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Wardywall is a new wall wardrobe with amazing functionality, the integrated hangermagazine. It’s a new project of our small design office, with which we go new ways.
Wardywall is marketed worldwide by onlineshop, without intermediate trade, from the factory directly to your wall. The result is a unique, high-quality product, which is offered at an extremely lucrative price.
Innovation is just as important as the support of SEMs and workshop for people with handicaps. We launch the project via crowdfounding, on It’s the start for further products, which will follow the same pholiosophy.
The more people know about our idea, teh better the start will be. Help us to carry the message into the world. The Project is now live on kickstarter. Below you find the directlink.
In the attachements you will find some high resolution pictures and a press release. Flyers in english, german an spanish are as download on the homepage
It would be greatfull if you can publish it on your site.
Deadline: The end of april
Retailprice: CHF 690.—  (USD 690.—)
During the founding phase, price starts at CHF 390.—!

Product Information is the Choreography that Drives Brand Value

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To stand out online, companies must nail every marketing dance step – by organizing and delivering product information in a consistent and differentiating way – say experts at Earley Information Science roundtable

It’s a new fact of life in doing business – personal interactions are increasingly not part of the marketing and sales process. By 2020, according to a Gartner study, customers will be managing 85% of their relationship with companies without benefit of a human. That means product information management (PIM) is taking on life-or-death consequences. Brand value will soar if customers can find the information and products that they need, when they need it – and the brand will be damaged, perhaps even destroyed, when they can’t.    

And that leads to another new fact of life: how a company organizes, delivers and displays the content in its PIM systems is becoming every bit as important as the bread-and-butter products and services that it is trying to sell, according to a panel of knowledge management experts at an Executive Roundtable discussion hosted on March 15 by Earley Information Science Corp. (EIS), a leading consulting firm focused on organizing information for business impact.

Just like products and services, content also has to stand out through differentiation yet be consistently identifiable with the company brand. It also has to lend itself to customization (for each sales channel) and to updates and other modifications as time passes and conditions change. To pull all that off, the experts said, companies first need to adopt a long-term strategic marketing vision and then deploy new tactics, tools and timing that create and maintain high-quality PIM systems on a 24/7 basis.

“On the new customer journey, brand engagement always has to be on,” said Jeannine Bartlett, Chief Digital Strategist at EIS.

The roundtable discussion, “Brand Choreography: How Product Information Supports Your Brand Promise,” was led by David Hatch, Senior Vice President for Marketing at EIS. Besides Jeannine Bartlett, the panel included Tom Wavre, European Head of Product Database and Branding at ITW Construction, and Johan Boström, Co-Founder and Evangelist at inRiver.

“The choreography isn’t easy,” said Bartlett, given all the touchpoints and channels. For one thing, there are different “brand clock speeds” for each channel. The social media platforms are, of course, operating much faster than others. So the content for each channel has to be tweaked, or even recast, for each potential stop on the customer’s journey.

“It’s an omni-channel customer experience,” Bartlett noted, “and you have to get agile with end-to-end processes.” One essential is a “unified attribute framework” – for products, the brand, the merchandising and the customers – to trigger the appropriate “conversation.” Another essential is an information architecture that can deliver the “optimal brand experience” throughout a dynamic digital environment.

ITW’s Tom Wavre focused on cross-border brand messaging. The key there is to commit to a set of brand pillars that can control the presentation in multiple markets “without ignoring each market’s unique nature and required message.”

Three pillars – vision, mission and values – represent the traditional task of defining who you are and what you aspire to be. But there are three others that have a special role in the digital and cross-border context: positioning (what problems do your customers face and how do they view your solutions), personality (how are you different from your competitors) and visuals (what is the concise set of rules that determine the colors, style, image that give you your look). Add to the mix plenty of research to create brand stories to drive interactions.

Applied correctly, Wavre said, the pillars will provide “freedom within a framework” and enable your content to “boost your market presence.”

Despite all the changes going on around them, many companies are still hobbled by information inconsistency (thanks to silos) and the content spaghetti that comes from living in spreadsheet hell, according to inRiver’s Johan Boström.

