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Parker & Sons Speaks on Seasonal Energy Use and Sustainability

Written by admin on Sep 30th, 2016 | Filed under: Press Releases
Environmental sustainability has become an increasingly important topic for homes across  America. “Green living” is the concept of maintaining a small environmental footprint through  minimal energy use and sustainability. There are no universal standards for maintaining a  green home, although some organizations, such as the U.S. Green Building Council, do offer  green home certifications. Keeping a green home can be done by following Parker & Sons seasonal energy use tips.

Homeowners can start going green in the bathroom. High-efficiency showerheads will save  thousands of gallons of water every single year. A high-efficiency showerhead which is used  just twice a day can save a household over 3,000 gallons of water per year. Just imagine the savings on the utility bill.

Hot water heaters are notorious energy hogs. It takes a very large amount of power to heat water to 140 degrees, which is the standard for most water heaters. Homeowners can turn this temperature down to 120 degrees, which will net massive energy savings. Insulation blankets can be purchased at relatively low cost. Parker & Sons advises homeowners to wrap these insulation blankets around the water heater and the first few feet of piping. This will minimize ambient heat loss, and reduce the amount of work the heater has to do to keep water warm.

Zoning an air conditioning unit is a way to save massive amounts of energy and reduce heating and cooling costs. Zoning separates the home into specific rooms, and allows homeowners to heat and cool each room individually. They can also set the heating and cooling systems to run only during specific times of day. A well designed zoning system can save individuals hundreds of dollars every year.

LED lights save energy and last longer. They are more expensive than ordinary lightbulbs, but they end up paying for themselves over time. It may take a year or two, but eventually the savings will start rolling in. If homeowners make the move to 100 percent LED lighting, it may be a few years before they have to visit the lightbulb aisle of the grocery store again. They may forget what it looks like!

“Once you start paying attention to seasonal energy use, and begin actively making changes, you will start seeing some incredible savings. It doesn’t have to take an overwhelming amount of work, either. Small changes often reap large results,” said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.

Yellen Partners to Conduct Store Closing Sale of Efinger Sporting Goods

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Media Contact:
Norm Weizer,,


Yellen Partners to Conduct Store Closing Sale of Efinger Sporting Goods


DEERFIELD, Ill. – September 29, 2016

After over 125 years of serving the sporting goods needs of Bound Brook, NJ and surrounding communities, retailer Efinger Sporting Goods is closing its doors for good.  Murray Greenberg, one of the current owners announced the store will conduct a store closing sale to liquidate all inventory in the store. The store will be selling all furniture, fixtures, and equipment during the sale as well. The liquidation sale starts September 30, 2016 and will continue until the store is empty. The store owners retained Chicago-based liquidation firm Yellen Partners to assist with the store closing sale.

“This is the sporting goods deal of a lifetime!” says Brian Yellen, President of Yellen Partners. “For athletes of all levels, the deals are too good to miss. You can buy anything from name-brand apparel, hunting gear, athletic footwear, equipment/pads, camping, outerwear, and more. Early holiday shoppers will score huge savings on gifts.”

“Because these items and brands aren’t normally discounted, we expect that the inventory will be sold out quickly” says Yellen. “We will be selling at aggressive discounts right from the start of the sale. With a store closing situation like this one, this may be the last opportunity to buy sporting goods at liquidation prices.”

About Yellen Partners, LLC

Yellen Partners, LLC is a specialized, hands-on provider of asset monetization solutions focused on the acquisition and disposition of retail and wholesale inventories, as well as healthcare and industrial machinery and equipment, for businesses seeking to continue operations or sell assets as a going concern. Core activities include sourcing, acquiring and monetizing distressed and other surplus assets through transaction strategies, including, but not limited to, retail store closings, orderly liquidations of wholesale inventories and specialty assets, as well as private treaty sales and on-site and on-line auctions. For more information visit:

Patent Granted by USPTO for Crystalplex Corp.’s Sapphire TM Quantum Dots

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September 28, 2016


Ken Acer – Director, Business Development
+1 412 246 2044


PITTSBURGH, September 28, 2016— Crystalplex Corp. today announced the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued U. S. Patent No. 9,425,253, “Passivated Nanoparticles,” assigned to Crystalplex.   The patent, which claims the fabrication and use of SapphireTM quantum dots, or passivated quantum dots with improved stability, was granted to inventors Lianhua Qu and Gregory Miller.


