, “Win the Race to Keep and Grow Customers” that spans three dates and three cities At this event, attendees will learn how to drive customer retention and expansion for their recurring-revenue company with such topics as:

  • How to build and scale a customer engagement model to support a thriving recurring revenue business.
  • Strategies to kick off, implement at scale, measure, and prepare for a successful customer success journey.
  • How a holistic approach to customer success can accelerate growth and recurring revenues.
  • Insights on a structured customer engagement framework.
  • The “Who, What, Why, and How” of a successful recurring revenue business.

“At TSIA, we’ve been collecting research and benchmark data, building business frameworks, and monitoring best practices around customer success since its inception and throughout its evolution over the past few years. As such, we’ve seen how the concept of delivering business outcomes to customers has impacted the technology industry, as well as what trends in customer success we can expect in the future,” said president and CEO of TSIA, J.B. Wood. “I’m looking forward to joining fellow leaders in the customer success sphere, Nick Mehta and Chris Carrington, to share our expertise on how to keep and grow customers in this exciting era of recurring revenue business models.” 

The dates and locations for the executive symposium roadshow are as follows:

  • April 11, 2017 – Boston, MA at the Four Seasons
  • April 13, 2017 – Austin, TX at the Archer Hotel
  • April 18, 2017 – Seattle/Kirkland at the Woodmark Hotel

Registration is $99.00 per person for each half-day event, which will be followed by an evening networking reception. Click here to register.