But there is a way out, he noted. The first step is to define your needs in all of your relevant channels. Then figure out the content required by each channel and when it has to be delivered. At that point, you’ll know what the right processes and tools are.

That said, “there is no quick fix – don’t try to get to the end goal too quickly,” Wavre cautioned. “You have to strip down to the basics – otherwise you may have to do it all over again. Start with achievable bite-size chunks of information, so you don’t get demoralized by the size of the project.” “It’s pretty daunting,” EIS’s Bartlett agreed, while noting that machine learning can help fill in the gaps. 

The bottom line, though, is that companies have no choice, Boström said. “You are as responsible for your content and brand product as you are for your physical product.”

The roundtable featured a real-time survey of the webinar attendees:

  • Only 21% have a PIM system in place to unify data across all channels. Another 43% have started to coordinate product information; 21% use a variety of tools, but each is in its own silo; and 14% “live in their spreadsheets,” and are operating without a formal process.
  • In describing their plans for addressing PIM, 45% said they are putting a budget and resources in place within the next 6 to 12 months; 27% are “just starting out” and have no plan in place; and 18% estimated they are more than a year away from taking action. Nine percent said they have no plans or need for PIM.

Please use this link to access the roundtable. And here is a related article on product data and the brand promise.

Practical Knowledge, Networking, and Klingon: Rewarding Across Conferences in Cologne

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Karlsbad, Germany: On March 8 and 9, Across Systems GmbH again held its annual conferences at the KOMED MediaPark in Cologne, Germany. Apart from a preview of the development of the Across Language Server, the conferences focused on the exchange of knowledge and experience. The keynote by Star Trek expert Dr. Hubert Zitt was a special highlight for technology fans.

Product Development
While the Across User Conference on Day One addressed industrial enterprises, the Across LSP Day on Day Two targeted language service providers. Both conferences started with a product development outlook. “We deliberately decided not to introduce any new Across version to the market in 2017, but rather to optimize what is already available. Across has a wide, complex function scope. In the coming months, we want to continue to improve the functionality and use synergies”, says Gerd Janiszewski, CEO of Across Systems. “The dialog with the conference attendees and our Advisory Boards has confirmed that we are on the right path.”

The keywords “performance”, “user friendliness”, and “stability” were heard frequently. These keywords represent what Across wants to stand for in the future – a translation management system that helps its users to tackle the challenges of creating content for the international market even more efficiently. This also includes expanded integration options for third-party systems in order to further automate processes.

User Knowledge
Experiences of Across users and impulses for optimizing internal translation processes were shared on both conference days. The user roundtables on four different subject areas at the User Conference and the podium discussion on “The Future of Translation Quality” at the LSP Day featured some lively exchange of experiences. To give its users even more opportunity for discussions, Across Systems is going to set up an Across user group. This user group will supplement the Advisory Boards, which have a more strategic focus, and be open to translators, language service providers, and industrial enterprises. Across will duly communicate the official call for candidates, which is set to start in spring.
At both conferences, the keynote “Star Trek: How Technical Visions Have Come True” was a highlight after the lunch break. In an entertaining manner, Dr. Hubert Zitt, lecturer at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, showed how much of our modern technology was merely science fiction just a few decades ago.
An attendee report on the Across LSP Day:

Across reader contact:
Tel: +49 7248 925-425

Free, Global-Reaching Secular Community Mobile App Launched

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(Washington, DC, USA; Tuesday, March 23, 2017)

The United Coalition of Reason (UnitedCoR)—headquartered in Washington, DC—is excited to announce that it has successfully launched the first completely free mobile app that is designed to help individual non-believers (atheist, agnostic, skeptic, Humanist, freethinker), non-religious and secular-friendly people find others of similar interest and sincerely-held beliefs. The app is designed to help people worldwide connect with others of similar interests, and find local organizations that support their point of view. 