The patent is directed to processes for synthesizing an alloy gradient nanoparticle with a Zn:S shell and an outside coating of aluminum oxide that provides a barrier to environmental degradation.  In addition to providing improved photo, thermal, and environmental stability, the quantum dots demonstrate longer lifetimes, as the optically transparent aluminum oxide outer layer serves as a shield against degradation by humidity and oxygen.  The passivation technology is applicable to Crystalplex’s alloy gradient cadmium-free quantum dots, as well.


“The protection provided by the Sapphire™ quantum dot shell makes passivated nanoparticles particularly well suited to the demanding requirements of optoelectronic applications,” said Dr. Qu, Chief Technical Officer at Crystalplex Corp.  “They have proven to be quite resilient.”  In August, Dr. Qu presented his findings on the use of passivated quantum dots in a thermally processable matrix at the 26th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC) at Kent State University in Ohio.  (See Dr. Qu’s technical paper and click on Technological Developments)


“The granting of the passivation patent further strengthens our robust patent portfolio,” said Crystalplex CEO Matt Bootman.  In addition, these air-stable quantum dots have been melt processed in polymer substrates. To our knowledge no other manufacturer’s quantum dots can withstand such extreme heat.” (See video of quantum dot/polymer composite being co-extruded with PMMA at over 200°C: at[quantumdots])



Crystalplex Corp. is a private firm with 12 years of R&D directed to quantum dot technology.  The company maintains a fully integrated synthesis and pilot application plant in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


For more information about Crystalplex Corp.:


PDF Association forms PDF/E Competence Center to support engineering and 3D applications

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September 28, Berlin, Germany. The PDF Association has opened its PDF/E Competence Center to promote awareness of the ISO standard for engineering supporting the secure creation, exchange and use of engineering documents. The fifth of the PDF Association’s Competence Centers, establishes a platform for information and discussion of the benefits of PDF/E in almost every engineering field. It is intended to be a point of contact for experts in 3D technology, architects and construction specialists, as well as developers of PLM applications – in other words, for all engineers who use PDF technology as an integral component of their day-to-day work. Among other things, the Center plans to publish “PDF/E in a Nutshell”, which will cover all aspects and fields of application of this ISO standard.

PDF/E, based on PDF 1.6, was certified in 2008 as ISO standard 24517-1. This standard is designed to ensure that compliant files can describe a complete model in a single PDF file. To enable this, the standard stipulates that all fonts must be embedded, and prohibits the use of external data. Because PDF/E files are self-contained and complete, they are an excellent choice for exchanging, visualizing, printing and archiving of engineering data.

PDF/E-2, a major update and enhancement to PDF/E-1 is already a formal ISO Draft International Standard (DIS) and is nearing publication. Based on PDF 2.0, PDF/E-2 extends its support for 3D formats to include ISO 14739, the “Product Representation Compact” (PRC) format. PRC is a very lightweight data format that was designed to represent CAD data defined in all the popular 3D CAD formats. Phil Spreier, Head of the PDF/E Competence Center and Technical Director of the 3D PDF Consortium, said, “This new development for PDF/E really extends the formats capabilities to archive complex 3D engineering documents: after all, more and more CAD solutions such as Autodesk® Inventor®, PTC® Creo®, Siemens PLM Software Solid Edge and Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS® MBD are able to publish 3D models as PDF files. We see a very bright future for PDF/E as an open, ISO format for visualizing, exchanging and archiving 3D engineer data.”

More Information: http://www.pdfa.og

Editorial Contacts for North America:

PDF Association
Duff Johnson
Phone: +1.617 283 4226

Editorial Contacts for Europe:

Thomas Zellmann
Neue Kantstr. 14
D-14057 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 39 40 50 – 0 
Fax: +49 30 39 40 50 – 99

good news! GmbH
Nicole Körber
Kolberger Str. 36
D-23617 Stockelsdorf
Phone: +49 451 881 99 – 12
Fax: +49 451 881 99 – 29

Blue Marble Health Launches Fall Prevention App for Seniors

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Altadena, CA, based healthtech innovator plans to prevent a million falls

Altadena, CA, September 23, 2016: Blue Marble Health today announced its release of a fall prevention app for seniors, Health in Motion. Tied to coincide with National Fall Prevention Awareness Day (September 22), the app was funded by the National Institutes of Aging. Blue Marble Health’s goal is to prevent 1 million falls. If they accomplish this, they could save a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort for many and prevent death caused by falling for some. With the average cost of a non-fatal fall being $9780, they could save our healthcare system over $9.8B in 5 years (or nearly $2B/year).