The first function of the mobile app, for Android and iOS phones, automatically draws updates from thousands of secular calendar web pages, without the burden of data entry. Users can swiftly email calendar events to themselves or to a friend, get more information about groups hosting events, and add an event to their smart phone calendar. Links to download the secular app for both Google Play and Apples iTunes can be found on the UnitedCoR website:

This outreach is the latest effort in a campaign that began in 2009 for the purpose of bringing together the many non-religious individuals and groups that have heretofore been unconnected. Some of UnitedCoR’s prior campaigns have included highway and bus billboards in over 40 states and Canada. 

United Coalition of Reason’s Communications Director, Susann Heap, stated: “We created the UnitedCoR app to provide a centralized location for our current and prospective new members, along with the national organizations that want to work together to advance the interests of non-believers worldwide. As the app grows and evolves, we will develop new applications that will be to the benefit of non-religious communities, as well as secular-friendly organizations.”

# # #

The United Coalition of Reason ( works to raise the visibility and sense of unity among local groups in the community of reason by providing expertise and resources to help them cooperate toward the goal of raising their public outreach.

A partial list of some of the affiliates and groups that UnitedCoR supports are:
– American Atheists
– American Humanist Association
– American University Humanist Chaplaincy
– Association of Mindfulness Meditation and Secular Buddhism
– Atheist Alliance of America
– Black Nonbelievers
– Camp Quest
– Center for Freethought Equality
– The Clergy Project
– Ex-Muslims of North America
– Foundation Beyond Belief
– Freedom from Religion Foundation
– Freethought Equality Fund PAC
– The Freethought Society
– Hispanic American Freethinkers
– The Humanist Institute
– The Humanist Society
– Institute for Humanist Studies
– International Darwin Day Foundation
– International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)
– LGBTQ Humanist Council
– Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF)
– Muslimish
– Mythicist Milwaukee
– National Oasis Network
– Secular Coalition for America
– Secular Latino Alliance
– Secular Policy Institute
– Secular Student Alliance
– Society for Humanistic Judaism
– The Stiefel Freethought Foundation
– Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association

# # #

For more information, contact:

Susann Heap
Communications Director
United Coalition of Reason
Washington, DC 
(202) 744-1553


Parker & Sons Offers Incredible Tips for Going Green at Home

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Each year, environmental sustainability seems to become an increasingly important topic in the global discourse.  It is an issue that can be addressed on a macro and micro level. While there is little the people of Phoenix can do to improve environmental sustainability on a macro level, there is much that can be done on a micro, personal level. Namely, individuals can make a commitment to living green.

Green living emphasizes maintaining a small environmental footprint through affordable and sustainable living. Parker & Sons believes that green living is a highly commendable ideal. Although there is no universal or national standard for what it means to maintain a “green home,” organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council do offer green home certifications. Not only does green living come with benefits to the environment, but it also comes with a host of health and economic benefits as well. Parker & Sons offers individuals a few incredible tips for maintaining a green home.  

The bathroom is an excellent place to start going green. High-efficiency showerheads have the potential of saving thousands of gallons of water every year. Studies have shown that a high-efficiency showerhead installed in a shower which is used twice a day will save a household over 3,000 gallons of water per year. Parker & Sons notes that this will also result in significant savings on the monthly utility bill.

Hot water heaters are notorious energy hogs. It takes a very large amount of power to heat water to 140 degrees, which is the standard for a majority of hot water heaters. Homeowners can turn this temperature down to 120 degrees, which will net massive energy savings. Insulation blankets can be purchased at relatively low cost. Parker & Sons advises homeowners to wrap these insulation blankets around the water heater and the first few feet of piping. This will minimize ambient heat loss, and reduce the amount of work the heater has to do to keep water warm.

With just these two simple steps, homeowners can begin going green without impacting their daily lives. Parker & Sons comments that every little bit helps. When everyone kicks in and does their part, amazing things can happen!

Parker & Sons Speaks on the Importance of Water Conservation as Summer Approaches

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For the last several years, the American Southwest has been caught in a severe and dangerous drought. Conditions have been poor, but all is not lost. While high populations states like California have been the worst hit, with regulations being put into place regarding home water use, the effects have been felt in Arizona as well. Early in 2015, a “call” was put into effect, which impacts Arizona’s water allocations. A “call” is a mandatory cutback in water delivery to low-priority users. Although conditions in Arizona are far from catastrophic, with summer approaching, Parker & Sons encourages drought awareness.

It is reported that Arizona draws over 40 percent of its water from the Colorado River. Most of the allocated water is stored in Lake Mead, which is the nation’s largest reservoir of water. In 2015, Lake Mead came close to hitting an all-time low in terms of water level. The lake is managed by the United States Bureau of Reclamations. The Bureau of Reclamations is closely monitoring the water level of the lake, and is prepared to declare an official water shortage should circumstances declare it necessary. El Nino conditions early in 2016 have helped to improve drought conditions. However, the danger remains, as weather conditions are erratic.

Every household in Arizona can do their part by reducing water use. The kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room are all sources of massive amounts of water waste. Individuals can change a few everyday habits and end up saving thousands of gallons of water in the long run

By using high-efficiency showerheads, Homeowners can save over 3,000 gallons of water every year. This savings grows in a large household. Low-flow toilets save a number of gallons with every flush. By combining low-flow toilets, with disciplined flushing habits, homes can save well over 10,000 gallons of water on an annual basis.

Laundry should only be run when washing machines are full to capacity. The name of the game is efficiency. Homeowners want to produce the highest amount of clean clothing they can with every wash. If they are unable to produce a full capacity load, they can adjust the load size control on their washing machine.

As with the washing machine, the dishwasher should only be run when it has been filled to capacity. Many dishwashers discourage homeowners from rinsing dishes. It is best to follow this rule, as rinsing would just waste water.

Parker & Sons believes that with everyone working together to make wise decisions, Arizona will be well prepared to face any oncoming drought.

Moving Earth for a New Corporate Headquarters

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March 21, 2017


NEW JERSEY – Middlesex CountyA well-established player in the excavation business is making their mark.

Joseph Porchetta has been in the earth moving construction business for over three decades. He is the founder and CEO of GMP Contracting.   After 10 years, GMP is moving its corporate headquarters to South Clinton Avenue in South Plainfield, New Jersey.   According to Porchetta, the need for a modern facility is necessary to keep up with the standards we hold ourselves to.

Although a construction company moving its headquarters is generally not a newsworthy piece, this story captivated my attention.   It seems everywhere I turn; I see another building project that has the GMP logo on the side of the construction machines. I was intrigued which is why I wanted to get the scoop on this company.  

When interviewed, Porchetta summed it up by saying. “We recognize the fierce competition within our industry, but we also recognize the gap between being awarded a project and completing it with professionalism. That is where we shine. We treat each project with the utmost care and professionalism. We align ourselves with key personnel while coupled with our work ethic it gives us the competitive edge.”

GMP Geographic footprint is primarily in the State of New Jersey.

South Plainfield NJ is the home to many corporate headquarters, such as Tumi, Home Depot regional office, G&W laboratories just to name a few. As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 23,385 people, 7,876 households, and 6,175 families residing in the borough. The population density was 2,808.5 inhabitants per square mile.

If you would like to contact GMP contracting, visit for more information.

Newport Hospitality Group to Manage the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando-Lake Buena Vista Hotel

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Williamsburg, VA and Orlando, FL: (March 20, 2017) Newport Hospitality Group Inc., (NHG) a leading hotel management company, has recently been selected to manage the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando-Lake Buena Vista Hotel for majority owner Roch Capital Inc., a real estate and private equity form based out of Glen Mills, PA.

As a preferred management company for Roch Capital, Newport also operates two other properties in Roch Capital’s portfolio, including the Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach Oceanfront, Jacksonville Beach Florida and the Hilton Garden Inn Frederick, Maryland.