Health in Motion enables seniors to take charge of their health by safely self-assessing their fall risk from the privacy of their own home. Seniors can complete simple yet scientifically valid fall risk assessments, using a simple PC based touch screen. Seniors are guided through the app by an on-screen avatar. Seniors can also use the app to track falls and circumstances of the fall, if they occur.

Health in Motion also contains exercise programs to help improve balance, strength and coordination, leading to reduced falls.

“This app has changed my life” said Jayne, a recent user. “Now I know what my fall risk is and now I have the tools to reduce my fall risk.”

“I did not realize I was at risk for falls. Knowing that I have difficulty standing on one leg is an eye opener, can I have the app?” asked 90 year old Mr. Ashford, who was skiing in Taos just months before his fall. “Now I will practice balancing every day.”

“We plan to use the app with our telemedicine program”, said Karen Duddy of the Long Beach VAMC. “Often times older veterans have difficulty getting to the VA Hospital, so offering a tool for them to use in the home is essential.”

“Health in Motion is a groundbreaking tool for digital aging research,” remarked Dr. Elizabeth Zelinski Professor of Gerontology and Director of the Center for Digital Aging at the University of Southern California. “We can now capture self-reported data in real time, in the participant’s home environment. Until now, we have not had a comprehensive tool to capture the number of falls and the circumstances around those falls. I suspect we will find that the true number of falls that occur is far beyond what is currently reported.”

Health in Motion helps seniors identify fall risk and provides the exercises needed to reduce their fall risk,” said Blue Marble’s CEO, Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD.  “If seniors across the country used this app, we could help prevent millions of falls each year.” Falls are a leading cause of disability and death in older adults. This app empowers older adults to become aware of their fall risk which will motivate some to seek a comprehensive fall risk assessment and to follow through with completing their exercise programs. Some older adults have been exercising for years and lack a tool to assess if the exercises they are doing helps to reduce their falls- no longer. With Health in Motion, seniors can check their fall risk as often as they wish.

The app is available for download from for $99/year on Windows (07, 08, 10) tablets or computers; iOS and Android versions are in production.

Research reported in this publication was supported by the National Institute On Aging of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R44AG043191. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.”



Blue Marble Health develops digital self-management intervention tools that transform healthcare delivery through data driven innovation. Our strategy is to combine the strengths of empirical evidence with entertainment to improve health and wellness for people of all ages. Our digital tools that make self-management of chronic disease and aging more fun, meaningful, engaging and cost-effective. The Blue Marble platform is grounded in evidence based medicine and best practices that positively impact healthcare outcomes, resiliency, wellness and quality of life!

Our comprehensive and cost-affordable interactive platform improves adherence, is accessible, offers real-time analytics, improve communication across team members, eliminates duplication of services, and offers unbiased reports. Our platforms entertain, engage, educate, and challenge physical and cognitive skills for people of all ages and abilities. With comprehensive in-app performance metrics, data tracking, and analytics our platforms do more than offer rewarding entertainment; they also directly update medical professionals with their client’s valuable, accurate and detailed human performance metrics.


Media Contact:

Eric Miller (310) 592 8230




Vios Nutrition Launches Matrix Total Nutrition Shake

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For more information, contact:
Craig Fishel
Upstream Public Relations




WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (September 27, 2016) — On Saturday, September 17, Víos Nutrition (Víos), asked the crowd of more than 200 at its Elevation sales conference in Winston-Salem a simple question – does your shake have the Matrix? This question was the culmination of the company’s first two-day sales conference and seminar, and served as the introduction of Matrix, its new, all-natural total nutrition shake.

Víos’s Matrix is a complete, plant-based meal replacement shake with a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, branched chain amino acids and high quality fiber. Matrix is whey-free, with no added sugar, salt, synthetic vitamins or minerals, fillers or preservatives. It is also dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and is verified organic by the USDA.

Simply put, Matrix is unlike anything else on the market today.