As the third hotel that Newport now manages for Roch Capital, the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando-Lake Buena Vista Hotel is a 4-star, 5-story property with 494 rooms and suites, outdoor pool and whirlpool, fitness center, games room, an adjoining Applebee’s restaurant, and 7000 square feet of newly expanded meeting/event space. The resort caters primarily to the tourism industry due to its proximity to the Orlando Convention Center, Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando® Resort and SeaWorld Orlando as well as to business guests attending conferences or conventions.

“Newport has proven to be an important partner operating two of our other hotel assets, and we are confident that the company’s diligent management will help improve this property’s financial success,” said Vincent Abessinio, Co-President of Roch Capital. “We look forward to growing our relationship with NHG as we continue to expand our hotel portfolio.”

“Roch Capital’s continued trust in our ability to manage its hotel assets is a strong testament to our superior expertise in revenue management and marketing as well as our dedication to guest service excellence and profitability,” said Wayne West, Chief Operating Officer of Newport. “We are delighted to add this property to the rapidly growing NHG family, and we are confident that the hotel will excel under our management as well as come to play a very important role in the Orlando market.”

Newport Hospitality Group Inc., located in Williamsburg, Virginia, is a leading hotel management company specializing in select and full-service hotels. They operate more than 40 hotels in the Eastern United States. Their diverse portfolio includes independent boutique hotels as well as many of the top brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Choice, Wyndham and Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Roch Capital Inc., located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, is one of the region’s fastest growing real estate investment companies. Roch Capital invests in diversified real estate opportunities including hospitality, office, retail, industrial, multifamily, student housing and mixed-use.

Contact: Carl Kruelle//Roch Capital//

ntellect Announces Intellect QMS, The Industry’s Most Configurable Quality Management Solution

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The First Comprehensive Compliance and QMS Solution Built on a Highly Flexible BPM Platform

Los Angeles, CA, March 20, 2017 — Intellect, a leader in Enterprise SaaS software providing Business Process Management (BPM) and Quality Management System (QMS) solutions, today announced Intellect QMS, a comprehensive product suite consisting of nine highly flexible and configurable QMS applications leveraging Intellect’s award winning BPM platform and industry best practices in quality, compliance and risk management.  Intellect QMS provides a powerful and centralized system to effectively manage and improve quality and compliance, and enables organizations to easily modify applications to address new regulations as well as unique business requirements within their own organization.

“Intellect QMS is a natural expansion for Intellect,” said Romeo Elias, President and CEO of Intellect.  “Many of our customers already use Intellect to address quality and compliance, and now new customers can be up and running faster than ever.  We empower employees to work smarter and become more productive by offering technology that anyone can use since it doesn’t require software programming.”

Intellect QMS enjoys the significant advantage of being the industry’s first solution built on a BPM platform, which empowers non-programmers to configure, manage, and deploy business applications with no programming required.  Intellect QMS customers can configure the QMS applications offered by Intellect to meet their exact needs, and easily create additional business applications to automate, digitize, and optimize a wide variety of business processes, all without programming.  In addition, customers can continue to receive the latest upgrades and feature enhancements to the Intellect BPM Platform, even if they have configured the QMS applications to their unique needs or created an entire library of business applications.

Another key advantage of Intellect QMS is the availability of the solution in a native mobile app available on Apple and Android devices.  Customers can launch the mobile app while in the field or on the factory floor, enter and retrieve data and access reports and tasks.  In addition, the mobile app can be accessible even while offline, and will sync back with the back office when online again.

Intellect has been helping organizations meet their compliance and quality needs for over 17 years with their award winning Business Process Management platform.  Many Intellect customers use the platform to address regulatory requirements, compliance, risk management, employee training, and much more.  With Intellect QMS, Intellect now offers a suite of nine QMS applications that are ready for immediate use. 

Intellect QMS – The Industry’s Most Configurable QMS Solution

Document Control

Enforce workflow and organize all quality documents into one centralized location, automate the routing, delivery, escalation, revision control, review reminder and approval of documents stored in a secure document repository to ensure quality and compliance.


Create, track, and maintain accurate, auditable nonconformance records, assign follow-up tasks, enforce workflow, generate automated emails notifications and reminders to ensure accountability and task completion.