“Víos Matrix represents the evolution of the total nutrition shake,” said Joe Land, co-founder of Víos Nutrition. “Simply put, it’s game-changing. Matrix’s combination of all-natural ingredients provide users with everything they need to perform at their best, whether as a pre- or post-workout shake, or day-to-day as a meal replacement. When we introduced this product at Elevation, our Brand Partners in attendance went through the roof, and I can’t wait for them to bring Matrix directly to our customers! It’s the perfect product introduction at the perfect time for our company.”

Matrix’s proprietary blend focuses on four key areas to help fuel the body:

  • Protein: Organic Millet, Organic Quinoa, Organic Pea, Organic Pumpkin Seed
  • Fiber and Carbohydrates: Organic Golden Flax Seed (micro-milled), Organic Apple Pectin, Organic Pysillium Seed, Organic Aloe Leaf
  • Pre- and Probiotics: of Organic Chicory Root Inulin, Lactobacillus Acidophillus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, and Lactobacillus Bifidus, Organic Pineapple Bromelain enzyme and Organic Papaya enzyme Papain, Alpha and Beta Amylase (carbs), Protease (protein), Lipase (fat), Cellulase (fiber)
  • Adaptagens: Organic Maca powder, Organic Ashwaganda powder, Organic Schizandra powder, Organic Rhodiola rosea powder

This powerful combination of ingredients promotes overall good health in a number of areas. Matrix’s protein blend promotes muscle strengthening and conditioning; it’s fiber and carb blend helps boost stamina energy and endurance; pre- and probiotics promote digestive health and support the body’s immune system; and its revolutionary adaptagen mix helps the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Matrix was developed and formulated by nationally renowned nutritionist, author and teacher Dr. Gordon Tessler, PhD, author of The Genesis Diet, and is marketed exclusively by the company’s highly-trained, independent Brand Partners. Through its premium entrepreneurial business system, the company provides its Brand Partners with all of the tools, support, customer care and marketing materials to be successful.

“Most people don’t realize that the majority of protein shakes on the market today are very high in protein, and very low in complex carbohydrates and fat,” said Dr. Tessler. “And believe it or not, too much protein is not good for you! To digest and utilize proteins properly, you need nutritional balance. Matrix is the first shake to accomplish that balance, combining all-natural protein with the carbs, pre- and probiotics, and adaptagens to provide the maximum impact and overall health benefit. It is truly a complete, whole food shake that will supply the nutrition of a meal without the extra calories.”

Matrix is the second product introduced by Víos Nutrition in 2016, a premium whole food, plant-based nutrition supplement company based in Winston-Salem. The company also markets and distributes PHYTE, a whole-food greens product containing powerful cereal grasses and their essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that promotes overall good health. Víos PHYTE’s proprietary green blend is rich in chlorophyll, which is vital for the synthesis and function of healthy oxygen-rich blood, boosting stamina and endurance. This blend of cereal grasses, spirulina, chlorella, and other greens contains essential enzymes and fiber that aid in digestion and help maintain healthy PH balance. 

All Víos supplements contain certified organic ingredients, and are gluten-free and non GMO to deliver to your body the vital nutrients it needs – in convenient, single-serve packets.

Matrix will be available in late 2016 through the company’s Brand Partners across the country. Like Víos PHYTE, it is available in convenient, single-serve packets for people’s on-the-go-lifestyles. For more information about Víos and its products, please visit  


About Víos Nutrition  

Víos Nutrition develops whole food, plant-based nutrition supplements designed to give customers more of the natural essentials their bodies need, when they need them. Based in Winston-Salem, N.C., Víos Nutrition provides the highest quality products to our customers in convenient, single-serve packets to give them the healthy nutrition they need, when they need it. Marketed and sold exclusively through the company’s independent Brand Partners, Víos Nutrition products contain certified organic ingredients, and are gluten-free and non GMO. For more information, please visit  




BuildMyBod Health Launches Pricing Assistant for Medical Providers

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San Francisco, CA, September 27, 2016 – BuildMyBod Health, the online marketplace for healthcare services, launches Pricing Assistant for medical providers.

BuildMyBod Health takes pride in offering consumers real-time doctor-provided price estimates. No claims data or nebulous ranges are used. Just as consumers rely on the BuildMyBod marketplace to price services/procedures ranging from facelifts and tummy tucks, to CT scans and hernia repairs, doctors can now trust in the BuildMyBod database to provide them with real-time feedback regarding their fee schedules.