Complaints Management

Track the intake of customer complaints, enable continuous improvement, centralize record incidents, enforce workflow, and communication with customers to acknowledge, track, and implement any requirements to improve product quality, reduce product recalls, and ensure compliance.

Change Management

Improve transparency with automation, version control, and workflows in the change management process, submit change requests, empower employees to access change requests and updated design changes, and offer real-time notifications and validations for approvals, change executions, and implementations. 

Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA)

Increase CAPA process efficiency with documentation, approvals, and decrease cycle time, digitize forms to streamline, automate, and standardize CAPAs, reduce audit time, improve quality, ensure safety, reduce product recalls, enforce workflow, and enable FDA, ISO and other compliance requirements. 

Supplier Management

Manage the process of qualifying, selecting, and monitoring suppliers and supply chain partners, improve supplier transparency, avoid redundant evaluations, and define, track, manage, and report on supplier quality programs.


Audit Management

Prepare for and enforce audit related tasks, reduce risk, address internal audits to empower internal audit groups to determine key strengths and weaknesses with your process.  Prepare for external audits by making quality manuals, performance improvement plans, training records, organizational charts, and the observation of processes easily accessible. 

Employee Training

Leverage a single interface to develop and manage employee training initiatives, track and maintain a complete inventory of employee education levels, job descriptions, qualifications, and certification records.  Develop employee skills internally, assign tasks based on skill level, and send auto reminders for new skill requirements.

Risk Management

Record and investigate risk management issues, incidents, and near-misses, and learn to prevent risk related issues.  Track and communicate risk items in progress, define objectives, close out risk issues, and record resolution details.  Continuously improve risk management with a risk reporting system, and empower employees to make smarter and safer business decisions.

Meeting Regulations

Intellect QMS enables organizations to address a wide variety of regulations, with a focus on FDA and ISO standards.  Complying with the FDA is critical for many medical device companies, pharma, biotech, labs, and other manufacturers.  Intellect QMS is designed to help organizations meet 21 CFR Part 11, 21 CFR Part 111, 21 CFR Part 210-211, 21 CFR Part 606, 21 CFR Part 820, and 21 CFR Part 1270-1271.  ISO quality standards are used by most manufacturers and companies around the world to ensure that manufactured products meet customer and regulatory requirements.  Intellect QMS enables organizations to adhere to a wide variety of ISO standards, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, ISO 14000, ISO 14971, ISO 15189, and ISO 17025. 

Parker & Sons Offers Coupon for Free Air Conditioning, Heating, or Plumbing Diagnostics with any Repair

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Parker & Sons, founded in 1974, has long been committed to keeping Phoenix resident’s happy and comfortable. In an effort to stand with this commitment, and to help the people of the Valley of the Sun making it through the summer months, Parker & Sons is proud to offer a coupon for free air conditioning, heating, or plumbing diagnostics with any repair. The coupon can be found on the Parker & Sons website, or by clicking HERE.

Nothing could be more undesirable then weathering a sweltering Arizona summer with a properly functioning AC unit. It is highly recommended that citizens of the Valley of the Sun consult an HVAC provider immediately if they have any reservations about their AC unit, and this coupon is a perfect opportunity to meet said need without having to worry about the cost of a diagnosis.

“I know exactly how most Phoenix homeowners feel when they start thinking about repairs to their important home systems like plumbing, heating, cooling, and electricity. They feel worried about mounting costs getting out of control. That is a fear I totally understand. We created this offer to help with that worry. If we find out something major needs to be done, they homeowner doesn’t have to worry about paying a dime for our diagnostic work. Getting things running properly is always the number one concern,” said Justine Kelly, Director of Marketing for Parker & Sons.

Those taking advantage of these coupons will be thrilled by the level of skill and customer service that technicians at Parker and Sons typically display. All of their plumbers are required to undergo rigorous training programs and pass difficult certification tests. It is no secret that Parker and Sons is the coolest HVAC and Plumbing service provider in the valley. Reach out to them today and take advantage of their generous coupons.