The platform was originally created as a destination for consumers to access automated quotes for specific procedures from specific doctors. The consumer was happy because they were provided with pricing information and the doctor was happy because he or she was provided with a patient lead. In the process of building a doctor-provided pricing database, BuildMyBod CEO/Founder, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, realized he could offer another benefit to participating physicians.

Now, when doctors upload their procedures and pricing information to the BuildMyBod database, they are presented with real-time US, regional, state, and local averages for those procedures. In essence, they are reaping the benefits of big data! The pricing assistant tabulates procedural averages from the database and provides this information to the doctor after they enter their own pricing information. This level of data sharing and price transparency has never been made available to doctors until now.

Kaplan says, “By applying free market forces to healthcare, we can bring healthcare services and prices in line with consumers’ budgets.” With BuildMyBod Health, price transparency is not only beneficial to patients, but all healthcare providers and facilities.


About BuildMyBod Health:

BuildMyBod Health continues to leave its mark in the healthcare space by making price transparency in healthcare easily accessible through advances in information technology. With approximately 250 providers in the network, consumers can both check pricing and purchase procedures and services straight from, the doctor’s website, or the BuildMyBod iPhone/iPad app. The price estimates are doctor-specific, provided by the doctors themselves, and include pricing for medically necessary services paid out of pocket before a deductible is met or for cosmetic services not covered by insurance. Visit the website to learn more. BuildMyBod Health also produces a podcast that showcases the latest insights from across the healthcare spectrum.

Nationally Recognized Estate Planning Coaching Company Hosts Firm-Changing Webinar

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SAN DIEGO, CA. The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (, a professional organization devoted to furthering the practice of estate planning, has announced a free and exclusive webinar for attorneys interested in taking a closer look at moving their law practice to the next level of success.

Webinar viewers will also learn about upcoming Estate Planning Boot Camp and Summit event in San Diego, CA to help attorneys focus on the systems that can expand your practice.

The webinar is scheduled for October 13, 2016 at 12pm PST/3pm EST. On this informative webinar, “Financial Benchmarks For Estate Planning Law Firms,” Academy COO Jennifer Price will review the the Financial Benchmarks our estate planning attorneys in the Membership use to run their practices. On this webinar you will discover how much revenue per attorney in your law firm you should expect. Jennifer shares what gross revenue per staff person you should be on target to have and the cost per client and percentage of gross devoted to Marketing or Rent. Membership in the Academy is not required to attend the webinars. More information regarding this event can be found at

The upcoming webinar also provides information on the Academy’s annual Invitation-Only Fall Estate Planning Boot Camp and Summit, to be held this year in San Diego, California from November 2 through November 6 at the breathtaking Catamaran Hotel. A tradition for over 21 years, the Boot Camp and Summit represents an opportunity to network with like-minded attorneys and share winning strategies through a weekend-long series of workshops and presentations covering practice management, recent law changes and updates, social media and SEO best practices for law firms, and more. Attendance at the Boot Camp and Summit is subject to certain qualifications including bar standing and professional references.

Former attendees of the Boot Camp and Summit have nothing but praise for the Academy’s efforts. Attorney Michael Robinson joined the Academy 20 years ago after attending his first Boot Camp and, from the outset has followed its proven systems and strategies. He has not looked back: “What I found when I attended my first Academy Boot Camp really opened my eyes to what the possibility of my practice could be. Not only the educational support, but the marketing support, the practice management systems, and I can honestly say that not only has my practice been transformed, but consequently, my life has been transformed as well.”

# # # 

LumaSense Introduces ThermalSpection 724 Infrared Camera for Automated High-Voltage Equipment Monitoring

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Automated, continuous thermal and visual monitoring of electric grid substations and critical industrial assets for early fault detection


SANTA CLARA (CA), September 26, 2016 – LumaSense Technologies, Inc. introduced the next generation ThermalSpection 724 substation asset monitoring system that includes a hardened enclosure with thermal and visual imagers mounted on a pan-tilt positioner. An essential part of the upgraded system includes new interfaces to easily automate data collection and analysis. Hardware updates include a higher resolution infrared camera with a powerful lens.

“The use of thermography is a well proven technique for detecting faults in electrical equipment, but manual and periodic inspections have limits. They are expensive, prone to error and results are highly variable depending on load and weather conditions. But the biggest problem is finding time or people to interpret the results of the manual inspections. Electric utilities need a more data-driven method and we’ve taken feedback from industry to develop an infrared camera system specifically designed for automated analysis of electrical equipment,” explained Lenny Shaver, Sr. Director Product Management.

The new design incorporates a 640 x 480 pixel infrared camera with a telephoto lens. These work together enabling the system to detect problems sooner and at a greater distance. Included in the system is a stainless steel junction box and connection cables enabling quick field installation.

LumaSense also offers a field hardened controller or users can deploy the control software on their own systems. LumaSpec RT software that is included allows users to define automated “inspection tours” of the substation or industrial setting. The system can be expanded with optional fixed thermal imagers and fixed single point infrared pyrometers for monitoring assets not within the view of the ThermalSpection 724 pan-tilt (TS724DV-PT) camera.

Two primary paths for data analysis are supported. One is to publish the measurements to the user’s data historian using standard protocols. The second is new software called LumaTrend that archives the measured data and images in a Microsoft SQL database. LumaTrend analyzes that data over time using built-in industry standard analytics to help provide early detection of problems and can use the images to create time-elapsed video (both infrared and visual) of the equipment monitored. This software can help identify transient thermal events not detectable with manual inspections. Along with authenticated web browser access, users can receive email notifications for reports, alarms, and warnings.

“The improvements to this trusted thermal imaging solution help our customers detect faults and temperature anomalies more quickly,” said LumaSense CEO Steve Abley. The next generation ThermalSpection 724 system is useful for monitoring critical industrial equipment and electrical substations switchgear components, such as transformers, bushings, busbars, breakers, capacitor banks and disconnects.


About LumaSense Technologies, Inc.®

LumaSense Technologies, Inc.® is one of the world’s most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. By applying LumaSense’s proven systems and software, customers in Global Energy, Industrial Materials, and Advanced Technologies markets are able to reduce waste and inefficiency in their processes. For more information about LumaSense Technologies, visit



Janelle Coponen
+ 1.906.487.6060

Europe, Middle East, & Africa
Stefan Schiepe
+49 69 973 73-198

Elisabeth Lee

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UMS Homeshield: The Most Simple & Most Effective Device To Track & Monitor Your Own Firearms and Safe Is Here

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Introducing UMS HomeShield

Personal Security + Wireless Tracking In a Complete All-In-One System


Gun Safety & Security You Can Trust!

Thanks to UMS HomeShield, now you can track and secure your most prized items, including firearms in the home, or in your own gun store. Simply attach one of the UMS HomeShield smart sensors to any firearm or firearm safe you want to track and monitor and that’s it!

When your guns or gun items are moved or move out of the safety zone, it’s unique motion sensor will be activated and you’ll instantly be notified via your Smartphone with an alert. And the sensor will sound an alarm.  Please note that UMS HomeShield also works with or without a cell phone as well.  With existing gun locks or our shipped cable, you can secure the gun to prevent children from playing, and receiving an immediate alert within seconds when the gun has been moved or gun safe has been opened.

The UMS HomeShield sensor is perfectly sized to fit inside a gun trigger, or right inside any gun safe.

It’s super durable, water-resistant and you can fully customize the Alert Sound and Safe Zone Range. The battery life of a UMS HomeShield sensor can last from 6 full months to a year depending on which profile that the sensor is using.

It also comes complete with our Social Media Alert System. With this you can send alerts to multiple channels which can include: select friends and family, send an instant email to multiple recipients, this alert feature gives you total privacy. You can also implement optional Text-To-911 feature in case of an emergency. This will instant give 911 dispatchers your location.

Now you can easily attach a UMS HomeShield sensor inside your own gun drawer, directly on the gun you hide away in your home, or if you own a gun business…you can monitor your own gun safes, gun display cabinets and so much more! This way you can rest easy knowing that your own firearms are safe and where they should be, and NOT accessed or even stolen!

“UMS HomeShield gives you a wide range of flexibility for personal use to help you secure, track, and monitor just about every aspect in your own personal life or business!”

Simply attach it, activate it, and you’re all set! It really is one of the most simple, yet highly revolutionary tracking and monitoring devices ever invented! Not only does this save you a lot of money that you’d normally spend with other security devices or services, it simply makes it EASY to setup all on your own!

Why not try UMS HomeShield for yourself to protect your own
home firearms or even your own gun business today?